Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Sidulova to Ernie (Australia)

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Letter 1

Good Morning Honey! How are you??? I now to write to you from the work. I want to inform you news. I during the lunchtime went to the transport company and have learned, that I need to receive the passport for travel abroad and the visa. For faster reception of documents I have taken also a letter of recommendation from my work. All registration will be for 2 weeks. By this time I will have holiday from my work. I yesterday also spoke with my parents about you and what to want to go to you on a visit. They send the regards to you and speak, that we need to meet, as through Internet much to not learn. I with them completely agree.They warned, that I was more cautious, as in other country to me can hurt, but I have told to parents, that I completely trust you and that I shall be with you in safety. Also to be available for me not so good news, but I think, that it not the big problem for us with you. At me is present a few money, but it will be insufficiently to capture all my charges for visiting. I have learned all and to inform you, that me does not suffice 200 American dollars. These are not so big money, but at present I in not so good material situation. I hope, that you can help me in it.



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