Scam letter(s) from Julia Soungurova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear John!
I am glad to write again to you the answer to your letter. It is very pleasant for me, that so quickly you answer on my letters.
Unfortunately, I cannot as quickly to answer you because you know,
that I have no own computer. But now it is not important for me. The main thing for me now, that I have found you, that refers to "knocked up to heavens".
Earlier I also could not think, that two strangers can completely communicate in different doomsday, on distance of many miles where them the seas and divide oceans and kilometers of a land.
I should tell to you that when I want to have relations with other person, I give all attention only for him. It means that there are no other men in my life. I want to try to construct relations with you and I do not want to profane it change with another the man. I not such woman to begin relations with a deceit. I hope that you will understand that I have the same requirements and for my partner too? I do not like changes and treachery. I had too much treachery in my life. I do not want to repeat the last mistakes, excuse me if my requirements too rigid. But I hope that I and you more never in the life will meet treachery.
My small town Chistopol has got lost somewhere away in the Russian remote places and it not so simply to find on a map. It is located in 144 kilometers to a southeast from city of Kazan on the left coast of the river of Kama. If it is interesting to you, I can tell a little about its history. The village the Chistoe Pole (Clean Field) has been based in the beginning of 18 centuries and became city since 1781.
First Chistopol was center of Chistopol district before it has got the true name. Likely, it is possible to name the most basic sights of city the rests of the city of Dzhule-Tau which existed far in the past, somewhere at 10-15 centuries, and the Nikolaev cathedral. In general, I can tell you, that Chistopol very picturesque and remarkable small town, and I very much love the small native land in spite of the fact that now here it is practically impossible to find work and it became hard to live. I like to walk in the evenings on coast of the river of Kama and to enjoy fresh, clean air which brings an easy breeze. I live in the bottom part of city, absolutely near to Kama, therefore to me simply to reach the river. The nearest to Chistopol city on a waterway it Mamadish (all in 60 kilometers), and on the motorway - city of Nizhnekamsk which is taking place in 107 kilometers which is more known, than my city. Can, you heard sometime about Nizhnekamsk? In Chistopol there are 3 museums: the Study of local lore museum, B.L.Pasternak's Literary museum and a museum of a history of watch factory. I would be very happy, if you could arrive here. Believe me, that I would find for you many interesting places,
and at you unforgettable impressions from visiting my city would appear many.
Yesterday I for a long time stood on coast of Kama. I visited one of old girlfriends who lives almost on the descent to the river, and have decided to take a walk a little along the river. Delightful autumn evening was. In the darkening sky there were first stars and a crimson decline covered slowly by a lilac fog. And do you like to observe of rising or a sunset? At you in city, do you have an opportunity frequently to be on the nature? Likely, each person in own way loves the native land and has no value where he is. He will consider all the same, that his native land is the bettest on light. Once I could fly by the helicopter above Chistopol. I was struck with a panorama below.
At that time there was a spring, the beginning of May, and blossomed apple-trees and cherries. The city was all in white - pink points among roofs of houses. I never could see such tremendous landscape! If you were with me beside then has agreed with me as it is wonderful to see beauty of the native city. And yesterday I stood and thought, that it is necessary to live, only always to see this beauty from which you live. And yesterday, and today I did not have not enough one - favourite person who together with me would enjoy this wonderful kind.
You agree with me?
Well, the my dear interlocutor, on it I shall finish the letter. I wait for your new letters...
Ti mne nravishsja (it's "I like you" on Russian)
Always yours Yulya.
P.S. I don't drive, and so I don't have a car. Why you interest it? I don't understand it...
Letter 2

Hello my sweety John!!!
You do not imagine to yourself as I am glad! I have come now to Internet - cafe and I see that you already have written to me! And recently! In total hour back! Such feeling as though we is absolutely close - in the next cities!!! At me even heart was hammered faster...
As though you beside!
Below the information which is necessary for you to meet me at the airport. You will come by the machine? I shall arrive late at night...
It means we shall be at you at home approximately in 1:00 nights (you spoke to go approximately 3 hours)? Means at you now very warmly? I to Moscow shall go in a fur coat, and then I shall combine it in the big bag, correctly? And what weather in New York? I suffer a little concerning of change in such big city... I should go in other airport,
yes? In the best way by a taxi, correctly? I hope I shall have time to reach there for 3 hours? Tell to me about it, please!
Now about the visa... I understand your anxiety! I awfully worry! But me have learned as to behave in embassy and what to speak. Therefore I try to be self-assured! Once again I speak you: do not worry for tickets! I at first receive the visa. Then at once I go to the airport and I buy tickets. Which can sell to me only at presence of the visa!
I from Moscow home shall not go, and at once to you! What for to me to go home? I shall take all things with myself! I already began to pack bags... I do not believe in the happiness! I shall soon see you! I am almost sure!
Now there will be for work last time before departure, shall give the statement on holiday at own expense... Yes, interview in embassy will be on December, 20. The passport I can receive though today if you today can send money... Please hurry with it! Very much, I ask you! I already worry because of it... And suddenly something not so? The address and a full name, please do not lose!
Yuliya Soungurova 422981 Russia, Tatarstan, Chistopol city. Engels street, 123 - 24 Only do not make a mistake, differently I cannot receive money. OK?
To me have told a credit card it is necessary to pay directly at office of the Western Union, but not on-line! Otherwise to fail!
I ask the God that all has turned out! Then we shall be together already on December, 22!!! The truth wonderfully?
Bye for now... Today I even shall come to cafe in the evening to check up your mail (now at us morning), I wait from you for the message,
Yours Yulya, with love... --------------------------------- Moscow (MOW) - Miami (MIA)
The price for 1 ticket there and back: 1112,60 USD In total for 1 ticket : 1 x (USD1033,00 + USD79,60) = USD1112,60 Payment is made in roubles at the rate of airlines at date of purchase. Start: Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL31
Departure: On December, 22, 13:09, the Sheremetyevo
Arrival: On December, 22, 15:35, John F Kennedy Intl
Places: An economic class, it is reserved City of change: New York Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL2023
Departure: On December, 22, 18:45, La Guardia
Arrival: On December, 22, 21:43, Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl Arpt
Places: An economic class, it is reserved Time in a way: 16 h. 33 m. Back: Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL2013
Departure: On January, 20, 12:59, Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl Arpt
Arrival: On January, 20, 15:58, John F Kennedy Intl
Places: An economic class, it is reserved City of change: New York Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL30
Departure: On January, 20, 17:35, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrival: On January, 21, 11:10, the Sheremetyevo
Places: An economic class, it is reserved Time in a way: 14 h. 10 m.
Letter 3

Mine darling John!
Why you do not write to me anything? I so wait for your letter!
Something happened? I can something not so have told? I have woken up today as soon as possible and at once have come to Internet - cafe to receive from you the letter! But anything is not present! I cannot understand you! You cannot find time to write to me? I have written the answer to your mum the day before yesterday! At you now night, I hope when you will wake up you all the same will write to me! You understand, I have already taken holiday on work, have prepared for departure! Today last working day of week, on Monday in the evening I already should go to Moscow! You that have decided to joke over me?
I in a panic!!!! You till now have not sent money! I do not know that to me to do! You understand that today last day to send me of money! I in fact should pay for the passport and buy the ticket on a train to Moscow! You think I should do all this last day? On Saturday and Sunday at us the days off! (though the ticket on a train to buy it is possible, but the passport should be taken away or today, or on Monday!)
Please write to me urgently, you have sent money whether or not? Also that is necessary will receive them that there were no delays.
Understand that it is necessary urgently, differently I shall not have time to make anything!
I wait for your prompt reply!
Yours Yulya!!!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my dear husband John!
I am very glad to your prompt reply! I see that you too very much suffer for me! I feel your care! Also I know, you as well as I want our meeting! I am very glad to this! I love you! I am glad that you have not turned away from me! Now only it pleases me! Because parents very much are angry with me because of this case! Though in what I am guilty? I did not know that so to turn out! They have borrowed money under percent (therefore they are angry...) also have sent through the Western Union. In the evening I shall go to receive it...
All the night long I could not fall asleep... I thought as all poorly!
I roared at night though I know that it to business will not help, but I am simple... Very much was upset! Why all so is unfair in this world? I do not understand... When two persons want to be together why all prevent them??? What for to establish such barrier?
Excuse that I so I write, it is simple to me any more with whom to share the ideas! Anybody any more will not understand me!
Now about that I have found out! When I have received your letters, I have decided to try to make as you have suggested. I have gone to the airport to try to make so... I him have told all, for a long time explained that I have in America friends - your sister and even my girlfriend in Arizona! But they have told, that him all the same...
That there are rules... If I go as the tourist at me should be money for residing during all term of stay in America... The matter is that young girls frequently leave to work (prostitutes), very big risk of it... Because go there without money... Specially to work... Therefore have made such rules, that all girls should have at themselves of money!!! I have been simply indignant of it! They have compared me to the **********!? They simply have no right!
Nevertheless it will be necessary to show them of money! Otherwise me WILL NOT START UP TO YOU! My love! I cannot make anything... You should help me... You can borrow from somebody money? In total for two days... I in fact shall come and I shall give you at once! And these 350 $ which to me will be given by parents I too I shall give you! On Thursday!!! Please, I believe in you!!! We should overcome all barrier, I believe!!! I wait for a prompt reply from you! If you will have time to find money, have gone it on my address which I already allowed to you, receive money I can at the airport. Just in case I send once again: Name and the address: Yuliya Soungurova
422981 Russia, Tatarstan, Chistopol city. Engels street, 123 - 24 I hope for you my lovely John! I ask do not bring me!
I love you! I want to appear faster near to you and to feel that all horror have remained behind...
Letter 5

My dear John!
I am glad to read the letter from you! Whether you ask me enough 500 $? I hope will suffice, but you try to send more (as far as can) that to me it was easier, and is quieter, OK? That I borrowed from a travel agent less! Because it is not pleasant for me to ask him money! I love you! And strong kiss!!!
I shall check up a mail through one hour to read your letter, OK?
Yours Yulya...
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