Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sidulova to Eliel (Finland)

Letter 1
You've written me a letter some time ago but I didnt answer.I had some reasons for this and hope you'll understand me.I think it'is better late than never. If you are seriously interested in me you can call me by this phone number:
Usually I'm at home after 7p.m. by my time. And on the weekends I give private English lessons for children and that's why on the weekends I'm also at home only in the evenings.
My address:
Tania Shestopal
Drayzera St.,6, f.242
Kiev 02217
Ukraine Hope you understand me, Tania.
P.S. I opologise beforehand, but if I dont answer your e-mail at once dont think anything wrong, because I dont have a PC at home and internet cafes are quite expensive for me.
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