Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Voloshuk to Bjorn (Iceland)

Letter 1
Dear, I have not correctly written to you in the letter. I wrote that for residing at month to me is required to declare 500 dollars. The visa is open for 3 months means to me 1500 dollars are necessary. I probably write with mistakes and you are bad to understand me. Write to me as you have understood that that I have written to you. I very much love you and I wait for our meeting every day. There will be now, because Lilia one at home. I love you write to me I wait.
Letter 2
Dear, I yesterday have not written to you. I was in a shock after conversation with the former husband. I have asked to sign the appropriate documents, have explained that we shall live in other country. I have told that you do not help the daughter and consequently there will be no problems with documents. And you imagine what the answer was? 3000 dollars and documents will be signed. I in a shock. It appears at my former husband of a problem with criminal authorities and have told that this sum will rescue from troubles. I begged, explained that after our divorce did not try even to see the daughter. This goat, (excuse on another I I can not tell concerning the former husband), has told that agrees to differ and if not will be money there will be no documents. I yesterday have taken away mother from hospital and my mother too has gone after me to my former husband, but nobody has opened a door. My mother very much to experience and speaks that I have gone itself and in one year have taken away the daughter. But I can not live without the daughter and day. Lovely mine, love mine, I very much was upset. I can not sleep, I can not eat, I can cry and think of you as with you it will be good me only. I do not know that to me to undertake. I shall go today to the lawyer and ask that I can to undertake. Please, be not disappointed in me. I shall be that that to think. I in any case shall come to you in the beginning of January. I shall go and I shall write to you today later. I love you very much
Letter 3
Dear, do not experience concerning documents. All necessary documents which need to be taken and self and what I am not necessary has taken with myself. You can not doubt of it, I very responsible and close. Today after a dinner I take away the visa and residence permit. I shall take away tomorrow the ticket. And all to you I shall write. I ?????? still today because you will write to me and will send money. I very much love you and I wait for our meeting. I now go on the market behind products and I shall prepare for the Ukrainian kitchen.I hope when we shall meet you, to like you your new cook. I love you 100000000000 kiss.
Letter 4
Dear, I have received your letter and a photo. Many thanks to you for all that you to do for me. I asked concerning luggage and to me 200 dollars have told that it approximately. You have sent me not 100 dollars and 300 and at me this money, 100 dollars I on them now with Lilia eat and 200 I have for luggage. Have just in case left to me for 100 dollars more. This money which are necessary for me that I zadeklarirovala at the airport I shall bring to you back so do not worry. To me it is very sad that I deliver to you very big inconveniences but after we shall meet you, we shall forget about all problems and we shall love each other. I shall fly from Dnepropetrovsk. I very much love you and to consider minutes when we shall meet. Write to me I wait. 10000000000000 kiss
Letter 5
Dear, excuse that did not write. I collected additional documents. I have received money of thanks. The day after tomorrow I to take away the visa and on Monday I shall go to you. To me have told that at customs house at me should zadeklarirovat not less than 500 dollars. At me 200 dollars remained, I still need 300 dollars. I very much want to see you and our children. I have gone to agency and have asked is relative residing and to me have told that I should have with myself 1500 dollars for 3 months and I shall live at you 3 months and then to go in ukraiskoe embassy and to tell that we marry. At me all documents and addresses will be so you do not go and do not worry. I shall come and we shall solve. I love you .
Letter 6
Dear, I only have arrived from village. I take away all documents January, 15 and I can arrive to you January, 17. I sell the house and tomorrow the day after tomorrow to me should tell result. Now my mother goes on computer rates and studies to address with the computer. Love mine, I very much want that all was faster finished also we were together. I soon shall come. Write to me, send to me a photo, I love you. I shall write to you tomorrow because is tired and very much I want to sleep, write to me I wait.
Letter 7
Dear, many thanks to you for your letter and for your care of us. I yesterday went to travel agency and asked concerning the visa, on Friday the visa will be ready. To me have told that at once with myself I can take residence permit in your country and then when term of the visa will expire, we can go in the Ukrainian embassy and prolong the visa. Cost of this document of 280 dollars. To me have told that it will be the best way to issue residing at your country. The woman from travel agency has explained to me, but I can not explain to you in English, sorry. My mother will leave from hospital for Monday and to me it will be already easier. Now at us in city very strong epidemic of a flu. The telegram from the husband of mine mother yesterday has come, has written that will arrive January, 5 and I at once shall come to you. I think that 7 - 8 I shall be already at you in the country. You are very pleasant for me that to care of me and constantly offer me the help, already it is very a shame to me. I now go on the market. In the price for products before New year have strongly risen. In the normal countries, there are New Year's discounts for all products, in our country of the price have grown in 2,5 times, but will rise still. I much yesterday spoke about mother about you. My mother has told that you to me were sent by the God. I shall go now, I wait with impatience to wait your answer. Has overlooked to write. I am very happy to see your photos, send to me so much how many you can. You very beautiful, strong, courageous, gentle, proud, tender and ******. I very much want to be near to you and to be engaged with you in love, to be passionate and tender. My dreams overflow me. I think that my words have not resulted you in a shock.
Letter 8
Dear, I am very grateful to you for your support. Now it is very necessary for me. My mother still in hospital, our daughter is better, but yesterday there came the doctor and has told that rattles in easy strong and still it is necessary to continue treatment, has again written out medicines and vitamins. I did not write to you much about the family. I think that time to you has come a little to tell about itself and mother. My mother lives in city of Kirovograd, my mother has moved there then when our father has thrown us and has left to the young woman. Very hurt& and unpleasantly it is to me all to recollect, but I think that it will be good if we will not have secrets. To me it was very bad when my father has left. In 12 years I worked, after school. My mother worked on 2 sometimes on 3 works. My father a bit later has left from city and has ceased to help me and mine mother. My mother has devoted all life to me and when I have moved to Kremenchug, my mother has met fine the man and now they together. Now the husband of mine mother on business trip in the north also could not arrive on funeral, therefore I have taken away mother on some time to myself. My mother the fine woman. We now speak each day about you, I have told about our children, about that as you love our daughter and as I love our children. My mother is very happy that at me in life you have appeared. When there was funeral of the grandmother, I have met many the relatives and asked me as my life. I all have told about you and our further plans. My relatives are very glad for me and have told that will arrive for New year to celebrate last New year together as earlier. Love mine, whether you asked I have the driver's license, yes I have the driver's license and at me is car, but Broken . I went last time the last year, the engine has then broken and I could not repair it. To me have told that it approximately 800 - 1000 dollars for repair. Now car in garage. Sometimes I very much to regret that at me now is not present car . If at me was now car, I would avoid many problems with shortage of time. I to you today have told about the small family. I very much miss for you. My daughter is very happy that can will receive a gift for Christmas. I shall wait your answer. I very much love you, 1000000 kiss, write to me I very much I wait. I shall write still today, it is exact. Your future wife.
Letter 9
Dear, I have not correctly written to you in the letter. I wrote that for residing at month to me is required to declare 500 dollars. The visa is open for 3 months means to me 1500 dollars are necessary. I probably write with mistakes and you are bad to understand me. Write to me as you have understood that that I have written to you. I very much love you and I wait for our meeting every day. There will be now, because Lilia one at home. I love you write to me I wait.
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