Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Zvereva to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
HelloI to want to get acquainted with you and to learn you. To me the man is interesting to know with what you and you like me. If you have become interested in me, my email: I shall wait your answer. So do not hesitate to ask me everything, that you are interested. Care and have good day! Hope to receive email from you very is speed. Bye! Tanya.
Letter 2
Hi mine dear Later!!! I have received your remarkable letter and happy, that you haveWritten me. I really speak the English language, but I do(make) mistakes sometimes. I already have written to you, that I am by the children's doctor and that ILove children very much, probably therefore I have chosen this trade for me directly. ItHeavy work, but I love my work very much. I rise at 6 hours in the morning, I take aSouls (downpour) also has breakfast. At 7 hours I leave in work. I reach to my workMunicipal transport (transportation), is required me 40 minutes. At 8 hours in the morning my workThe day begins. The parents with small children arrive in me, and each of them has a problem orDiseas. I help children to overcome their troubles. Many(a lot of,much) children are not capable toSpeak, but only shout . I give them(him,it) toy, which calms them, thus I have time to define(determine)That disturbs. It is a lot of children very much love to be in me in study, because meConversation with the parents, and it(he) has time to play! With toys, which are on half - glasses, it is very pleasant to them sometimesThey do not wish to leave me. It is so amusing also causes pleasure and smile on my man.I know, that, if they loved it, they will arrive again in me. Children deliver is not presentProblems, but pleasure in life. When I have children, I shall be happiest mum inThe world. In the afternoon I have lunchbreak ladsting within one hour. I finish workAt 17 hours in the evening. Then reach home, I prepare, I read, I have rest, I lookTHE TV SET and I lie down to sleep and so each day if not Saturday and Sunday. I muchRead also I study culture of the various countries and peoples. I know it in manyThe countries trade of the doctor highly have paid it work, but not in Russia in usThe lowest income. I receive 100 $ per one month. It it - not it is enough, but for meThe material actives are not important, for me, the attitude(relation) to life and to workImportant. Love and tenderness. Yours Tanya.
Letter 3
Hello, my love Paul! I'm happy to receive your letter again. It itself is like amiracle for me. Your words, your feelings are transferred to me, overfilling me withsome kind of unknown before presumption. We'll have a marvellous story, my honey !Yes, we're forced to and should be patient. During these long days of expectation ourcorrespondence gains particular sense for us. We have an oppportunity to share ouremotions, views on our meeting and life together, to learn more about each other. Imiss you very much, I can't help it. My sorrow and loven go together. That should beso I guess. During this weekend I helped my mum about the house and cooking. What apity that the Russians don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It's a good tradition to cookturkey on that day. The Russians rather prepare chicken in the oven. When we aretogether, I'll cook it for you, my destinated ! And you'll teach me to cook a pumpkinpie in your turn. We should thank Lord for everything he gran! ts us. I think it's a great holiday, my advanced congratulations whereof I send youhereby. You're the most precious gift granted by him to me ! I've been thinking of youeach minute and want to share each minute of my life together with you ! Lookingforward to hearing from you, my love. God blesses you and take care. Forever Yours,Tanya.P.S.Yes lovely mine Paul, my trade as pediatrician.
Letter 4
Hi my dear and gentle Paul! I have received your letter and thank you for yourdetailed story about yourself. As you know I live in Kostroma-town. It is locatedabout 400 miles to the North-East from Moscow. It's an old cultural and historicalcentre of Russia. The are a lot of churches, cathedrals, bellfries, chapels, parks,museums, squares and other places of interest in our town. There are two rivers here:Zaprudna that floods through the town and Volga washing one side of the town. I'llcontinue the story about it later. I had a lot of work, because there are muchchildren that are ill. I get tired very much and literally I fall from legs Solepleasure and rest from work are ideas about you, my dear Your letters and your wordsbring me unique feeling, which cant be described! I begin to believe that in ourchaotic world there is a man with kind heart and sincere feelings. For me I have foundsuch man and this man is YOU! I am grateful to the Internet and it is not a p! ity of that money absolutely , which I have spent for it. Do you write many girlsprobably and am I not sole who write you? Here there are a lot of girls, whichcorrespond with the Americans They speak, that many Americans correspond only for thesake of entertainment It is some kind of occupation from boredom and they want to fillup the collection of photos of the Russian girls simply , and they promise much, butdo not carry out the promises Is it the truth? I do not want to believe in it, but itis the fact from which it is not impossible to escape and to hide And in the ourcountry, and in your country there are bad and dishonest people, which prevent thenormal relations of the good people, which want to find own half in this life I hopethat all this things will not damage and will not interfere in our further relations Iwould not like to lose you You are the sole man, which understand me and my feelingscompletely You are the sole, to whom I can completely trust an! d open You are sole, whom I like I shall wait for your following message with impatience Write me about the feelings and revelations! With tenderness andlove, Your always Tanya.
Letter 5
Hi mine accomplished(perfect) and remarkable Paul !!! I am again pleasedto see Your letter. Each your letter Brings heat in my heart. I dreamof that day, when it will not be the letter and Our long-awaitedmeeting. Today it - not magnificent weather in the street. Weather Isnot so warm also solar. In such perfect day is best, to be in thestreet and to go for Walk on new (fresh) air. It is so pleasant.Especially when to leave with friends from City in a wood on picnic.It is wonderful. I know, I am probable is too romantic and I lovecharacter (nature) very much. Yesterday I dreamed of us going in awood. When I Think of you, my favourite man, I became so happy! D itis pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desira Bleto fly with happiness. I understand, that I can not live without you,without yours Words, without your embraces and kisses. For thispurpose, that I searched for all my life. You Are probably intended tome by destiny. I should connect life only to you mine perfect. I amhappy, that you are mine. I estimate it very much. I want to lose younever. You - my sense of life. Without you I have no anything to livein this world. I always Dreamed concerning such man as you, suchunderstanding and man fond. I want it, we shall be With each other. Ishall wait for your letter soon. I hope to receive it and to beAdmired to your answer. It is a lot of kisses in mine favourite, yoursalways love Tanya.
Letter 6
Hi my love Paul! I'm happy to receive your letter again. When being achild I often used to attend amusement parks, but I have never been toroller coaster yet. I guess it's a breath-taking entertainment. Youask me what is one thing I'm afraid of ? I think every human isaffraid of death. But I trust in God, in my custody-angel, and in you,my honey. I thank Lord for his granting you to me. And I want to bewith you very much. Just dream of visiting you one day. I went toagency, they have told me what documents I should settle. I can makethese documents in 2-3 days. After I give the documents back, theywill prepare the visa (in 3-10 days it will be ready). This visa willbe valid during 90 days stay with you. If we see that we compatiblewith each other, that we can marry and I'll remain with you for ever.This visa plus expenses costs 350 USD. I also leart about the tickets,in order to reach you it is necessary to go to Moscow. >From Moscow Ican fly to you. The tic! ket costs 650 USD. I want to begin makingthe visa and buying the ticket to fly to you. What are your plans? Ito want to know everything what you to think of it. We should trusteach other because we like each other. Romantic things ? Yes, I likeroses very much. I imagined our first romantic evening many times.Dinner in the candle lights, table with fruit and soft grape wine.Slow music. We're dancing. You touch me gently, and we merge in a longtender and passionate kiss. You drag my hair with your fingers, we hugeach other, feel the warmth of our bodies, you take me into your armsand carry out to bed... I miss you very much. Yesterday I saw sexualdream about us with you, I liked it very much, so I want to tell youabout it. I dreamed that I met you, you took me on your arms, and wewent home to you. At your home we at once went to the bedroom and youbegan undress me, our hearts beating synchronically, we passionatelykissed and you began to teach me to all pleasure! s of ***. I loveyou and I begin understand that love this such a stro ng feeling, I amglad that I could experience it thanx to you. With love yours Tanya.
Letter 7
Hi my Love Paul. It is very pleasant that you are glad to meet me in USA. I already to speak with my directors at work, I to speak it that probably it will be necessary a vacation for three months, and it to speak that it without problems for me. Now I to not know what to me to do??? I to have only 450 $ usd. You can help me, with arrival to you??? I shall be very glad, if you will help me, as I to not know where to take this sum, and you to meet my chance you in the man. You to understand me??? I really to want to meet you in life, as only at meeting we can learn each other better. You agree with me??? I much to speak with my grandmother on the account you and she is very glad for us with you, she to ask that I to transfer you hi from it. Well mine dear Paul, I hope that you will understand my letter correctly. I wait for your letter, Kisses yours Tanya.
Letter 8
Hi my Love Paul. It is very pleasant that you are ready to help me and I is very glad that soon we can to meet each other. I to have 450 $ usd. As you already to know that my visa is given for 90 days and she to refer to as tourist. I hope that this time will suffice us with you to teach each other. You to think as??? It is necessary 550 $ usd, for my ticket. You will give me it??? If you agree that, it is simply good. I shall begin to do my visa to you. I very much to want to meet you in the man and for me it now most important in life!!! Lovely mine Paul, I to want to tell you just I wanted to write to you on the account of a photo, it is simple I to overlook it, excuse me ok. I shall send you it in this letter. Well, I to want to send it of the letter faster, as I to want to receive yours of the letter as quickly and you will learn that to speak me. With an alarm I wait for your letter.Kisses yours Tanya.P.S.I hope that you will like these photos.
Letter 9
Hi my love Paul. I am very glad to write to you and as to receive your letter. How your businesses??? Yes you correctly to understand, if you can give me this small money I is ready to arrive to oaa and I hope that it will be remarkable meeting with you. On the account of my work do not worry I already to speak with the directors and it(he) is ready to give me three months of a vacation! And if we shall understand that we are intended the friend for the friend, and that I shall remain with you, I shall leave simply and all! I shall try to send you still photo, and I hope that it will approach(suit) to you. I hope to receive your letter soon, kisses yours Tanya.
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