Scam letter(s) from Olga Barabasheva to James (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings! I very much to want to get acquainted with you if you are not yet familiar with the beautiful girl. I beautiful, young and kind. Harmful habits are not present. It has not been married. I have no children. Other information on and also the photo I shall send you at your answer. Write to me on my e-mail: ( Wait for you letter. Olga.
Letter 2
Hello James,
Excuse, that has not answered quickly. I had a lot of work and now at me more free time what to write to you. I live in Russia. In city Tomsk. To me 25 years old. I have now the supreme trading education. Temporarily I work as model in a beauty salon. I live one in an one-room apartment. An apartment not mine as I it to take in rent. Parents at me live too in this city and they frequently come to me on a visit, and sometimes I to them. You have really liked me also I to want to have with you relations. For the beginning in correspondence and if all to develop well more. I wait for your letter and everything, that you to want to speak me about yourself. I wait for the answer! Olga.
Letter 3
Hello James, I hope, what at you successful day today? At me today it is a lot of work, so, that at me is not a lot of time to write to you the letter, but it is very pleasant. I to write to you from my work. Today I will need to do demonstration of new female dresses. It tires not much. I think, that we do not need to speak about work as it is possible to learn each other in more interesting directions. To want to speak is not much greater about itself. I the only child in family and me was always boring, as there were no brothers or sisters and there was nobody to share the feelings and revelations. Also I had some men, but they all have disappointed me. All of them time to tell lies. But at me with them anything serious was not. I still all to not have *** with the man. I to want to have the husband and I think, that I need to marry. I am really interested in you and I shall be happy to continuation of our relations. It can my destiny and you that the man which will be my husband. Excuse for I wash revelation. But I have always got used to speak about that about what I think and is always fair. I did not dare to search for the man through Internet earlier, but I was advised by my girlfriend. I for a long time searched and have chosen you, it is more I to not search as to want to write only to you. I to want to set to you some questions. OK? Your religion and your attitude to it? Your purpose in a life? What you see the future wife? What for you it is more important *** or spiritual relations? Of that are you afraid most of all? Your favourite foodstuffs? Your favourite hobby? And that you most of all involves last question in the woman? Please if you will ask to me questions do their numbering that it was easier to me to answer questions. OK? It is very a pity, but now I should go to work. I shall write to you tomorrow. I shall think of you! Kisses! Olga.
Letter 4
My Dearest! I hope, that at you good weekend. I today to have rest too! I could not write earlier as was a lot of work, but now at me weekend and I to write to you from internet cafe. I very much missed these days you. I shall try to speak about myself more, I hope, that to you it is interesting for knowing. My birthday on March, 3, 1978. My growth of 173 centimeters. My weight of 65 kgs. I Christian religions, but for me religion not the main thing, main the person. My purpose in a life this creation of high-grade family, as work on the second plan for me. I hope, that my future husband will be reliable and true, and I shall be engaged in housekeeping. I love when the order in the house! It is very important for me in relations, *** also will be important, but I to not try yet ***, but I think, that in this I will be trained by my future husband. If he will live in other country I shall be glad to live together with him in his country if he will want to live in Russia we can live at me. I was all once outside Russia. I was in Poland 10 years ago. I have only one desire to learn you as it is possible better and to be together with you in the future. Today I shall go on a visit to my parents for a supper. I shall spend the night most likely at parents and when I shall come back home tomorrow I shall necessarily write to you the letter. I send you a photo, where I and my girlfriend. She too to find to herself the man from other country. I wish you good weekend. Many Kisses!!!! Yours Olga.
Letter 5
Hi honey! I now only come back home from my parents. It was very cheerful. We had good time together. Today weather very cold. The strong wind blows and I am afraid to catch a cold as when I to go on a visit to mine to parents weather was warmer. I need to reach the house as soon as possible. I have gone on a way in Internet cafe to write, that with me everything is all right. I hope, that at you all is good! I shall write tomorrow more when I shall be on the work. Kisses! Sincerely yours Olga.
Letter 6
Good Morning love! I now to write to you from the work. I want to inform you news. I during the lunchtime went to the transport company and have learned, that I need to receive the passport for travel abroad and the visa. For faster reception of documents I have taken also a letter of recommendation from my work. All registration will be for 10 days. By this time I will have holiday from my work. I yesterday also spoke with my parents about you and what to want to go to you on a visit. They agree and send the regards to you. They warned, that I was more cautious, as in other country to me can hurt, but I have told to parents, that I completely trust you and that I shall be with you in safety. Also to be available for me not so good news, but I think, that it not the big problem for us with you. At me is present a few money, but it will be insufficiently to capture all my charges for visiting. I have learned all and to inform you, that me does not suffice 200 Euro. These are not so big money, but at present I in not so good material situation. I hope, that you can help me in it. I also thought as you can send me of money and to me my girlfriend in bank has advised to descend. To me have told, that they have a system of fast translation of money resources western union. As for me will be necessary money on Thursday I think that is a correct choice. Also I need the name of your airport beforehand to order tickets as soon as you me to send money. Send money today or tomorrow. My data which will be necessary for you by transfer of money. My full name: Olga Barabasheva. Russia, 634050, Tomsk. Beliskogo 12-36. The given branches western union: GAZPROMBANK, Russia, Tomsk, Pushkina 52-E.
Please do not bring me and if you can send money till February, 12. Send me the information which to you will give in branch western union. I wait for the answer. Love! Olga.
Letter 7
My lovely! Excuse me what to not write some days. I was on business trip from my work in the other city. I showed a collection of clothes. All was good, only I very much to miss you all this time. I now have understood, that you are very necessary for me. I only today have arrived and is very tired. I shall write to you tomorrow more. I also tomorrow shall go on a visit to parents and I shall speak them about you. I wait for your letter. Love! Olga.
Letter 8
Hello sweetheart! I today was very good to sleep at night. To me last days because of my business trip from work were not necessary to sleep well some. Now I shall go on a visit to my parents. I on a way have gone in Internet cafe to write, that I'm fine. I shall speak with my parents about you. Tomorrow during a lunch break I shall go to learn what documents to me it is necessary to issue to visit you. I shall go together with my girlfriend, as at her too the man from other country. I hope, that all I learn. I send you a photo where I with my girlfriends on rest. Very much I wait for our meeting! Love! Olga.
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