Scam letter(s) from Denynce Adebimpe Lewton to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1

Thanks for mailing me .
Am Denynce Lewton my mum is from africa and my dad is from the states and after i graduated,my mum decided to relocate to africa because of a tangle between her and my dad and i decided to follow my mum, down to africa to make sure she is safe and okay.
i own a store here in and africa and i fly down to europe and the states often to get some clothes and mini electronics which i do sell in my store down here in africa.I am a lady with cohere manners, very trustworthy, honest and understanding with good unbeatable morals and down to earth.
I love to watch movies, listen to music and also love to read novels from nicolas polidon and shake spear.I love to ***** jokes and also love to help the less priveledge.
I did not have time for relationship because mum told me to be focused on my acedemics now is the time i have for a relationship and am willing to relocate down to any where i find my real man who really loves me and wants to be with me. I would like to see u face to face but am presently in africa.
i need a man whom i could share things with and also relate with.
ur likes and dislikes and what kind of food u love most.
tell me more about urself.
take care
have a nice day
Letter 2

Thanks for the email..I hope i can chat with you in one of this days cuz i am always busy as well..I am always busy at the store...But whenever am in store i am always lets try and schdule a date you will be online.
Letter 3

I can't forget about you..I ave been busy her with work..I am are you doing? how is everything over there? i hope all is great with you..I want to know more about you...Tell mer more about urself......What do you do for living and what are you looking for in woman..Maybe you should email me back instead of waiting for me online cuz i am really busy.
Letter 4

How are you doing?I hope all is cool with you...
I am very happy again to read a email from you.
I am in west lagos....Ever been to africa before?I hope not ....But maybe u might want to come later in the future who knows.....
I am willing to relocate to meet my future husband as soon as i found the right man for me....I am really willing to find the man of my dreams soon...
someone that would love me and my family....someone caring and loving....Someone that could be ready to share his pain and love with me...someone real and charming...
God loving and straight forward....
I hope you like that...My day at the store was somehow not good today....Mom got an heart attack which i got to rush down to the hospital to see her....So things today were slow.?
I only have a brother and a sister and they are both in the hospital rite now....I shall be returning to the hospital as soon as i get out of this place....How is everything with you over there I wish you could tell me more about urself...I mean......What do u do for living and what u like and dislike....My favorite colour is pink and red.....I like music,going out,dancing you know...and i like reading alot cuz am always lonely whenever am in the store...
I will send you some of my pics while i was modeling...I was once a model and i still model tho but not constantly cuz i am kinda responsible now...I need to take care of mom and my siblings.
I shall wait for your response.
Letter 5

Hello Klaus
How are you doing? hope all is good with you and your family....I ave been sick for some days now ,thats why i couldn't come online.How ave you been?how was your weekend? hope u had a great time..what ave you been doing? how is ur health and ..I am just recovring from the illness so i can't email much...But i will email tomrrow okay?Please email me and let me know how u are doing.
Thinking about you.
Letter 6

Hello Klaus
I am sorry if you feel things way...But i ave not been okay...I think i told you about my mom illness....Mom had a heart problem which the doctor had requested a huge amount of money so that she could be operated and i have been going about here meeting families to see how much i could raise here...I am sorry i coould tell you this cuz i dont want you to feel am putting my burden on you..I am sorry..I am living for hospital right now and i wish you could email me and let me know how u are feeling
Thanks Lover
Miss you
Letter 7

thanks for the email and moreso i am glad you knew i am not going thru something easy here...i am not sure if you understand whats going on around mom is about dying in the hospital..and their alot i need to do to make sure she do not die...really i wanted to ask you for a favour but i dont know how u will take it cuz it's geting to much for only me to bear...please i will love to know if you could be any help concerning my mom's condition.
i ave never given up on are still my's just time...
please kindly reply me
Letter 8

i dont understand...please let me know if you could kindly help me.just let me know
Letter 9

you made me reboot my system and now its' not connecting to yahoo...please honie...i am feeling sleepry right now...just let me know if you get the pics and should know this...i want you and it's only you that i want,i ave a big dream about you...and i know it shall surely come thru...i want you..and honie..i will be expecting ur response get the information you use in sending the money...please kindly get back to me as soon as you can.
Letter 10

Hello Klaus
how are you doing? i hope all is well with you...i ave been busy here...i had spent most of my time at the hospital...i just got ur offline messages now concerning my information which i think i gave you...but incase you need it again here it is...
ZIPCODE: 23401
thats the information you me back as soon as you get this ...
Love you.
About Yahoo messanger, she asked for 2.000,- Dollars
I cut contact at once!!!!
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