Letter(s) from Dana Lanina to Anton (Sweden)

Letter 1

Privet dorogoi,

You see, from the first letter I decided to try to teach you by Russian language. My first words mean "Hello dear". If you like this lesson, I'd give you some in my next letters to you. You know dear, I'm here looking for a serious relations and I'm ready to create a family. My opinion is that without sex any relations can stand more then several months. What is your opinion about it? I think that until our age allows us to do it every day and even more, we need to enjoy every minute of our life. So, now a bit about myself, dear. My name is Dana. I'll be 27 years old this year. I was born on the 7th of November 1979 in Rodakovo. It's a small village not far from Lugansk. When I was 3 years old my family moved to Lugansk and now we are living here. My younger brother was born in Lugansk already. Ok, if you are interested more in my family, just ask me, and I'll answer all your questions about it. Now a bit about me, I have graduated the University in Kiev and now I'm working as a modeller in Lugansk in the fashion atelier by the title "Krasa i Moda" that means in English "Beauty and Fashion". I think that I have told you enough for the beginning, so if you are interested in me and to get to know me better, just ask me and I'll answer all your questions and tell you more about myself with a great pleasure. Write me on my email address dana_danaya@mail.ru