Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Grishina to Charles (USA)

Letter 1

Hello!!!!! I hope, what you have remarkable day? I have placed my structure on this site in hope to get acquainted with the man for friendship and can be and for more serious relations. I do not want to tell, that I do not have not enough man's attention, but all my acquaintances to men only friendly and would be not present that only thing of the man with which I was ready to share all my stayed life. Probably my time has not come yet and I meet my partner in life with whom I shall be happy and there can be I meet him on this site. My address of e-mail RASTAMANKA29(AT)RAMBLER(DOT)RU, you can write to me in more detail about you and I necessarily shall answer you and I shall send you my photos and I shall write to you more more about me, about my hobbies and about all that will interest you. I hope to receive your letter. With best regards Anastasiya!!!!
Letter 2

Hello my new foreign friend Charles!!!!!! I thank you for yours The letter, is very pleasant for me that you have answered me.I ask you an apology for that that I to you so for a long time did not write, which I use my computer on work was faulty and consequently I could not write to you only today a malfunction have been corrected also I can write to you again. How your week-end was? I have named you the friend Therefore Charles, that I want to make friends with you and to begin your friend, I I hope, what you not against? I do not know as our relations will be To develop in the future, but to be your friend and to have you as the friend to me It would be very pleasant Charles.I get acquainted on the Internet in the first and Therefore I am confused at all not looking on that a little that I do not see you and Only I write to you the letter, I at heart modest and I think that modesty Decorates the girl. I want to tell to you a little about myself, to you certainly It will be much more interesting to see my photos, but I also want that You have imagined who I not only in physical shape, but also in spiritual and Moral to understand my character and my essence. As you already know mine Name Anastasiya, I so was named by my parents in honour of my grandmother. To me 27 years, I was born on August, 14 on a horoscope I Lion, but by my nature And on my character I at all Lion, I very soft sensitive and kind The girl. I do not want to tell, that I a beauty, but my friends and my native Speak that I nice. At growth of 168 centimeters, my weight makes 55 kgs, certainly I not the model, but I think, that my figure harmonous enough though it is visible to men better. My color of hair the blonde, I only sometimes tint them mixing with different colors, I like to vary sometimes externally. Eyes at me brown. I think that will suffice about my appearance, I hope, that you estimate my appearance to your taste and on advantage. As you already know I from Russia, I live in the city of Kazan that is the center of republic Tatarstan, but I was born not in Kazan, I was born in the city of Vorkuta that is in the north of Russia. I unfortunately do not remember this city, my parents have moved to Kazan when to me there were only 6 months, and I was more never was in that city where have passed my first days after a birth. Kazan is pleasant to me, it is very beautiful city and I have got used to him already, in this city my childhood and all my youth has passed. I hope that my English for you is clear Charles, I many years studied the English language but as I was not enough practice yet in perfection know English, also I still know German, but it is worse than English. In Russia at all schools study the English language and when I even studied at university I also studied English and German when in Russia you are arranged for work that knowledge of foreign languages gives big plus. I have finished the Kazan Technical University and have received the diploma of the marketing expert, now I work by a trade, I the advertising agent and very much am pleasant to me my work, certainly an operational experience at me still small but I well master all new and necessary. I write to you using my computer on work, at my place there is a computer but unfortunately there is no Internet, I would like to tell much certainly to you about myself and I with pleasure would write to you the huge letter but as my time is limited I unfortunately should to finish my letter to you Charles, also I do not want I shall take your time too much for reading my letter Charles.I shall be is very glad if you again write to me Charles, and do not overlook to send me your pictures.The photo with the big bouquet of roses is made on my birthday, it is one of my favourite photos, I these flowers was presented by my brother. I send you my photos and I hope they will be to you as desirable. With the best regards your friend from Russia
Letter 3

Hi Charles!!!! I am very glad, that you again have written to me the letter, I doubted write you whether or not, but today when I have checked up my mail and I have found out your letter very pleasantly was surprised, thanks you that you devote to me your time Charles.I would like to tell to you a little about my family. I now live with my mum, we live together, the daddy I unfortunately has died 7 years ago, he was sick of a cancer easy and doctors did not manage to rescue its life, it was very hard for me when my father has died, I very strongly loved him also we with him were in fine relations, I till now cannot reconcile to its death, but the person as they say will not return also to me it is necessary as soon as to reconcile and recollect nothing those fine moments of a life when mine the daddy was still alive. Also at me still to eat are fine the brother, my brother is more senior than me for two years, he now with us does not live, four years back my brother married also he lives now in Moscow with its wife and they have fine small son, to him was already executed two years. My mum the woman already elderly, her 56 years, it now does not work therefore as the last year has left on pension, my mum has devoted all life to education of children, it has worked 31 year the teacher at school and now on the deserved holiday. I am very grateful to my mum, it has given me and my senior brother good education and a lot of care and love. My brother tries as it is possible to come is more often to us, but he works much and consequently comes only one or two times to one year, I too once was at my brother in Moscow, I was in many places and in Moscow very much it was pleasant to me. We with my mum live very amicably, we not only as mum with the daughter, we as two girlfriends, we frequently together go to walk in park or on the river. My mum the person very religious and believing, I also believe in the God but I do not devote so a lot of time of religion as my mum, I the Christian, sometimes I with mum go to church and I read prays, I put candles, I respect religion. As you concern to religion Charles!!! I would like to know your opinion. Also tell to me more about your family, it is very interesting to me. If we with you want to be friends we with you to me it would be desirable how more to know about you Charles, tell to me about myself everything, to me will be so more easy to find out you and to understand what you the person, we with you should open each other, I understand that we just have got acquainted with you, than we shall we shall find out about each other that more will faster grow our friendship. At me it is a lot of friends here in Kazan, but I have only which one girlfriend I can to open completely, we speak with her about everything, we share pleasure and grief, and we with her understand each other with a floor of a word, we with her grew together with 6 years as have gone to the first class and we never quarreled with her. I think that our friendship for all life. But I do not have my loved the man with which I would live all my life and to which I would give all my heat and love, in hope to meet it the man I have dared to visit a site of acquaintances. On it I should finish my letter Charles but I shall write to you as soon as possible. I send you two photos where I with my senior brother. I shall wait for your letter Charles.With the best regards.
Letter 4

How are you my friend Charles??? I hope that at you all perfectly and you have remarkable day! It is very pleasant for me that you have written to me the letter, it is interesting to me to find out about you, the more I about you find out, the I want to know you Charles.At me all well even more, the mood good when I have received your letter my mood even more has increased. Charles, I would like to ask your full address, I want to write to you the letter and to enclose photos and to send him by mail, certainly mail works very for a long time and the letter to you will go from Russia very for a long time, through e-mail much faster but nevertheless if you write your address I with pleasure I shall send to you the letter and I shall hope, that it will reach you. I also want to write to you my home address and at you the desire that you my full address will appear can write to me: the Russian Federation, republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, 11-26 Soviet street, zip code 420000. My full name Anastasiya Grishina. I want to tell to you Charles about my hobbies, about my interests. I very much love music. When I was small I went even to musical school, I played on a violin, played not badly but nevertheless I have not dared to devote all my life to music, I played only for myself, I liked to play and I played, now I do not have opportunity to play on a violin simply for the banal reason, I do not have violin, earlier I had violin but now it is already too obsolete and on her is not possible to play, but I very much love to listen to classical music, certainly I as the modern young girl listen not only classics, I love incendiary music, love fate, it is pleasant to listen sometimes to a pop-music. Still I very much like to read, reading of me sometimes carries away so I can read till the morning and time for me flies simply not appreciablly, I like to read novels about love, a fantasy, detectives, I am fond of reading of fiction, I read verses. Also at leisure I am fond of sports, I sometimes go to pool on navigation, I shall send you a photo of me in pool. Also I am fond of volleyball, I even when studied at university my command in which I was the captain have won a cup of university, but now as I already work seldom it turns out to play with a ball. I prefer to not attend noisy parties, certainly I with girlfriends sometimes go but very seldom and only if the big company. I love more nature, rest on fresh air gives many forces and energy, I like to go on picnics with tents, sometimes I even go on fishing, you can think Charles, that it not female occupation fishing, but me very much is pleasant to fish on a fishing tackle, it delivers to me pleasure, I also shall send you a photo where I with a fishing tackle and in a camouflage. I very much like I skin a fish and seafoods, I the amateur am tasty to have a meal. We with mum very much frequently prepare tasty, at my mum the free time is a lot of as she on pension and it from work frequently prepares for my returning that be tasty. I certainly try to keep up a figure, but on diets I do not sit, my figure quite arranges me. One of my favourite dishes is the goose baked with apples, it is simple pleasure, simply fingers will lick! You ate that or from Russian kitchen Charles? As to travel that I outside Russia never was, I very much would like to visit many countries, but unfortunately desires not always coincide with opportunities, can be when be my dreams will be executed also I shall go in round-the-world travel, but now it only dreams but as speak at us in Russia, " the hope dies last "!! Yes to dream it is necessary and aspires to dream too it is necessary and then dreams will be executed. On it unfortunately I should finish my letter to you Charles, I with impatience shall wait for your letter, do not overlook to send me a photo if you have opportunity. I Charles do not like to ask questions, therefore I would like that you told to me about yourselves. With a smile your friend Anastasiya!!!!!!!
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