Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Nenashkina to Matti (Finland)
Letter 1
Hi loved Matti!!!
Thanks you for your letter and for your words. It is very important for me now, that you support me. Now very much it is not easy for me, nothing pleases me. I pray to the God constantly that it has made a miracle and my mum has recovered, but occurs nothing. I do not know what to do. I very much love mum. I do not lose belief and hope that will be still good also mum will be corrected. My mum at all has no improvements, to it only it becomes worse. She is in very heavy position now. I spend all time together with mum in hospital. I try to encourage and support her. Too it is not easy for the father, for him as well as for me mum this most important in a life. Mum the most dear and close person for us. Father recently is completely not similar to itself, it hardly constrains tears when comes to mum. It always was such strong and self-assured person, and now at home constantly cries. I cannot look at him, so it is hard for me. I very much suffer both for the father and for mum. I try to support the father and to help it in all. I now at home instead of mum. I spoke with doctors about that that else it is possible to make to help my mum. They have told the only thing that it is possible to make still is to lead paid monthly course of treatment. Expensive preparations and medicines which should help are applied to him what that. This course of treatment together with preparations costs approximately 450 $. Doctors speak that it should help my mum. Loved I believe them, to me more remains nothing. I cannot live without mum. I do not want even to think of it. I have sold the computer and the daddy have sold our TV. We with the daddy have sold still some things and have borrowed that could at our friends. All that at us now is is approximately 300 $. I do not know where to take more money, therefore I address to you loved. If you could transfer me 150 $ I up to the end of the life would be grateful to you. Loved I never asked you about the help, but you unique to whom I can still will address. To me any more to whom to help. I never shall overlook your help. I promise you I shall give this money in some months. Simply now I have no place to take them. I address to you and I hope for your compassion. Please, help me if you have such opportunity. I very much expect for your help. Love when to my mum will be better also she will be corrected, then we shall correspond constantly as before. I wait only for you and I want to be only with you in the life. But now I am necessary for my mother. I hope that you understand me.
With love your Anna!
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