Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Gonchar to Jordano (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello my love I have returned back from Vladivostok and I have started studies again I cannot wait the time when you visit me in Omsk and you can feel the warmt and hospitality of Russian people and I will show the beautiful sights and turist places of my birthplace I can assure Russians hospitality is wonderful and I am happy to have found you.
Honey Do you remember I ask a favor? if so can make the favor for me? I told already I need money to continue communication between us and also I need to pay membership fee of the agency as I contact you first the payment fee is $50 u.s. dollars and if I don't pay the communication is over I can't pay letters and I can't reply by air mail, honey I explainted already it is impossible to me the way of writing letters as this could delay 2 months and I suspect you don't want to pay Why? Do you not love me? I am poor and I can't afford a computer as you can.I need to pay attachments I the student and don't work at secure job for now. you can send the money via fed ex or the address I give you.I hope you understand me Jordano.I can't travel often as you can Jordano that's why I ask you you can come to me but if you don't send money I understand you don't love me and you are liar and you can't pay for a wife.You the man and shall understand my situation.Please my solnishko don't forget to send money okay?
Send you my Kisses and I love you!
Yours Kristi.



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