Scam letter(s) from Irina Artiuh to Juan (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, what's your name?!
My name is Irina. I'm from Moldova!
I hope it`s a fine day in your country today and you are in a good mood.
I live in Moldova (this is a country from the former Soviet Union and situated between Carpatians and the Black Sea!
I'm an archaeologist. I graduated from the Historical Department, Moldova State University.
I`ve never been married. Children no.
My age 35 years old.
I have a slim, well-proportioned figure.I'm 160 cm.
I do not smoke. I'm Christian. I live with my parents.
I received excellent upbringing.
I'm a good house-keeper and like to keep my house in order.
My interests are: outdoors, nature, swimming, books, travel, tennis,... I'm a great cook. I'm honest, faithful, kind, romantic. I'm fan person.
My dream is to meet an decent man from your country and dedicate him my whole life.
I want to share my life with a man, who is trustworthy, faithful, kind and financially secure. The aim of my life is to make a good looving family, to be a good friend and wife to my man and give him happiness and make him feel comfortable at home.
Sorry to say I have recently began to study English.
I wish I didn't have to turn to the help of an interpreter.
Now I can say only simple English things.
Judging by the photo you are a handsome man.
I'd like to continue our relations in future.
I wish you all the best.
Letter 2
Dear Juan!
Hellow from Moldova!
Thank you so much for responding to my Letter.
I love my country but I'm sorry to say the whole former Soviet Union has hard time now. My nationality is Ukrainian, as my fahter is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian. For about 11 years I had worked in the archaeological group and hoped to be with that group all my life long but the political events caused great changes in the life of our people. Our scientists don't get their salaries for some months and of them were sacked (dismissed). I had to give up my job. I've graduated from ``Beauty School``and now I work at the ``Beauty Parlour``.
Last year I was in America. I had lived there for six months as a guest at my girlfriend` in Detroit. I liked America. Now my girlfriend and his husband work in Russia.
From the very first I'd like to be frank with you conserning my thoughts and plans. I've never been married and as any normal woman I want to get married. The situation in our country is very complicated and unsteady. Most of us are hard up and can hardly make both ends meet. That is why I don't wand to have a family under such living conditions. I want to be sure of tomorrow. I'd like to become a good wife for a clever, wise and kind man,to be faithful to him who could respect and appriciate me.
I am not looking for a short term relationship, I seek good faithful husband. I need a men who is serious, knows life and knows what he wants in this life.
I'm hardworking woman and will work and help my future husband in all.
We have very difficult life in Moldova.
Juan, I'm not financially secure woman.
I've send you my letters from Internet-cafe, I have not a personal computer. I'm anxious to continue our correspondence, to send you as many of my photos as possible but I'm sorry to say I should tell you the truth that our women have poor salaries and sometimes it's nearly next to impossible to pay the translator's services, Internet services(email) and the services of a photographer. I'm eager to have our acquaintance continued and maybe you will be able to help me pay these services.
I think you'll understand this situation in the right way and pardon me for my being so straightforward.
Our people are on the verge of misery. My girlfriend in Detroit remits me money through the firm ``Western Union``.
She let me know in her letter ten figures of the code. Phone number the firm ``Western Union`` is (0681) 933 3328 (Germany).
I'm looking forward to Your letter.
I wish you all the best.
Sincerely, Irina.
My full name is: IRINA ARTIUH.
My post address is: ZELINSKI STREET, 38437
Moldova. more my photo.
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