Scam letter(s) from Julia Morozova to Eddie (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my love Eddie!!! How are you doing? I hope that you succeed.... My love, I yesterday might not write to you because I might not learn the information on arrival in Honduras. Today I called to the girlfriend who works in travel agency in Moscow.
My love yes to Honduras to me will do documents very easily, and I can arrive to you under the tourist visa there.
And all procedure of preparation of documents will occupy only 1 or 2 weeks.
Honey, for this purpose I all over again need to pass medical inspection in Moscow, it approximately will borrow 3-4 days. Because there the big turn. And when I to pass medical inspection, I need to pass interview in embassy of Honduras in Moscow.
My love, I have consulted to the girlfriend, and she has told, that our plans will be the most correct because the visa of USA is valid to receive difficultly...
My love, now at me is 350 $ which were given me by my grandmother, and this money will suffice for my charges in Moscow. Because I need to go to Moscow by train and back, and still I need to live there in hotel, and it is a little money for meal.
My love Eddie that will make documents to Honduras little bit more cheaply.
For the visa it is necessary for me 250 $, and for the international passport it is necessary for me 34 $. And also me inspection 169 $ is necessary to pay for medical.
My love for official registration of papers it is necessary for me to pay all 453 American dollars. And when all necessary documents will are ready, I should pay to agency for the air ticket. Because the agency will give me a package of services.
My love I do not know, how many it is necessary for me for the air ticket because I do not know precisely in what airport to me necessary to fly.
My love, I dream of day to our meeting, and I want that this day has come as soon as possible...
And I want to be with you for ever...
I am sure, that we will have very happy family.
I shall be To bring up Ericka that she never told lies...
I shall be engaged with her if she needs the help in study...
I hope that we shall find with her common language.
I love you my dear very very very, also I shall wait for your letter.
My love let's make our meeting faster, it is hurt me here without you...
And I want to appear in your strong hands faster...
Write to me when we may speak in ICQ, ok I love you and I miss you...
I kisssssss your
Your loving Ulia
Letter 2
Oh sorry Eddie:), I have very much taken a great interest in film about James Bond, (therefore I have named you James, silly certainly, excuse) now while I sit here in the Internet cafe, and on the computer looked film about James.
By the way very good film to like you?
Lovely, how is Ericka? Tell her hey from me, ok Lovely, for all documents to arrive to Honduras I need in 453 $ and when all documents will be ready, I need in money for the ticket....
I love you, and very much want to be with you for ever...
Please write to me, I still wait for you in ICQ ok
Your loving Ulia
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