Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Morozova to Moe (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi my Dearest friend Mirza
How are things there?
Thank to you for the 2 letters, excuse me that I to force you so long to wait my letter. I wanted to write to you faster...
But I did not have free money for this purpose.
Yesterday I have received a payment for my work and at once have run in the Internet of cafe to write to you my Friend! I work as the whole days. Now at me a network a free time to write to you. By the way, I have scanned one of my last photos. I very much like children (to work I in children's hospital), and it is a photo of the child of my girlfriend with her son.You to love children? Has passed so a lot of time when I wrote to you last time and have passed so many days. On evenings I went to bed with my cat and to me was so alone. It seems that I sleep, and all that with me occurs simply dream. I do not believe that such happens, I became the happy girl after our acquaintance. You became for me to princes from a magic fairy tale, and I do not believe that all occurs to me. You the remarkable man, perfect man. I do not want to lose you, I want to be happy with you. I believe to all your words, and consequently is sure that you can to make my life by the present fairy tale. You sincerely speak with me, you kind both generous, tender and gentle, in you are all best qualities the man. But I still do not believe that the god has decided to present me happiness and that I and really is necessary to you on the present. If you play with me, play by my feelings, then you will break my heart for ever, I ask you to not do) it. I want that you have told me frankly that it not game, that you and in the truth want to connect my life to yours. From your letter I have understood what really to like you and you has made to me many compliments and has estimated my advantages and me, as the woman, it is very pleasant. And some your words have forced me to redden, they have touched my heart and it was drove even faster. I see that you know as to make the woman happy and how to deliver to her pleasure, it not everyone can. I thank the god, that has connected us and at the same time I ask that our relations did not come to an end and it is all there was not a game, now I very strongly am afraid of you to lose, I do not want that it has taken place. I shall wait very much for your letters, you my prince. Whole, good to you of day. I shall write to you as soon as I can. I very much want that you waited my letters. I do not want to lose you. Your friend Ulia
Letter 2
My Dear Mirza,
How are you doing today? I have received your letter and was am very much keen! It is very importan t for me! Is awful to speak you concerning my English language, but I study. I always try to reach the purpose. Though I use the translator, but I every day study new English words. But language should not be a problem between us. I well want to know the English language and to learn you Russian if you certainly want it! It will be very interesting and useful for us.y thinks we should know language and culture each other. It will help us to speak openly. I want to tell that acquaintance through the Internet new to me. I never did it earlier. I am afraid and worry, that it is possible to meet loved and serious persons through the Internet. I looked at your structure.. I in it was helped by my girlfriend. And I am very much interested in you! I have understood, that you very interesting the man and with you am always vigorous and cheerful to spend time. The person with whom we shall enjoy together all charm of destiny and I think the God will give us it! And now I frequently visit church, and I pray to the God that has helped me to find to meet my prince who will love and respect me, estimate and to admire with me that he was my second half and supplemented me. While me love and is true estimate me, I shall devote my complete life to his happiness. he would come first and foremost in my life and everything eles, secondary! Through my everyday actions and expressions, he would know without a doubt that I truely love him. I owes admit that at times I can beobstinate, but that generally fades as him wishes become more apparent. my I the girlfriend, this that which has sent from my name the letter to you, is very happy now and wants that I too my heart was not lonely. My girlfriend, for 2 weeks has arrived to visit me and the parents from Norway. 2 years back my girlfriend through the Internet has married and now they with the husband live happily. They have child and they very much love him! At my girlfriend all is good with work with family! And I am glad for her! Well all right, let's get acquainted more close! As I see your way to the letter, we are already almost familiar! My name Ulia . I live in very beautiful city of Russia with name Kazan. Russia very big country with the big opportunities and resources but while people live here not so well. Russia I to be in the transition period. My city is very rich sights and my city very big. Here live more than one million persons. The history of many wars here is concentrated. I most of all like street baumana/It is very beautiful street, here there are many monuments and many any foreign restaurants. In 2005 Kazan will be 1000! I look I am more senior than the years, but in soul still the girl. My girlfriends already for a long time married and have family and children.And I can not learn love yet. My work is possible takes away a lot of time at me.. Russian men are very rough and thoughtless, and I never can find with them general. I work in hospital as the medical worker. It is children's hospital. My working day to last from 7 o'clock in the morning till 6 o'clock in the evening. I love my work and I very good at it, have fun with the patients and treat them as though they are a part of me.I help to treat children and it is very pleasant for me. My basic work to do injections and bandagings.You probably have already got tired to read my letter?I too would want to find out about you more. It is not a pity that we may communicate with you through a chat to find out each other. Because I write from Internet - cafe.My ultimate dream and wish is to have a loving family. Nothing eles is more important than that to me. Honestly, this is what I live for. Unfortunately, I was not successful and was happy completely not long People enjoy playing games with others feeling and emotions I do not like. I hope I've givien you enough information about my character and who I am to help you dicide whether or not you want to be involved with me. Please take very good care of yourself and feel free to ask whatever question you need to. I have no the native sisters and brothers, at me is only cousin. I one in family, also live only with the mum. In the other city, it in 100 miles from my city lives my grandmother. My grandmother very old and I each week tries to visit her and to help her. I when was not abroad, but I believe in the god and I believe, that meeting of prince from a magic fairy tale, and he will make me by happiest, I to give back all love to the man, which will give back me the love. I very much want to continue with you the relation and to find out you better. I hope for your sincere answers. With impatience I shall wait for the letters. Yours Ulia
Letter 3
Hi My Dear Mirza!!!!!!! Many thanks for your letter! I am happy that you again to answer me!Forgive me, that I might not answer you at once.. I have no a house of the computer therefore I write you from Internet - cafe. I, unfortunately did not have financial opportunity and time that so soon to answer you... At me the grandmother was ill and I , to support her and to help her.. As I spoke you, I the medical worker and I help her.. She already very old, her 72 years and at her hurts heart.. I very much love my grandmother, she person very kind and understanding me... Simply she has caught a cold and she because of it had complication with heart.. My grandmother is very weak also to me frequently to have to go to her... But she the optimist as well as I, and very hardworking.. At the age she has still time to work in the kitchen garden and a garden... The world is full of different people, but even life of the most bad person is very expensive.. . And I want that my grandmother lived and could see my children! Well, all right we shall not be about sad! How are you? I very closely read your letter and could understand almost all! I try to learn each day even on some English words! It was very interesting to me to read your letter and to find out a lot of new about you!I see that you the perfect person and very good.
For me there was no value in distinction in the age of between people, I think it should not mention the relation between people.
I think what simply silly to pay attention to age... For example, you and at me the feeling that you the surprising person very(very much) is pleasant to me. I thank the God who has acquainted me with YOU! I want to thank for beautiful words which you have presented me, for that that you have estimated me as the person, your letter has cheered up me and I very much would want to continue with you relations... And I hope that I shall become your best friend, and it is possible more (smile). I very much want meet a favorite which can to do me by the happy woman which will understand always me to do me hot and to give me tenderness, care and love.I dream to have full family, and I want to afford the child.I dream to become mother and to have about the Loved Husband! Yes the Husband from the big letter. You might carry out my dreams? I never had children and had no family... And I very much would want to have hope that you, the person of my dream! It is possible? I do not know, whether such big and pure love is possible... I want to inform you some words again about my family... I live with together with mum. At us with it(her) very much good relations and she my best friend, the assistant. She the most dear Person for me. I very much to love and respect her. We always with her may find common language. I to think That you are good to understand it. My mother still to not know yet, that we to write each other. I for the present not To know its(her) reaction to all this. But I to think, that She to understand me. I to think, that to her all the same It will be necessary to tell all. Today I shall tell to it(her) about it. At me is not present from my mum of any secrets. We to live together with My mum. My father has left from us in heavens of 5 years back. At me is much hobbi. In free time from work I to like to spend time with friends. I to like to listen to Classical music. To me to like Bethoven and Chaykovski. To listen to what music you? To like me simply good Modern music which to cheer up. I very much to like to be on a nature. I to like to be in the Wood and on lake. Very much to like me a camping site. I to like to float. Each Sunday together with the Girlfriend I to go to pool. You to like to float? I very much. I very much to love animals. I have cat Barsik This very beautiful and clever animal.By the way I was very good to prepare.
My loved The dish is a pie with apples. him)to love all mine Relatives and friends. They speak, that it is better than me Nobody may prepare for it. It is very a pity to me, That you may not try and estimate him. I to think, that it too to like you. I very much to love Russian kitchen. I to want To know what dishes to like you? And than you to like To be engaged at leisure? What kinds of sports To like you? To me to like to look the big tennis. I to want to learn(find out) it is more about you.... I send you the photo.. It is a photo I hope to you will be I am pleasant and hope is nice...Mine Dear, please, please write to me.. I shall try to answer you soon as I can.. I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter. From me the big hopes to receive news from you... For ever yours Ulia
PS. by the way + mine a new photo this digital photo.. At me them a little! My girlfriend has free-of-charge made to me it! One of it!
Letter 4
Assalam alykum Wa rahmattullahhi wa barakatuh( ( I know that you a moslem and I think I I surprise you it)
Hi mine dear and unique. I thank you for the frank letter, for sincerity and honesty, your letter very much to like me, it is perfect. I am very happy, and still it seems that I sleep, and me you would not be desirable to wake up, because in dream with me and I the happiest girl. You became for me hereby PRINZOM, prince from a magic fairy tale. now You always with me, in my dreams and in my dreams, both in my soul and in my heart. You speak to me by such beautiful, kind and gentle words, your words give me is warm also of attention, thank to you for all very much. I want to be yours from a head up to legs, and to have complete happy family only with you. Our relations were developed very quickly, but it is nothing does not speak. The God has connected us, and we should be together. Yesterday I again long thought of us, and it not seems there can be all so quickly, but then when I again has read your letters has understood that we are necessary each other, I have fallen in love with you. You have won my heart. I know that you will not deceive my trust, my hopes and will not break my heart, I believe to you. Honey, my mum and the grandmother know all about you, I him have told all that I know about you and they are very happy that my life began more cheerful and that I more frequently smile!! Ideas about you force me to smile and be pleased! Yesterday at me difficult day was. I all the day work was necessary me very difficultly. I do not have no time and money frequently to write to you. Therefore, excuse that I do not write you much. Well all right. By the way my mum speaks Hi to you! Now you most dear, thatare in my life, I do not want more that, only to be with you. I when do not listen to another's opinion, I always agree to differ and I listen only to the heart. And now my heart thinks only of you and belongs only to you. I think that we should to meet and test our destiny, to try be happy pair. Now we shall prepare for our meeting. I shall wait patiently for our first appointment. Write to me, as soon as can. Only yours Ulia
Ps. I understand that to you not 25 years.. I would like to meet you.... But for this purpose it is necessary to ask the visa.. These are huge money for me and with my ridiculous earnings I can not receive it... The simple person in our city can not receive the visa, I can receive it through the ministry and receive the accelerated passport during one month. By the way my address: Russia, 424000, proletarskaya street 7-31. Morozova Ulia. My place of work Children's hospital * 4
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