Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Chebanuk to Stephan (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hello Stephan!!! Thank you for your letter. First of all I am very sorry for my English. It's not very good now but I'm trying to learn it as much as possible. I hope that you will understand my letter. I want to tell about me a little. I'm 25 years old, I have higher education on a speciality marketing. I like to spend time with my friends to go with them on picnic, cinema, in the winter on to ski, In the summer on river. I live in city called Lipetsks in which it is a lot of parks and fine places. I live with parents, In our beautiful house. I think that it enough initially. If you want to find out about me more - ask, I shall be glad to answer you. I send to you my pic. Tell me more about yourself. Please send me your photo.
Letter 2
Greetings! I very strongly was delighted when have seen, that you have answered me. If I am fair did not expect, that you will answer me. You mean really want to know me is more best. I with pleasure shall tell a little about myself.
I was born and I live in city of Irkutsk. It is very beautiful city. In it many interesting places. We with friends like to walk on it, dreaming everyone about the.
I have finished institute, but could not find work on the specialty yet. Therefore now I work as the children's psychologist.
I already spoke, that I like to spend time on a nature. For example, in the summer we go on picnics or simply we walk in park. And in the winter I go on a skating rink. I very strongly like to skate.
If you want to know something else ask. I shall be always glad to write to you the letter to tell about myself.
Please tell something about itself. I want to know about you as much as possible.
I hope, that you will answer me very soon. I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Letter 3
Hello my Dear!
I from love shall go from mind. Without you all life I is vain. Without your eyes, without your lips, without your hands I so am unfortunate. Does not pass also day without idea about us. Simply you are more dear than all to me now. I suffer loving that we separately. You dew for me fresh morning roses. You vivifying juice of all spring birches. You my tsar, you my god of my dreams, my dreams. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Remember it always!!!
Dear, all prices
Irkutsk - Moscow 297 EUROS +21 EUROS gathering of the airports
Moscow - Stockholm 349 EUROS+37 EUROS gathering of the airports.
Visa 50
Registration of the Passport costs 120 EUROS.
travel agency it is necessary to pay plus for work about 100 EUROS
Your help is necessary for me.
Please try to find money.
Then our dreams will come true.
I miss you
Your Lena
Letter 4
How are you?
I hope everything is all right.
I miss you.
Yesterday I have come home with a red nose.
I have drunk 3 cups of tea to feel well.
Dear, I was occurred with an idea. In one month I will have Birthday.
February, 10 to me will be 30 years.
This very important event in my life.
Therefore I want to meet this day at the same time the person who understands and respects me. I want to meet this day at the same time the person who is for me the most important for me the person. I want to meet and celebrate this day together with you. You and I.
Dear, I want, that this day we were together.
Dear, I with the great pleasure read your letters.
It is very pleasant for me to feel, that you with me.
But, I understand, that we should be together.
For it there will be a biggest gift.
If we shall be together this day.
I heard about your country much. I know, that at you very beautiful city.
You imagine, if we shall be together this day. Dear, you the most my main gift.
We can suit romantic evening.
You imagine .
Night, candles. you burn and I. I all time think of you
That you think of that in my birthday to be together.
Your Lena
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