Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kuimova to Hans (Holland)

Letter 1
Hi my sweet.
It is very pleasant for me that you have accepted my invitation to Russia, it is very good. I think it will deliver to you a lot of pleasant time for rest. I am glad that my country is interesting to you.
I agree to arrive it will be useful for our relations, and it will be pleasant for me to travel and meet you. Will meet you to me especially pleasantly.
I have overlooked to tell that I was interested in bank as I can receive from you translation. There to me have told, that the best and most safe ways for this purpose, it is bank systems Money Gram. You can find out about it in your bank and then let me know about your choice. All necessary data that you could send me money: My first name: Tatyana Aleksandrovna My Last Name: Kuimova My adress is: ul. Petrova 87 kv.21 Ufa, Russia.
Then you tell me it, that to you have told in bank.
Hans write as long you you will travel. I can fly to you at any time after December, 1, you Should solve when.
Letter 2
Hi my sweet Hans.
Today I was engaged in all questions for our arrival. Just now I have free time from it.
Also I have not so good news to arrival. Because today, when I went for purchase of the ticket, me have informed, that a hedgehog all tickets for ours the flights were sold. It was necessary to buy a minimum as 5 days prior to a start. I was slightly upset, because 19 numbers we can not meet. What I should do now? For meeting December 19 there were first class tickets only.
I think now we should agree about the other number for meeting. Me have informed that there are tickets only for December 26. I should buy it?
How I remember in your last letters, you were going to go in the friend the country after our meeting?
Probably I shall come in the friend the country to have rest together and to carry out together more time?
What I should do? You should advise me my actions and as it will be more convenient for you.
I very much love you and we should necessarily meet each other soon. What I should speak in travel agency? What number to me to book a ticket? Also I have forgotten to inform you, that for trip in Moscow, in the airport I should also buy the tickets on a train.
Also Moscow the city, very large and poorly familiar to me. I should order services of a taxi to reach from station the airport and to take the things. Also I wanted to visit my mum.
It is very difficult for me, but I think that for our love I can consult with all problems.
Mine Hans, I want to take with myself my fluffy cat. I do not know to whom her to leave. I think she will not prevent our love. But for this purpose, me have informed in agency I should buy a crate and make out the passport and ticket for an animal. Also I should check medical papers for her. All papers for my cat I can receive tomorrow, but it is necessary to me to buy a crate and ticket for her. I very much love her and very much to experience for her. I can not leave her one in the house on long time. Because she is necessary for feeding. Mine Hans, you should speak to me number for our meeting.
I very much love you mine Hans.
Yours Taty
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