Scam letter(s) from Kimberly Williams to Shane (UK)

Letter 1

My names is Kimberly G. Williams, i am 26 year old lady ,i work as fashion designer..........My hobbies i like swimming ,dancing, reading novels, magazines,going to beach and occassions,going to shoppings,and having a nice time with the man i love.........My Father was a successfull business man in UK ,my Father went to Spain on business in SPAIN where he met my Mother and .......before his assignment was due he impregnated my Mother and he left back to report to his company. Later came back to SPAIN to pick my Mother and both of them travel down to MANCHESTER, England, in United kingdom where my Mother gave birth to me. Getting to 2 months after I was born, Bad things which my parent didn't planed happened when my Father died it was a hard time for my Mother of 15 years old baby who is not a British citizen and also an Orphan. Struggling here and there to feed and train me..well my mother really surffer for me alot i can't lie she really try her possible best to just make sure i become something in life...after i graduated i won a scollarship to fashion in AUSTRALIA..and well the agency i fashion for there they do not pay me well at all..after that i went to fashion designer in southafrica and later come back to united kingdom...well all the money i make from my fashion i use it to take care of tax and other expensis and other for accomodation..well now i don't even like the fashion job again..coz they do not pay me well ,,since then i have been looking for another job now..i do manage fashion designer,. and one thing i don't like it here in MANCHESTER...all the guys here are not ready for a serious relationship all they just know is just to have *** with u..and am not form for that..what am really looking for is a longterm relationship that would last forever that is going to lead to marriage that is going to be full of joy and happiness...and i want to be in a relationship with someone who is loving, caring, honest, kind, faithful, passionate, responsible, trusworthy, loyal and sincere...that is the kind of person i will like to share the rest of my life with him till death do us apart...what i like doing for fun i like going to beach,reading,cooking,playing longtennis,dancing,singing and like doing something out door.......... my body structure is
Hair: Brown Height: 5'6"
Eyes: black Bust: 34"
Dress: 3 - 4 Waist: 23"
Shoe: 7.5 Hips: 34"
34-36 Shoe size 6,5
I've been married for 2 years and now divorced without kids. I am feeling reluctant to talk about myself and my situation to you because i don't know how you will feel. But I will like to let you know all about me and the situation I am into now so that it will not be too late before I let you know. I have had alot of bad experience in my previous relationships, and i do not want to fall into the same problem anymore, i will like you to give me your words that you really love me and that you want to make a new life with me, because i have been gamed before and i will not want to be gamed or played on again in my life. I am tell you all this, then you can decide if you still want to meet me or not, so that we will not waste each other' time, when you get this mail,kindly give me a response to let me know if you are still interested or not.
I've been divorced now for 2years now. My dad died 3years ago in Manchester and my mom still living in Spain before she died. I'm the only daughter, the only kid of my folks. My dad is a british man and my mom is a native of Spain. My mom and my extended family now live in my dad's house in Whitefield in Mnchester.
My husband, Victor Gregory gamed me alot and treated me so bad in our marriage, he absconded with my dad's money which was kept with me after a completion of a contract in NORTH-WEST Manchester,UK. When my boy friend got absconded with the undisclosed sum of USdollars, this brought the first brokeup between me and my dad, because he thought we have the deal together, but not knowing that I'm an innocent about this. So my dad has been harsh and tough against me about this.
After all these happened to me and caused by my Ex Husband, I joined a dating site( <)" target=_blank where I met an African guy online here who promised heaven and earth that he wants to marry me and make me happy in life; "I never knew I was going from Fry-pan to Fire". The African man told me of an investment opportunities in Africa and he convinced me to come along with lots of money while coming down, which I did. On getting here, all his intention was to take away the money from me, played me and leave me alone.
I came from the UNITED KINGDOM with all the money I've gotten from my Dad's business and contracts renumeration. Because the african guy told me of an idea to investment in Oil firms here. When I got here, he made all possibles means to get the money from me and get away with my money. Then when I noticed this, I took the money and my travelling boxes and deposited it with a Security/Insurance Company here in Africa in order to safe myself and my assets. Thereafter I left the guy's apartment to an hotel where I am in right now and from which I am communicating with you now.
Therefore, I don't want to fall into any other terrible situation again after all these that I have faced and I am not ready to be gamed, this time, I need to be very very careful of whom i will go out with or date this time. I will need some words from you, which will prove to me about your interest me and what exactly you want out of our relationship. I am very eager to have a date now, since i would be coming back to the united states as soon as possible you want me to, provided you will treat me in an orderly manner.
Well, let me hang on here till I hear from you. I hope you will understand my situation at this time and I hope you will come to my resuce and be of whom i expect you to be. I really need to be Loved because I really deserved it and I need a man that would always be there for me, who will be like a father and husband to me,i will reciprocate true LOVE as well.
Sincerely yours
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