Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sidulova to Dave (USA)
Letter 1
Me call Tatyana. To me 28 years. I live in Russia. I saw your structure in the Internet, you very much have liked to me. I search for the serious attitudes and large love.
I the very romantic and open woman.
I am very much interested in our acquaintance and I hope, that you too. I shall wait very much your fast answer. Also I shall write to you more about myself and I shall send the photos.
My electronic address:
Letter 2
Hi my dear Dave!
I am very glad again to read your letter. Now I shall speak more about myself. My growth of 170 centimeters. My weight of 57 kgs.I was never married. Children I have no. I to write and read in English and German language It is very pleasant to me to know, that there is a man on ground, who thinks of me.
Today in the street very good weather. The sun shines, the snow and small frost falls. And what at you weather?
Today I already have finished the working day and we went with the colleague on work in shop to do purchases home. And now I have come in the computer centre to write to you the letter. Because the computer of a house at me is not present.
I still probably shall go slightly on city, I shall take a walk. And then I shall go home to prepare for tomorrow employment with children. I shall prepare then to sleep. When I shall sleep you probably already will work. And I very much hope, that you will think of me! I very wait for your letter.
Yours Tatyana
p.s.I not bad know the English language.
I think that if I shall love the man I can transfer that that we can not to have children.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Dave!
I am very glad to read your letter, it to me brings a lot of pleasures.
I already wrote to you, that I have mum to her 56 years. My father has died, when I was some more absolutely small girl. I have native brother, his name Vladimir and I very much love him. He the doctor works and lives in the other city, but very much frequently comes to us with the mum. I also have cousin brother and sister. It is children the sister of my mum. They live in city Kazan. It not far from us. And we go to them in the visitors on holidays.
In childhood I was the quiet enough child, and as my mum speaks, they with the father did not know with me of problems. After leaving school I have acted in University. Also studied there 5 years. At University I have taught the English language little bit better. But mine English not so good, I think, that you have noticed also to me to have much to think above my letters. But I try!!!!!
I have decided to you to write because you to me I have seemed by which attractive by the man I want to learn(find out) closer. I hope that you too test such feeling under the attitude to me!!!
Concerning my purposes in life. I think, that it is the very large question. And to answer him it is difficult. I very much want to create family and to have the favourite man. That was about whom to care and, that I knew that there is a man on which I can rely in life. As to work. I would like to work, but I am not by the careerist.
I love entertainments of a different sort. I love to dance, I love to go for a walk on a nature. In the winter I leave in a wood to be rolled on a ski. In the summer I love to float. In a place, where I live many beautiful lakes, where the summer happens very warm water and it very pleasantly to bathe in them.
I think, that on today I have given to you the information on much to me and you probably are tired.
And it is time to me to go home. Now I look in a window and in the street already absolutely darkly became while I sat and wrote to you the letter.
I shall wait your answer. And it is a lot of to think of you.
Letter 4
Hi my dear Dave!
It was very pleasant to me to read your symbols and me very pleasantly to know, it is present the man on the second part of the Earth, who thinks of me. In days off I had a campaign on shops. I bought products and has bought a beautiful jacket, which very much has liked to me. Then I prepared supper, I very much wanted that you were a number and estimated as I prepare. I think that we would lead perfect evening at candles with romantic music.
I am very much interested in our acquaintance. - gift in me is present of any favourite man here. And if was, I shall not begin to search for whom - that while.
I live that. And rather today in my life on the first place there was a work. But I very much want to have family and children. I very much want, that number was the favourite man. With which we would transfer all difficulties of life together, holding each other for hands.
I have written to you with the serious purpose, and I am very much interested in our acquaintance. I want, that all knew concerning you, concerning your life. Also, what you think concerning me??
Send to me please majority of favourite photos. Can Be in you there are photos of your city. I never was in other countries, and it will be very interesting.
I shall wait very much your symbol. And to think of you. Also I hope, that you also think of me!?
Yours Tatyana.
Date of my birth 1.08.1974
Letter 5
My love! Very good evening on a visit at my parents yesterday was. My mum to prepare for a fish with vegetables. It was very tasty. Also to my parents there has on a visit come her girlfriend. It was very opportunely. After a supper I to speak with my mum about you and that you very much like me and that I to want to visit you abroad. I did not expect, that my mum so will quickly approve my decision. I need to legalize only my papers (the visa, the passport and to receive the insurance document). Mums the girlfriend works in a travel company as the adviser. She was yesterday during a supper too. She has told, that problems are not present and that she can help to legalize papers in short term. She has suggested me to issue the visa for 2 months. This time will be enough to learn you. She has appointed to me date of reception in a travel company. It is necessary for me on Friday. I will need to pay documents and to pay promptness of their registration. Cost has made 130 EURO. I told, that my tickets will pay through the Ministry of Education. She also has told, that you have helped me with my visiting too. We with my mum ask you that you have sent me 130 EURO for registration of my documents as my mum will take other charges all on itself. I saw the announcement on TV about system of remittances western union. It is very fast and reliable. You can send me of money in any branch of Russia for my full name and a home address. I allow to you the information which to you will be necessary by transfer of money resources. Tatyana Sidulova, 424003, st.Lenina 25-13
Ekaterinburg, Russia .Also for me are necessary your information necessarily correct. Your full name and home address. The name of the airport where you are capable to meet me. It perhaps everything, that is required. Tomorrow I shall make out the holiday for the period of two months but if you to want that I to leave back home earlier, it will be sad for me, but it will be your will. Nearly has not overlooked, please send me of money today or tomorrow that there were no problems with payment of my documents on Friday. I wait for your letter and ours with you of a meeting. Love! Yours Tatyana
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