Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Petrovna to Robert (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my name is Yulia.
I am a tender and sympathetic girl, frank,open, faithful and honest. I have no bad habits. I love children and pets. I believe, too, that the most vital thing in woman's life is family, beloved husband, children and love and care of every member of the family for one another. And I appreciate the mutual understanding, sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness that a man and a woman, who have tied their lives with family feel.
I am fond of traveling and hiking. I like some kinds of sports such as jogging, shaping. When I have a free time I go to the theatre or exhibition. I do not know what exactly to tell about myself. If I interested for you write me on my email:
Letter 2
I am glad to receive from you letter. It is my first experience of dialogue in the Internet. Your first letter has delivered to me great pleasure. And to me delivers pleasure an idea, that I am not one lonely in this world. I would like to know more about you, proffession and other things about your private life. Some things about myself. I was born and has grown in Russia.I was born on May, 9, 1977 in the city of Pyatigorsk. I have higher education and I work at school in initial classes. I live with mother. I do not have brothers and sisters. Father has died 2 years ago. In general i like to prepare, especially such dishes as a duck with apples, salads, to bakee pancakes, pies, etc. My tall is 174 sm, weight - 54 kg. I have brown eyes, red hair. I take a great interest by sports for maintenance of a figure (especially fitness). I have never been married, but would like to have husband which would be a support to me in life and would preserve me against vital difficulties. And It is not important for me what lacks my future husband will have, main thing will be that our spiritual interests (not religious) coincided. I have no children, but I like to look after them and would want to have my own child.Lovely Robert in my opinion woman has come in this world to give to the husband of children, and to look after it(him), to meet it(him) after work to do(make) to it(him) pleasant in bed. If I have got USA to me it would be desirable to see as well as where you live. To learn(find out) more close you and yours close.My english is not perfect as your's. I hope that you help me to do its better.)I don't have so much photos but I'll send some of them for you.It's smile for you :-)
Have a nice day! Yulia.
Letter 3
Mine dear(expensive) Robert.
I always liked the men your age is more senior than me, is not a barrier to ours with you the attitude(relation). I would like that you Robert were my first man. I hope you me understand?My dear friend I am very glad to receive from you letter and to find out a lot of new about you. Yesterday I have told mum that had got acquainted with the person from foreign country through the Internet. She has told, that it is good, but we hardly shall meet sometime because Russia to be from foreign country very far. I have answered her, that I do not think about meeting, I have simply found the friend to myself through the Internet. I like film Titanik. It is romantic film about tragedy love. At me tear on eyes when I look this film. My favorite color is green. We very sociable family. My mum very remarkable person and I always address to her for advice. I do not know how I would live without my mum. We understand each other from a half-word. I do not have brothers and sisters. Father has died 2 years ago. My mother is Natalia Petrovna. She works as the teacher of music. My mum very much dreamed, that I shall became the musician, but I have decided to become the teacher at school in initial classes. I would like to write to you as it is possible more often but, unfortunately, I have no such opportunity. I leave from my work on some time to write to you the letter. I love to listen to the classical music. I like to listen to the Bethoven very much. I also like to listen to the modern music, it cheers up me. My mood is lifted also with walk with friends on fresh air. I love animals very much. I have a dog. His name is Sharik. He is very playful, though he is the adult. Tell me more about your friends, about your childhood. I shall wait your following letter. Your friend from Russia. Yulia.
P.S.Today at the Internet-centre, whence I send you the letters, the system manager has advised me to change my box, becouse I had some problems at reception of your letter. I have checked up mail on the box some times but income folder was empty. In the beginning I have decided, that you could not answer, was busy. But then system manager has came, something has made, and I have received your letter. Therefore that further there were no such problems, send me the letters on this box:
Letter 4
Robert I very much would like to talk to you on the phone. But I do not have telephone on which I could talk to you freely. Now at me two dreams have appeared;
* To buy the telephone and to talk to you on it(him) and to hear your vote as it is possible more often. You see it(he) probably same perfect as you.
*To arrive to you favourite. Andit will be by the most perfect event, you see I can not only hear you but also see, and also feel heat of your body, yours of caress and your love lovely!!!
You that the man about which I dreamed. Lovely I want faster to appear in your perfect house. To get acquainted with your friends. And with your customs. I want that our romantic attitudes(relations) have developed
into the large LOVE!!!
For ever fond and missing on you YULIA.
Letter 5
Lovely mine my pleasure no a limit from an idea that you liked at last answered to me. I each day waited for your letter and each day when there was no from you a message the sky was tightened(delayed) by clouds ever more. I went home and from mine an eye the tears were poured. Liked write please to me as soon as possible. Lovely mine is, in 196 kms to a southeast from Stavropol. Lovely mine by my most perfect dream is an opportunity to be seen with you not important where at you or at me. Liked I have girlfriend which she works in a travel company has said to me that will make to me the visa itself will purchase to me the visa in order that I have met you liked. She has said to me Yulia you necessarily there should be which person you like also which likes you. You should be in a place. And she can make to me the visa for 3 days if I can find money to the ticket. After she to me it has said I was the happiest person on light. But then I have gone to the airport and has decided to learn(find out) how much is ticket by economy class to me answered that the return ticket costs(stands) about 1000 dollars today I has bypassed all friends and all of them together could give me only 300 dollars. I am simple in despair each second I think where to take money to fly to you lovely. I so wanted to make to you a surprise liked and to arrive to you on Christmas. I very much would like to become your christmas gift lovely. I think this Christmas can become for us with you a lovely most perfect holiday in our life. Lovely what you about it think we can when be to meet? Lovely today I have decided to make for you a photo of the body lovely to you it was pleasant write!?! Lovely it is a shame to me about it to write but I do not have telephone. But today me have learned as works ICQ and have helped to make number ?203251748. Sweet mine at you is ICQ soon target and we could meet you more close. Lovely today dream has dreamed me that we with you liked meet I leave from the plane I look on the parties I see you and me to become very well on shower. I run up to you and our lips merge in a hot kiss. Then we have a seat with you in the machine there are to you home we come to you into the house and we have supper at candles I tell to you about Russia, about my monogynopaedium I show photos then you include beautiful music and we dance with you and it seems as a whole world there is nobody except for us with you lovely only you and I. Then you raise me on arms(hand) and carry to itself in a bedroom and I become by the woman lovely we fall asleep with the first beams of the sun. I rise in the morning with a smile on the person and I perceive what is it only dream. Lovely it is time to me to go home tomorrow it is necessary to go on job. Lovely I send you one thousand kisses that they always reminded to you that somewhere at edge(territory) of light there is a person to which you is very necessary also which yours likes you Yulia
Letter 6
Lovely hi ia it was very pleasant to read your letter. Sweet mine your words have struck my heart up to the basis. You see it so is pleasant to read such fine words from you my lovely. Lovely it would be simply fine to meet you my lovely in Moscow. Only I do not know as we can make with you it write please on more detailed? The sun mine write ia when we can meet you in ICQ. It would be simply wonderful. Lovely your words force me to look at you as on very romantic person as I!!!.
Lovely today dream I have dreamed me give you about it I shall tell to me have dreamed that I have gone to travel by the big white ship. I do not know it in what sea was but it was very good. Lovely in this dream you were. You were the captain of this vessel. Brightly the sun flied the seagull. In the evening by the ship the big holiday was given in honour of birth of the captain. Music played stay had fun and competition on queen of evening was declared. And lovely you have chosen me. You have approached to me such beautiful all in white and have offered to dance with me. Lovely we have started to dance with you a beautiful waltz you spoke me compliments and I was the happiest woman by the whole ship. Lovely you told ia interesting histories and then we have gone with you on the captain's bridge where you have shown ia the fine night sea from which at me the head was turned. Lovely to me was so well!!! Well and then hooter from this sound I started to signal and has woken up it my alarm clock I was has risen and has gone for work. Lovely when I went on the robot on mine lips all time there was your name my lovely. Lovely forgive me I I can write to me more is not necessary to go home but tomorrow I
necessarily shall write to you sweet mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lovely when you read this letter of your lips my air kiss yours Yulia should touch
Letter 7
Hi my love!.
I am very pleased, that I have received from you the letter. I am very pleased.
between us there is a trust, I am simply happy that you trust me. Except for that I became more sure, that we shall meet you Soon, because for love there is no distance and time. Certainly there are difficulties, which prevent to us to meet, but we together shall overcome them.
All our life in our Hands. I should meet you because I can not live without you, are you agree with me? Write me, that you think of it that we in time of Speed we shall meet you. Whether is to me enough you necessary to know to me trust Or there may be all that about what we with you we write each other only words? The love Develops three components: understanding, trust and patience. You agree with me? I wait your answer. Eternally sympathy to you."
Your Yulia
I also have a long ICQ transcript if you want that.
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