Scam letter(s) from Julia Petrovna to Raymond (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Raymond!!!
I to have poor mood, because when I have come in Internet cafe, I to not find out thy letter. I am not interesting to thee any more and thee do not want with me to communicate?????
It me to detune. I feel so tired from the life here and you are the only one who warms me and gives me strength to live. The life in Russia is so difficult and though we got used to it sometimes I feel so unsafe and tired from everything. But I am lucky one to get $65 a month. This money allows me to go to the Internet cafe to send you letters and to get yours. It is the only one thing in my life which makes me happy. I miss so much being without your letters. And the internet-cafe is the only one place where I can communicate with you. Unfortunately, I can't afford myself to buy a computer as it costs for about 700-1000 dollars and it is too much for me. Not so many people in our town can afford to buy a computer.
Well, enough complaining…May be you will tell me about the life in your country, it will cheer me up.
Also I would like to have your mail address for some case. And this is mine.
13-17.Motornaya Str.,
Omsk, 644109, Russia
to Natalia Butakova.
May be you will need it.
I want to hear from you so much…….
Yours Natalia.
Letter 2
Hello, sunshine Raymond!!!
In the first lines of my message I want to tell you that I miss you so much. You are the most important and best part in my life. And I just adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I shall stay at you how many you of it will want!!! And if you will love me and want that I have remained, I shall make it. I SHALL be WITH YOU HOW MANY YOU of IT WILL WANT!!!
Well, I've got to know what I need to come to you.
I need to do all the paper work to get a visa and then to buy tickets to come to you. As for visa, there is a Fiancee visa but it is not the best variant for us as we haven't met yet and we don't have the documents and pictures to improve our meeting. They will not allow me to go there as a guest but it is possible to get a Labour or visa for Work there. I can get this kind of visa very easy and quickly now. But the only problem now is that I don't have money for it ( I need $186 for visa ). It is very expensive for me and I can't find this money now. So I ask you to send it to me by Western Union as it is the most safe way to send money. For this purpose you will need my precise address:
13-17.Motornaya Str.,
Omsk, 644109, Russia
to Natalia Butakova.
And in a week I will have this visa if I pay for it in some days. So everything depends on you now. I miss you so much and I want to see you as soon as it is possible.
Just think…in some weeks I will be able to hug you, to kiss you, to feel you near…
Love you and think about you all the time.
I love you!!!!
Your loving Natalia.
P.S. Trust me and in some days I shall be with you.
Letter 3
Hi, my sunshine Raymond!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you so much especially in this dull day. I have to go to work soon and I will be thinking about you all the time. Thank you very much for your care. Don't worry, dear. I will buy tickets myself.
I want you to think about our meeting and not to have any concerns. I will have some money for the tickets and IT"S TRUE. My parents told me that they would help me and give a part of money for the ticket. I want us to do everything together.
I need 6 days to get a visa ready. And I need $186 for visa to get it in 6 days. Now everything depends on us!!! But my parents told me that they will give me money only when I have visa in my hands. I LOVE YOU!!!!! I like you, you are the best man in the world!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I need you help and I ask you to send me $186.
This is a problem for me as I need to get a visa in 6 days. Or I will have to begin this process from the beginning. It is very difficult to get a visa for your country, everyone wants to put money into his pocket. They always say in an Embassy that I have to give them that or this paper and at the end they count the money I have to pay $186. It is bad of course, but this is RUSSIA. Even if it is difficult and if you can't send me money, I will be waiting with the hope for a miracle of the God. I LOVE YOU!!!
I will keep this letter short, Ok? I have to go to the drug store and to buy some medicine for myself. It is rather old here and wet. So I think I've caught a cold. I have a cough and headache.
But the thought about you cheers me up and warms me. So I don't feel so bad.
Love you very much.
Kisses and hugs.
Letter 4
Hi, my beloved Raymond!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you?
As for me, I was not able to sleep tonight as I was thinking about you the whole night.
I miss you………..
Today I am going to visit my grandmother, she lives in the village. She is 72 y.o. and she needs our help. So sometimes when someone from our family has time, we go there. Of course, it will take me sometime but I hope to be home already in the evening.
I love my grandma very much and I am always happy to see her. So this trip will be a nice adventure for me.
Ok, write you later and tell you about my impressions.
I miss you, I love you!!!!! I very much want you to see!!!!!!
Yours Natalia.
Letter 5
Hi, my dear Raymond!
I want to tell you that I have found money for visa and I even have it for the tickets. So you have nothing to worry now.
I hope that now you trust me a little bit more. Though it was very hard to find money but I did it because I love you and wanted to prove it to you. One my good friends gave it to me and I promised her to give the money back as soon as it is possible. She told me that she wanted me to find my happiness and would wait as much as needed.
I am happy now as I have a chance to come to you and you, what do you feel now?
Miss you and hope to see you soon.
Yours Natalia.
Letter 6
Hi, darling Raymond!!!!!
I have good news for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got visa. It is great. Soon we will be able to see each other and to be happy till the end of the time.
I love you so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I already see us together, kissing, hugging, enjoying each other. It is just amazing.
Now I need to get all the details about tickets and where should I fly. I need to know the name of the airport I should fly to, what city it is in and other details.
Dear, I still can't believe this………………So soon I will be in your arms, I will feel your touch and will forget about everything. Only you and me…..
I have so many sweet dreams about us………
Sunshine, what do you feel now? I hope you are as happy as I am now. Love you, love you, love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 7
Hi, sunshine Raymond!
I have not very good news.
I've checked about the tickets and unfortunately the sum of money I have is not enough . My parents have been saving the money for my wedding for long time. They wanted me to have a good and rich wedding. You know that their salaries are very small so it was very difficult for them.
But you are a very important person for me and you are the only one I want to spend my life with.
And I talked to my parents yesterday. I explained them the situation and they agreed to give me the money they've saved. They want me to be happy and though they have some concerns they decided that it would be better.
So now I have money for the tickets, but unfortunately it is not enough.
I need more $237. Total cost of the ticket 874 dollars. It is a trip of an airplane from Moscow up to Columbus Airport.
It is a trip on 3 May. It is the cheap ticket. I to find it through travel agency. It is a trip Aeroflot. It is cheap the company. I consider that this version better and more cheaply. Money as soon as possible is necessary to me. Or it is the ticket will sell to other person. Therefore to decide to you. I LOVE YOU. I know we already discussed it but it is very important for both of us. So I hope for your help and understanding.
Dear, please, it's our chance for happiness, don't lose it and don't make me unhappy.
I love you so much.
And I want to see you as soon as possible.
Letter 8
Hi, sweetheart Raymond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you so much.
I can buy the ticket for the same cost for May, 9!!! You can send me money???
I had a dream about us last night and I am still under impression. We were somewhere near the sea…Just imagine this place: blue water, white sand and sun is shining all the time. We are swimming, kissing each other. Than you take my hand and we are going to the hotel. It is a very beautiful place. Our room is full of exotic flowers, soft music is playing there, you open the bottle of champagne, it is so cold. Then you kiss me, you are so passionate and hot…
You put away my dress and continue kissing me…
Then there is a long and sweet night. We have been making love for the eternity.
Then we go to walk on the beach holding hands, looking at the stars on the dark sky. It is so peaceful there and we enjoy each other. It was our paradise, only for us and as soon as we meet I will do my best for you to be happy with me.
Love you so much.
Letter 9
Hi my LOVE Raymond!!!
I have very good news!!!! I have money for the ticket and tomorrow I fly to Moscow what to arrive to you!!!! I am very happy, that is fast with you I see. You should give me number of your phone that I could call to you!!! I shall call to inform you number of flight and full details of my arrival to you. I shall call to you when I shall be in Moscow. I very, very, very Love you!!!!!!!!! I permanently dream of that as you will meet me in an Airport. I to present it so: I to come out of of an airplane and you at once will recognize me, and I shall see you and at once I shall run to you. I shall embrace you and to kiss. We shall not talk almost per the maiden seconds of our maiden occurring, and only we shall kiss one another. And ambassador you to me will say:
" I waited for this instant all life, you my present love, you my ideal.
And I answer to you the same words!!!! And ambassador we to go to you home.
You will make to me romantic night......
But it already you will make to me a surprise, and I do not want to know about it earlier.
hugs And kisses
Letter 10
Hi, sunshine Raymond!!!
How are you?
As for me I am so excited. Everything is almost done. I have visa and tickets. But I can't leave Russia without an insurance. I didn't know it before. They just told me about that. I conduct all night in an Airport.
I could not transmit to you the letter earlier, because here was closed Internet cafe.
I have to pay 120$. Every person who leaves his native country should have an insurance. I am such a fool, that didn't know it before. The person should have this insurance for the case that something may happen to him in a foreign country. If I don't have it, every hospital and doctor will refuse to give me a medical help.
So I have to buy it as they will just don't allow me to enter the plane:-) Thy help is necessary to me, thee should transmit money in Moscow, through Wester Union. It thee should transfer to any bank, on my name Natalia Butakova.
I want to be with you so much....So, I just need your help in this. Love you very much.
Your Natalia.
P.S. That I could receive money in Western Union, your Home address and MTCN (Transfer Control Number) will be necessary for me.
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