Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Sapoznikova to David (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, How are you? I liked your announcement and I have decided write to you. Shortly about me: My name is Natasha. I live in Russia. I know 2 languages: Russian and English. I the nice girl of 28 years also want to get acquainted with good the man which wants children too and with which will be love, mutual understanding up to the end of a life. I hope that you have the same plans in the future and we shall have chance to study each other. I shall tell to you more about me if you will answer my letter. Touch all questions which to you interest. I wait for your answer. Write to me back on my email address: Natasha
Letter 2
Dear David, I am very pleased, that my letter was not vain and you have answered me back! I pleased that you and I have a general interests in the future! I very complacent that beside us there is chance to hear each other! And what you want to know about me? As I already spoke I live in Russia. I live in city Nizhniy Novgorod it approximately in 350 miles from Moscow. I never married, and I have no children, but now I am ready to marry and create family with the correct person. I do not search for prince, but I want will find the correct person which to love and care of me. The love and mutual understanding all this that does not suffice me! As to my interests I like to listen to good music to prepare tasty I peep, to read books and I am fond of painting. Most of all I love classical music and other types music. From books I like Pushkin. I work to actors at theatre. With our group we frequently driving on different cities of Russia. I like my work and like which work together with me. Also I the good cook! I am able to prepare a lot of the various foodstuffs! My favourite kitchen is the Russian and Chinese kitchen! What your favourite kitchen? I like to observe an eutrophy. It helps to watch my figure. I love various salads and sea products. What I peep you prefer? To prepare for a meal of me my mother learned. She works as the cook. My mother call Lena. To her mother 51 year. My father call Andrey. To him of 56 years. He works in police. I live together with parents. I, father and mother very good and amicable family. I well know the English language! I studied the English language at special school approximately 1,5 years and I think, that I well know this language to speak, read and write! At me good character. I do not like to swear and I solve all problems without shout. I never smoked and I do not drink. Sometimes I drink wine, but I use it only on holidays. I never had serious illnesses with health! I absolutely healthy woman! You have or had illnesses with health? If yes that what? At present I have no phone of a house because recently we have changed an apartment for another and now we wait new phone. I have computer of a house, but unfortunately still there is no Internet. I write to you the letter of a house, and I receive and I send letters from the Internet of Cafe. I have good friends and parents, but I feel lonely because I have no person which will love and care of me. It is difficult to live without man's support. I want that you knew, that I am very much interested in you and I want to develop our attitudes. For me it will be necessary the man which a support for our family and can give me caress and love which so does not suffice me. I send you the photo. I want that you have sent me your photos if it probably. I wait for your answer. Natasha
Letter 3
Dear David, Thank for your letter and photo! Excuse that I did not write to you 3 days. The Internet of cafe did not work, but now I can write to you without problems! How your day today was? You look very nice and cheerful the man! I am pleased that you too loved my photo! I shall send you still my photo! I speak on English without problems! I want to marry the correct and fair person and to have happy family! I the adult girl who has ripened for a marriage! I do not want the Russian guy because I do not like Russia, and I do not want, that my children lived in Russia because to live in Russia dangerously. The Russian men are interested more in alcoholic drinks, instead of girls! Even if the girl good it is very fast her change for vodka! I do not want, that me have exchanged for alcoholic drinks! I think, that the woman should deserve the greater respect and marry Russian to the man it, means to live life silly and is unhappy! Many women in Russia would agree with me! As to my religion I the peasant, but go to church seldom! I like my work! On the account of my work I can tell, that I have interesting work. Sometimes difficult, and sometimes easy but be the actor there can be not everyone. I work 8 hours per day. Approximately 23 days per one month. What to tell I do not know, but it is possible, that I act before many people in theatre! I am a drama actress. Constantly it is necessary to teach many texts. Sometimes I overlook directly on performance, but the prompter helps also I leave from this position! It is very cheerful, when I overlook, but to me help. People do not understand, that I have forgotten the text, but to me is ridiculous! In my free time from work I like to read books, sometimes to look tv, to prepare and meet my girlfriends. I have many girlfriends! At my age usually remains 1 or 2 friends, but at me, them 6! I think, that with girlfriends to me have carried! We frequently gather. When we gather we like to go at cinema, sometimes to dance and eat a pizza with dairy a cocktail. To us it is very cheerful together. Where and with whom you like to spend weekend? I the correct and careful girl and if at us in the future all will be good that I shall have careful the relation to you, for example as love, care, mutual understanding! I feel very lonely girl but when I started correspondence from you I do not feel any more lonely because you show to me interest and care! When I write you the letter I dream that at us all has turned out, and we have started to do home life. As well as all people, I like to dream of the happy future, but I am not from type of people which live in dreams! On it I finish my today's story about me. I hope, that now you know me little bit better. Please, do not hesitate and set all questions which interest you. Now I have gone home. I shall wait for your following answer. Natasha
Letter 4
Dear David, You have overlooked about me?:) I send you my photo! I wait for your big letter! Natasha
Letter 5
Dear David, Thank for your letter. I liked to read it! I am pleased that you loved my photo! I shall send you a photo still when I shall scan it! I too would like to speak with you, but I have no phone of a house. I shall like to call to you if you pay our conversation. How your day today was? I am pleased that we are copied also it very wonderfully to feel that you be interested in me! Yesterday all the evening long I thought of you and about your letters much. I have got used to share with my parents about all that occurs to me. I have told to my parents that I correspond with you! I informed that you not the Russian person and my parents have reacted even very well to it! They even have supported me in that that if all will turn out, I shall be in good hands. My parents too consider what better to marry not Russian to the man because Russia this bad country and in Russia it is difficult to be happy! I have told that you the good person and they gave me blessing with our relations and have told, that will pray that at us all has turned out! I am very pleased, that my parents have reacted very well to our correspondence and gave us blessing! My parents set set of questions, and I was glad that my parents have understood me and have supported! They very much want that I was happy! Now I shall tell to you a little more about me: I have good character and I shall be the good wife. It becomes possible to you ridiculously I even read set of books in which I studied as to be the good wife! I do not aspire to money! For me the main thing is family! I write it because many girls especially in the USA marry only because of money! Money is not more dear than love! As to my education I have good school of knowledge! I studied as an actress approximately 6 years! I have good work, but as to my earnings he not big and practically as all people in Russia to me is necessary to save constantly money. I earn little bit more than many people, but this money suffices me only on some clothes and a few walks at cinema. I think that to you to know all about my life in Russia. I am really very happy that our relation relations develop with each letter! Now I have gone home. I shall think of you all the evening long. I wait your warm letters. Yours Natasha.
Letter 6
Dear David, Marry Christmas of you and your family! I hope that you have a good holiday! Where you were? I hope to receive your fast letter. Yours Natasha.
Letter 7
Hello David, Thanks for congratulations! Happy New Year you and your family! How your holiday was? I too love skiing and probably sometime we can go together on a ski! Today I have found the low price if we decide to meet! It was the low price at a discount and I think that we could meet! You want to arrive to me or I shall arrive to you? If you want that I arrived to you the ticket costs 810 $ and documents will cost 120 $. If you want that I arrived to you it is required to me approximately 1000 $! I think that it is the good price for our meeting and if you want that I arrived to you I need your some help and I can arrive to you for 90 days! Inform that you think of my letter! I shall wait for your fast letter. Yours Natasha.
Letter 8
Dear David, Thanks for your letter. How your day today was? Excuse that I did not answer you some days. The Internet of cafe I have been closed also could not answer you. I shall be happy to arrive to you and to look as our relations are developed. My uncle works in tourist firm and he has told that will help to receive for me the visa! Inform when you plan to meet me? How many you want days that I remained with you? I can remain together with you for 90 days! I need your help because I have the small salary! If you will help me I shall arrive to you! My uncle has told that will legalize to me papers for shorter term and we can already be together in some weeks! He has told that the most convenient remittance it through the Western Union! To send money to me, it is necessary for you to know: 1) My full name: " Natasha Sapoznikova ".
2) My home address: " Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, pushkina str. 12-3 ". To receive money to me it is necessary to know: 1) Your full name.
2) Your home address.
3) Control number. Inform that you think about our meetings and of your plans! I shall wait for your fast reply. Kiss. Yours Natasha
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