Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Demyanenko to Robert (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear Robert, Thanks for this lovely letter. How are you? You are right that I would not proud of the man who could leave his patience to have pleasure. But you told me about your trips abroad and it didn't sound as the problem that can't be solved. If we agree to meet in August it doesn't mean that we should wait till August to start with preparing our tour. I don't want to be in hurry and try to solve everything during 2-3 days. I prefer to organize everything beforehand. I give you the site of Tour Company once more but if you know the prices and you should decide about the date of our meeting and then to book the tour. Ok, I will have faith. Love, Tatyana Demyanenko. P.S. I forget about the site. it's :
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Perry The cost of visa to Czech Republic - 46$. The departure is possible from Kiev.
The price of airfare depends on the company.
We give you the approximate cost. Prague
Aircompany Price Aeroflot $ 276
Czech Airlines $ 330
Austrian Airlines $ 333
Lufthansa $ 333
SAS $ 333
Airfrance $ 333
Finnair $ 380
Alitalia $ 478 we can also help to make the International Passport in the quickest term. Kind regards,
Travel manager
"Sputnik Tour" Tatiana Dolnova.
Letter 3
Hi dear Robert!
Thank for your letter. Every morning I open my eyes and think about you. And I run to the Internet cafe again with the hope to get your letter. So at last I am able to read it and write you, my darling. Isn't it a happiness? The only thing makes me sad is that you are so far away from me. There is a distance between us but nothing will stop me from seeing you. With each day my feelings to you become stronger. And I am so afraid to lose you. I want to share everything with you and to be near you, just to feel your warmth. I dream about it every day. You really drive me crazy, now I can think only about you. And I don't need anyone except you. I want us to be together, to make love, to enjoy the time we spend together, just to watch movies, to cook together, to listen to music, to go out, to do everything which is called - family! You know you need time to get used to your new house. It's not silly. I miss you very much and I do want to meet you. Meeting in Budapest would be wonderful. I agree. when do you want to meet, my darling? Love you,
Tatyana Demyanenko.
Letter 4
Dear Robert,
I am happy to hear from you. Happy because we are together, happy because soon I will see you. You are very important for me. You should remember about it. I need you and love you.
I was at the Tour Agency today. They can make hotel and tickets for me. The cost is 380$. It includes hotel for 3 days and the plane tickets. it's the cheapest that I could find. As for paying by credit cards. No Agency accept credit cards. Such system is not available in Ukraine. You can only send money to me by Western Union and I will pay or transfer money on their bank account.
Please, write as soon as possible,
Kiss you,
Love you,
Letter 5
Dear Robert,
I will give you the e-mail address of the Agency. Please, write them and ask for their bank account. The cost of only tickets is 190$. If you want you can hire the hotel by yourself. I don't mind. I asked them to find economical variant. Their address is:
You can also discuss with them the time of my departure.
Don't worry that we can spend only few days together. I am happy that soon we will meet each other and our days will be filled with love and joy. Please, when you will write to the Agency, remind them that I went to them and discuss the trip.
Love you,
Tatyana Demyanenko.
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Perry, This is our bank data: Beneficary DOLNOVA TATYANA
Account 4405 8807 6728 2666
Bank of beneficiary Lugansk Branch, Lugansk Commercial Bank "Privatbank" Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine
Sweeft Code: PBANUA2X
Intermediarry Bank Bank of New-York One Wall St. New-York, N.Y, 10286, USA
Sweeft Code: IRVTUS3N
Correspondent Account 890-00850754 Chips 332357 Kind regards,
Travel manager
"Sputnik Tour" Tatiana Dolnova
Letter 7
Dear Mr. Perry, Tatyana Demyanenko came to us today.
We have to inform you that the validity of her International Passport expires in 7 days. So she should renew her ID document to be able to go abroad.
WE can renew her International Passport during two days.
It will cost 120$. Please, give us the reply as soon as possible. Kind regards,
Travel manager
"Sputnik Tour" Tatiana Dolnova.
Letter 8
Dear Mr. Perry, We gave tickets to Tatyana Demyanenko. Her flight is from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Lugansk is situated in 800 km from Kiev. Your Lady got plane tickets to go from Kiev to Budapest and come back. Bus tickets: Lugansk- Kiev -Lugansk cost 110$ (two way tickets). We offered her our help to provide her with tickets for Kiev but she explained that she hasn't money to buy them. She asked us to explain the situation and ask to pay you for her bus tickets. She is shy to ask you about it, that's why it's me who addresses to you.
WE are open to your wishes and proposals. Kind regards,
Travel manager
"Sputnik Tour" Tatiana Dolnova.
Letter 9
My darling Robert,
I am so happy, I just returned from the Travel Agency. They gave me bus tickets for Kiev. Soon we will be together. Besides they gave me 20$ and said that you sent it to me for my pocket expenses during the travel. Thank you , my tender, attentive Robert.
I just come to Internet Cafe to inform you this great news. Now I have to go, because my mother asked me to help you. I will write you a detailed letter tomorrow. Kiss your sexual lips,
Letter 10
Robert, I was at the Travel Agency today again.
They told me how to behave at the custom office. I must have with me international passport, they also gave me the list what can I bring with me and what not. YOu know my grandfather was painter and I wanted to bring one of his pictures as your present but they told me that it's better not to do because I can have problems with it.
But besides of it I should show that I have money with me - at least 200 euro. I don't know what to do. YOu can ask about this information at the Agency. It's a very big sum of money for me and I doubt that somebody can lend me it. Please, Robert, help me. It's so shame to ask for money but maybe it's better than to come and be returned back at the custom office. If you send me money I promise that I will not spend it I will return it you at once I arrive at the airport. Tatyana.
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