Scam letter(s) from Anna Masanova to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello!!! I am very glad that to you interestingly continuation of the correspondence with me!!! I write to you from the Internet of cafe. Now at me a lunch break, and I have decided to arrive to the Internet of cafe what to see your answer, and to write the answer you I to tell to you, that it was very interesting to me to read about you as you are interesting to me not only as the man but as the person which was born also dews absolute in other culture. As I want to tell to you that I live one, I remove a room. It is a small room I to remove her at the old woman as she lives one in two room apartment, and it is difficult for her to pay for such apartment. And thus my residing at her helps both of us. I work as accountant, in no big firm. It is good work, I receive 4000 roubles a month it is approximately 150 $ to you can to seem that it is very small sum, but nevertheless, this money what to live, buy to itself all the most necessary to rent the apartment, and at me even is what to spend a little for my hobbies, for example I to visit sports section fitness, and now have decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet. Today I shall tell to you about my hobbies and hobbies. I very much love the Russian literature of 18 centuries as I know at you in the USA as well as all over the world many people which are fond of the literature as like and respect the Russian literature. My favourite writer Gogol, my favourite product of this writer? Dead souls . It is very clever and interesting book about a life. If you did not read it I advise you to esteem, it is very good book. As I read Tolkina The master of rings , I read all three parts as I was very glad when 3 parts of this film have left. But it was not pleasant to me, that in film was not so a lot of information as in the book as there have cut down some subject lines. Well and certainly my favourite book is the Bible, I believe in the god I am Christian ortodox, I visit church once a week, I would do it much more often but I do not have so much free time for this purpose. Tell to me that you like to read, or that to you were remembered from that that you read. As tell to me about that religion in which you you believe, how I know at you in the USA is very much advanced Christian the Catholic, therefore you most likely the Catholic but probably I am mistaken, so in any case please tell to me about it in the following letter.
PS I do not have favourite person. I have very good girlfriends, I am fast to you to give a photo. At me is not present brothers sisters, I would not want to speak about my parents. I shall write to you about my childhood in the following letter. I think in Russia a little at whom there was good a youth. I do not want to write to you about it as you can think that I complain to you. I think of work but when she comes to an end, I think of my affairs after work for example now I began to think of that as though to write to you the letter and to see your answer:)
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