Scam Letter(s) from Larisa Dyukich to Mitch (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi, Mitch!
I have received your address, your photo and the information on you from agency. I liked all and I have decided to write to you.
My name Larisa, I live in Russia., me 41 year. I have daughter Julia of 8 years. I have higher education.
I send you my photo. If it is pleasant to you, write please.

Letter 2

Everything, that you have told about yourself concerns and to me too. I too do not love noisy life. I live in a small country town. And I like quiet life in my city. Our city of Balakovo settles down on the river Volga. It is a lot of time we spend on a beach on a coast of the river. My birthday July, 3, 1960. Your birthday June, 10. Yes? It means, that we have the same mark of the zodiac the Cancer. I read in a horoscope, that it is very good, when the man and the woman have an identical mark of the zodiac.
I very domestic, like to prepare, I love a healthy way of life, I love a nature and to spend time on fresh air.
In the evenings we at home. Play computer games, we watch TV. In our city there are night clubs, a casino, billiards. But I do not go there. There many drunk people. I do not love it.
I about two years in divorce. First time after divorce I was pleased to freedom also did not want to let men in my life. Now I any more do not like to live one, I do not like to sleep one in cold bed. I yet have not found the man with which would like to live the stayed life. There can be it you? I sensual, sexual and me am pleasant to do(make) love with the man. I want to wake up each morning and to see near to myself the native favourite person.
You have already brought up children. Your children adults already. And I have small daughter Julia of 8 years. You are sure, what want once again " to play a role of the father "? In your village there is a school where my daughter could study? My Julia very cheerful and mobile girl. She studies well. She studies the English language at school. She likes to play computer games very much. She likes to look Cartoon films. Each day on the TV at 5 o'clock in the afternoon show the Disneyland and him Cartoon films. This very beautiful place. There it is a lot of entertainments and attractions. Our dream - to visit this place sometime.
I like people which have good sense of humour and which easy going. I same.
Now from we were begun with a season of a strawberry. In the market it is a lot of strawberry. Today I have bought a bucket of a strawberry and I want to cook jam for winter. Each year we prepare various jams for winter. In the winter in our shops there are no fresh berries. We like to drink tea with jam (a strawberry, a raspberry, a gooseberry, a cherry, a currant etc.) in the winter. When behind a window snow and a frost is very pleasantly to open a jar with jam. Both the smell and taste reminds hot summer in the winter. Still I like to go to a wood and to collect mushrooms. Then to preserve mushrooms. It is very tasty. It is pleasant to me.
I have higher education. The engineer - economist of motor transport. But now I do not work. I have the small bank account. I receive each month %%% and I live on this money. These are not so big money. Therefore I plan to open the business. I live in city centre. Now the new market here is under construction. Today in the morning I was called by the director of the market and has told, that I can conclude the contract of rent and put a shop in this market. Probably I and shall make.
Write please,

Letter 3

Good morning, Mitch!
It is pleasant to receive the letter from you. I try to bring up my daughter correctly. Certainly there is everyone in our life. I do not know what to do. Yesterday Julia's the girlfriend has stolen at us money of 500 roubles. Money laid in a case in our bedroom. Julia and her girlfriend played there. Julia did not see as her girlfriend has taken this money. All was found out very quickly. They have gone to shop and have bought chocolate and other sweets. The girlfriend has told to my Julia, that has taken money from her mum. When Julia has come home has told to me about it. Mum of this girlfriend has on the spot come and has told, that her daughter has brought home money. I have counted the money and all was found out. They have returned the staying money.
How now to me to act? Julia is friends of this girl for a long time. They play together. What to me to do(make)? To not start up this girl to us in the house? I do not know.
What for summer such? Constantly rains, it would be desirable on a beach, to sunbathe and bathe. But it is very cold in the street.
I hope you in the order and your business prospers.
My birthday on Wednesday July, 3. You remember?
If you think of a gift for me I to you shall prompt. I want a videocamera for the computer. I to a half-key this videocamera to the computer and you can see me on the computer. It is simple to make. But it is a first-class thing. You can see me and hear me. You will buy to yourself such videocamera too and I shall see you too. It is class. I saw such videocamera at my girlfriend. She communicates with the friend and they see each other. It is class! Such videocamera costs here 100 dollars. You can send for me this money through Western Union.
Larisa Dyukich, Russia, 413800, Balakovo, Lenina str. 70-4.
It will be a class gift from you! We can communicate and see each other. I want it. And you?
I kiss you,

Letter 4

Hi, Mitch!
If it so difficultly to arrive to you in Canada let's meet in Spain for example. You will order and will pay number in hotel on seacoast, will order and will pay tickets aboard the plane and we shall lead(carry out) week on seacoast in a fine place. How to you my idea? We shall make many photos. We shall have a rest, bathe, enjoy dialogue each other.
You want to arrive here to Russia? Come at any time. But I warn, that you have got used to live in excellent conditions. Here can disconnect hot water for some weeks and how you will take a shower in the mornings then?
If it does not frighten you, come, though tomorrow.
To me it will be pleasant to meet you here. But I would like to have a rest in Spain. Such trip will cost about 1000 dollars. It is cost tickets, residing at hotel about one week.
If you can allow yourself it let's and make. Let's meet in Spain. Learn(find out) in travel agency as it is possible to arrange all.
And I shall find out here too as it is possible for me to receive the visa to Spain. People speak, that it is the cheapest rest in Europe. There the good prices, fine service, a warm climate, the warm sea. Make to itself and me such a gift. Now or in August.
Write soon, Sinserely,

Letter 5

Hi, Mitch!
You see my videofilms. Why you ask about color of my hair and eyes? I do not understand...
What I like to do(make)? I like to play computer games, I like to play a golf. I want to learn to play billiards, I want to learn to play big tennis, I want to learn to drive the automobile, I want to travel, I want to do(make) passionate love with the man...
When we shall meet, Mitch? One meeting will replace one thousand letters!!!!! Let's meet in Spain in August. Send me 1000 dollars, I shall buy the tourist permit to Spain, I shall pay the ticket aboard the plane, I shall pay hotel, I shall pay the international insurance, I shall pay the tourist visa.
And we with you shall spend fine time In Spain - one week. Everyone speak, that in Spain the tender sea, a fine climate, the good prices. Everyone speak, that it is the most pleasant and most inexpensive rest in Europe. Certainly the ticket aboard the plane does not cost 1000 dollars. I shall show other money at customs house. Everyone speak, that at customs house ask to show cash. And if the person has no cash him can not start up aboard the plane. It is connected by that to Spain many people from my country and from other countries go to work illegally... Therefore at customs house ask to show cash.
I have not deceived you. I have bought a videocamera on your money and I do(make) for you photos and I send to you videofilms. I not to a deceit of you and now. I shall receive 1000 dollars from you and we shall meet in Spain in August. We shall make photos for your embassy where we shall be together. After that I easily shall receive the visa in your country because in embassy we shall tell, that we already met...
Write soon.
Kiss you,

Letter 6

Hi, Mitch!
It is pleasant to receive the letter from you. Today I have received money in bank. Usually I receive my money of 20 numbers of each month. I have bought a microphone for the computer. Now I can do(make) films with a sound. Sound films for you...
I want to ask you if it is possible. You worked the whole life and have not saved up money to old age? How it is possible? I do not understand. I not yet old, but I have 4 000 dollars on my bank account. It is the small sum for you, but for me big, because average wages here 100 dollars per one month. I can not use this money for trip to Spain.. Because at me the contract with bank for one year is made. And if now I shall take a part of my money I shall lose the big sum thus. I can not make it. I hope you you understand.
Therefore I shall wait while you will save up money for our trip to Spain. Certainly I shall go to Spain one without my daughter. We shall be together with you. But I can make it only in July or in August. In September my Julia will go to school and I anywhere can not go with you about the next summer. Sinserely,



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