Scam letter(s) from Olesya Polkovnicova to Mark (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello my love!
How are you today! How much time have you thought about me today?J I hope - constantly. I don’t forget about you. I can’t simply do it. Every day I think do you write me a letter or no, do you feel good, do you have a nice day, do you have a good mood, do you have good dinner, do you smile a happy, do you like the weather and many other things. I walk along the streets and think about you, I drive in the bus to my work and I think about you, I listen to the music and I think about you, I fall asleep and I think about you. My love, please don’t say such things, as “you write such wonderful letters” I don’t want that it would be only letters for you. I want that reading them you would see my feelings, but not beautiful words. I just try to express what I feel, try to tell you about my life here, without you, what I do every day. I hope you understand that when I come, first time I’ll not be able to express my thoughts so good, as in my letters, which are translated with the help of my interpreter. That’s why you’ll have to understand me, looking into my eyes and relying upon your sixth sense, your intuition, and conjecture what I want to say to you, but I want to say to you a lotJ I hope you are not frightened. But I hope till our meeting I’ll improve my English and will not look like a dog, which understands, but can’t say. My Mark, for me it’s very important to hear that I’m only one woman for you. May be it’s the most important words, which I have ever heard. Thank you my lovely. You are such kind, caring, attractive, intelligent, well-bread, good-wished and ingenious man. And I think our personal meeting only will prove it. We have common views, common interests, we are both romantic people, and it seems to me that we understand each other. And I think the mutual understanding is very important in the relations of two people. I like our interesting communication and when you don’t write me I am missing. You know I didn’t found a good man, here, in Lugask, and I began to think that such man, who would understand me and who would like my inner world and which I would respect for his advantages and would love even for his short comes doesn’t exist, but you are, though you are far from me but you are. Of cause I agree that letters don’t let to get to know a person completely, but they can help to understand if I want to try to create strong and close relations with a person, if I want to become for him somebody more than only friend, if I want to have a joint future with him, if I want to be together with him. And our letters helped me to answer all these questions Yes, I do. And I can say that my heart consists of TWO halves. My Mark, yesterday I came to the travel agency and asked how much will it cost the tickets and visa so as to come to you. They said that as the direct trip from my city to your country doesn’t exist, I need first to come to Kiev, the capital and from there to fly to you. But here I can order the tickets and make a visa and passport for traveling for abroad. Passport for two months costs - $57. It’s possible to make it sooner, for two weeks, but it will be more expensive roughly - $ 135. Visa - $ 44, and return tickets to London - $480. I know that you live not far from York, but from Kiev direct trip is possible to London. They agreed to make all need documents, that’s why I could not worry about it very much. Now my love everything depends on only you. You asked me about the bank, as I wrote you in my last letter, you could freely use “Privat bank”. If you want I can give you the name one more bank – “Aval” My dear I miss none my English class. I’m good pupil. And if I have some free time I spend it, repeating and learning new phrases. On Monday the teacher promised to give the cassette so as we can hear real English language with the correct intonation. That’s why my Mark I think you can be proud me. You need me and I’ll do for you everything. I’m sorry my dearest, I have to run to my English class. I hope that we’ll meet again very soon. I don’t want to say to you good buy and I will not do it. I kiss you and save your love in my heart. Only your Lesya.
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