Scam letter(s) from Olga Buguslavskaya to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, David!
Good day!
I am from Russia. I would like to write you a letter so if you do not mind please answer this e-mail. If it is more convenient for you to read letters from the other e-mail address please write it. This is the test mail.
I am sorry for all the inconveniences caused but I do not feel like writing on the e-mail address you do not use. My letter will be very personal one and especially for you.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours Olga.
My E-mail:
Letter 2
Good Day!
I am writing you from Russia. Why do I write you? The answer to this question is very simple.
Only a man from your country can write me back. You live in a very just, honest and generous country and you are one of its best citizens. My letter is very personal.
I had been thinking for a long time before writing you. In the morning I am sure that you will understand everything correctly and will reply for sure but in the evening I am crying because I think that of you don't reply I won't have anybody else to ask for help.
But next morning I again am sure that people are more kind and understanding in your country.
A few words about myself. I live in one of the most beautiful cities of our country- Vladivostok. There are many woods, rivers and a big sea which surrounds our city from 3 sides. But I have not lived here all my life. I was born in Tomsk (Siberia) Then I lived in 14 more cities of our country and abroad. My father used to be an engineer with quite a unique speciality and he Had to move from one place to another to do different projects, he always took me with him. I don't have the parents and relatives any more now. After finishing the High School I have graduated the Medical University and am working as a Medical Doctor now. It's too difficult to be a Doctor in my country-salary is too low. My monthly salary is 1800-2800 rubles which is an equivalent to $150-190. But I like my profession and I would like to continue work in Medicine. I can't solve one problem -I don't have any place to live. Sometimes I spend overnights in my office and sometimes just in basement of one of the buildings. That's very hard for me but the most important is that my Government doesn't care about it at all. I can't afford to rent the apartment ,my salary doesn't let me do it. To pay a monthly rent for the room costs more than my monthly salary.. The situation is really bad. I would like to solve the problem and to build my own house.
That is the reason of my mail to you. I ask you to help me, even a little help may save the Doctor from Russia. I will highly appreciate if you could donate $100 to participate in this project. May be you have some other ideas and thought how to solve this problem. We might become the real friends with you. All my life 1 will be very grateful to you for your help. The house in my city doesn't cost much to compare with your country just about $17000. With my income -salary of the Doctor I will never be able to solve this problem myself but I trust you and rely on your generousity and kindness, on your noble heart.
In my next letters I will write you more about city, about myself and anything you would be interested in. No doubt we will become good friends and I will invite everybody who had helped me to visit me in my new house. It will be great housewarming party. WE have good places here for rest, to go boating, to go fishing, to gather mushrooms. There are too many wonderful places and beautiful girls here. You may have good rest for all summer in Russia, you may come every year and stay in my house. I will show you the beautiful beaches where you can see the bottom of the sea which is 3 meters below, you will be able to see fish in the sea. If you come to Russia in winter you may go mountain skiing or skating. I will be happy to help you in any way in my country, solve any of your problems if they are.
I am looking forward to your soonest reply. My address is ...
You may mail me the package, my post address is...RUSSIA 692754 I?eii?neee e?ae a. A?OAI Eocaanneee ia?aoeie 4A Eaiaoa Aaaaiee (aey IEUAE)
You may just enclose some money into the book and mail it to me. There is one more complicated way -to transfer money to my bank account But you should write....
Bank name:ALFA-BANK,Moscow,Russia,
Far-Eastern Branch, Vladivostok,acc.30301840700000001400
Swift code: ALFARUM1012
Swift code: ALFA RU MM
Beneficiary's acc.?:47422840400120000031/ KVL-3886
Beneficiary: Beneficiary's name OLGA BOGUSLAVSKAYA
Payment Details: GIFT ! Correspondent bank of beneficiary's bank (USD)
l. HSBC Bank USA, Swift code-MRMDUS33,acc.000303402 .
2 JPMorgan CHASE BANK, New York, Swift code- CHASUS33,
ace. 400927098
3. ABN AMRO Bank, New York, Swift code- ABNAUS33 Otherwise in my country I won't be given you're your generous financial support.
With a great respect and hope
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