Scam letter(s) from Oksana Rostova to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
First of all I want thank you for the letter which you have sent to me and the opportunity to get top know you better. After reading your letter and seeing your profile in the internet, I am writing you my answer and, I hope, this answer will start long and interesting correspondence, which could bring us to something ******. please, let me know your name?
I know it's not possible to tell everything about me in the first letter and I do not want to make it long, not knowing if you will decide to continue our correspondence. Anyway, I will try to make it interesting, but not long (smile).
As you know from my profile, I live in Ukraine in its capital - Kiev. I am 26 years old, have no children and have never been married. One can say that at my age women usually had at least one marriage. Yes, most of my girlfriends are married or even went through divorce, but that's not for me.
I will not get married till the time when I will find my one and only man. Marriage will be the first and last one for me. But when I will find that man, who will be with me, I know, I will make him the happiest man in this world, because I am very loving, caring and tender woman who has a lot of not spent love inside.
Well, let's go further: I am looking for my men specifically not in my country and there are several reasons for this. To make long talk shorter, I am looking for my man abroad, because I think that men there have higher family values than local men have. There are some other reasons, but I will better tell you about them in my other letters.
What else can I say about me? I am active person with lots of interests and hobbies. I like to swim, I like to play squash (probably in your country it calls racquetball). I enjoy good music and travels.
OK, I will stop for now. I promised you not to make this letter too long (smile). IN the end of this letter, I want to note, that this letter was written form my heart and not formal one. I hope, you will write me soon, and if you have any question, please ask them, I am open to answer them all.
Best wishes from Ukraine
Letter 2
Dear Robert,
Thank you for your answering me and as I said in my first letter, I am very interested in getting to know you much better. I find it very interesting, people can communicate through the Internet and I find it very exciting to start new relationships this way.
My goal is to find my one and only man and be happy with him. I know this sound to be very simple goal, simple to achieve, but we both know (I am sure), it's so hard to achieve it. I am looking for my real soulmate for many years, but still have not found one. I decided to use Internet to find out if I will be able to find my man this way.
A Little more about myself. I am woman in her 26 years old, but I have already passed through tests in my life and this gives me opportunity to say, I know what I want from life and form relationships. I am not looking for rich and luxury life. I want only comfortable life, but only with the man who will love me and who will treat me like real lady.
I work in a small firm and deal with clients most of the time. The firm sells goods for sports and I usually deal with directors of those shops who want to purchase big consignment of goods. It's rather dull work, all I have to do is to prepare contracts and make reports about achievements which my department has made.
In usual life, I am not very sociable person. It's not that I spend all my time in the chair (smile). It's only that I do not like to go to some night clubs or to other overcrowded places. I like to spend time with my friends and my parents, but most of all I would like to spend my time with my loving man. I like sport very much and I am very much in squash. Hope we could play together some day.
I live with my parents in the separate apartment. I do not have brothers or sisters. I wish I could have a sister, so I will not feel so lonely.
Dear Robert, I want to tell you, I am writing you through the agency, which translates and forwards my mail. Unfortunately I do not have computer at home and I do not know English. Probably this information will turn you away form me, but I hope not. I am more than willing to learn English and if I will have this chance I will use it to be able to write English myself.
I have to pay for my correspondence with you and its rather big sum for me. So, I want to ask you for your help in this matter. If you will be able to help me with paying for our correspondence, please, contact the agency at their address I will understand if you will not be able to help me, but if you will find it possible, I promise you, I will write you more frequently and I know, we will get to know each other much better.
I am very serious about finding my one and only man. I am sincere and honest lady, so I will never play mind games or hurt you. I know what it is to be hurt and I will not allow my man to be hurt by me.
Please, tell me more about yourself, your hobbies, your plans on future. Everything is interesting for me.
I will close my letter for now and will wait for your reply with impatience.
I hope we will not lose contact and our correspondence will turn to something greater than just writing letters.
With best wishes
Letter 3
Dearest Robert
Thank you for your letter and I appreciate the fact that you have replied me so fast.I wish I could write you as often as I want to, but probably we will have to wait a little till the time when we will be able to write as much as possible to each other.
I also want to thank you for writing to the agency. They told me that if you will confirm your decision about paying for our correspondence, I will be able to write you for free. This will be wonderful, because I am truly interested in getting to know you much better and become closer with you.
My dear, I want to tell you that there is no competition between you and anybody else. For now I correspond only with you. I really have received a lot of letters on my profile, though most of them were not interesting and I did not reply them. I choose only five of them to reply and your letter was one of them. Till this time I have received only one reply, this reply was from you. So I correspond only with you now. And, speaking frankly, I do no want to correspond with anybody else now. It is my true intention to become real close to you and be your soulmate and I do not think it will be honestly if I would correspond with somebody else, besides you. So, my dear, I will continue writing only to you in future.
Unfortunately I do not know Toby Keith and the only country singer I knew was Red Nex, but they were probably not completely singers (smile). Have you heard that in Russia in Siberia there is famous group who sing country songs. They were invited to America many times. I do not remember their name, I have hear about them in the news. Anyway I thank you for telling me about your job and I am glad, you are satisfied with your work. I wish I could have such work as you do, although I think it leave not much time for private life? Am I right?
I am searching the same in family life as you do. I will give my heart to only one man and it will be forever. I do not play any mind games, although many people do. I am very faithful and have very good family values. I will never turn down your trust in me and I know you will never do it with me. So, dear Robert, I think, we are very similar in this and from this point we can develop our relationships based on trust, understand, faithfulness and love.
I have not many friends, but the one I have are my best one at the same time. I have 3 wonderful girlfriend and two of them are married. Their husbands are the permanent members of our group too. We spend time together quite often now and when the weather was better we went for picnics outside the city.
I think that I'm a water person, because I like water very much. When I take bath, I can do it for hours and it will not bore me. I see that some people do not like to wash themselves, but not me. I'm very clean and neat person.
When I'm alone I like to read books. From my childhood I liked this. In my parent's house we had a lot of books and I think I have read all of them (maybe not all but biggest part of them). There were modern and classic books, but I have read them with equal pleasure. I thank god that this did not spoil my vision (eyesight). Now I have the habit for reading too. I try to read interesting books all the time, because I think that reading increases mental abilities of a person and will wide the mental outlook.
Dear Robert, I will close for now and I hope to hear form you soon. I do hope that very soon we will be able to write each other very frequently and will meet some day very soon
With best wishes
Your Oksana
Letter 4
Dear Sir,
I wonder if you have made the transfer. If you have not made it, I want to ask you to add to the information which I have sent you the following Details of Payment: Payment for mail translation and forwarding.
Please, let me know if it was possible for you to do it. At the same time, I want to let you know that I have the letter for you form Oksana which I am translating now.
Letter 5
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your reply. First and most of all I want to tell you that this is not a scam. I am doing my job about helping people form different countries to get together. In this letter I will give you the information about the money transfer. Although if you feel that you do not feel good about sending money, please, do not do it. I do not want to be responsible for anything but if you will still send the funds and you and Oksana will not continue correspondence, I will return the money to you in full amount. Below I will send you the information about my bank account. When you will visit your bank, you will need to wire funds from your account to mine. INTERMEDIARY BANK: S.W.I.F.T BKTRUS33
ABA/FW 021001033
Aizkraukles banka,
ACCOUNT: 1-469-0032327-0301 Please, be sure, you have gave all above information about my account to the bank. If you have any questions about the transfer when you will come to the bank, please, be sure to get the answer form bank workers as it is international wire transfer and any mistake will not allow the transfer to go through. Please, let me know as soon as you will be able to make the transfer and I want you to know that till the time when you will make the transfer I will not charge Ms. Oksana for writing you. As usual, I welcome any questions you have and will be glad to answer them. Sincerely
Letter 6
My loving Robert,
Thank you for your letters and I thank you so much for making your letters so informative and interesting for me. I thank you also for helping me with paying for our correspondence. when I came to the agency today, Mr. Arkady informed me, he has received the funds and now I will not have to pay for our correspondence. As you know I have set you my previous letter without paying for this, but now I know that we do not owe anything to the agency. You asked me what are the reasons of my looking for my soulmate abroad. To let you know abbot them, I will need to tell you my story. Several years ago, when I was 21 years old and still studied I have mat a man whom I felt in love with. This was like a hurricane for me. I have never met such man before and I thought that future will be happy for us both. After several months of our meetings he made me a marriage proposal and, as you may guess, I agreed. We started preparation for marriage. I was very happy and imagined myself in a which dress on my wedding, but about 1 month before our marriage (just when we had to go the marriage house to apply for future registration) he suddenly disappeared. Nobody knew where he is. He was not a man from Kiev and his family lived in a distant city, I did not met with them. We tried to find him, but all was in vain. After a month of waiting and sorrow, I got a letter from him, where he told that he changed his mind about our marriage and had to go. He did not explained why and what made him change his mind, but after a year I saw him with a woman who seemed to be his wife.
It was a shock for me and I was able to feel myself better about marriage only now. For all these years I was not even able to think about possible marriage. That's my story, the story about the woman who wanted to be happy and a man who ruined her faith in people.
That's the reason why I decided to look for my husband abroad. For now it's very hard top trust a man and you made me do this. I hope that our relationships will go on and my trust to you will grow. As you can see, I have failed relationships and I do not want to go through this once again. I wan to create a family and be happy in it. I want to love and I want to be loved!
Now, the only problem I see in our relationships and correspondence is the lack of knowing English form my side. I guess it means not much for you, but for me it is very important problem. I want to be able to learn your language and to be able to speak with you some day. I know, you will agree with me, that if we will continue our relationships till the point of meeting, we will need to be able to communicate. I know, the agency has the courses of English language and if you could help me with them, I will be more than happy to learn your language. My dear, I am asking you about this not because I want to learn English, but because I want to learn English to be able to speak with YOU. So I am asking not only for me, but for us!!
My parents know everything about our correspondence and they support me completely in my idea of moving to be with my loving man. They are wonderful people and always let me to make my own decisions, but at the same time, they are always supportive if I will make any mistake. I told them everything about you and they send you their best regards in hopes that we will be able to be happy together!
The same as you do I am not in rush to get married. I want to get married only once in my lifetime and I will take into consideration everything which will happen between me and my loving man before making any decisions. I was hurt once before and I do not want to go through this again. As for our relationships, I truly believe it is huge potential, but it will take meeting to understand what we really mean for each other. Do you agree?
I am happy, you like to dance, because I like it too. I prefer ballroom dances. Do you know how to dance Waltz. I believe you do. if so, I hope to be able to dance waltz with you some day soon!
You know, I see in our relationships the version of some novel which have not been written. I have never read anything which may look like this. I even can't imagine that e.g. 40-50 years ago it was possible to get to know a person who lives 10000 miles away from you and fall in love with him.
Now, with help of modern technologies, it is possible and I'm thankful to all that scientists who discover the Internet communication and made it possible to find a life-partner so far away! Maybe, when we will get together, we will write such novel about a man and woman who met each other in the Internet and find love. This could be a great story and we could even get "Oscar" award for best scenario (smile)
In my life I learned to trust people, but I trust only those people, who prove their sincerity and honesty. I trust my parents, my best friends (though I have very few of them) and now I trust you, because you are sincere and honest with me.
I will close for now and will wait for your reply with impatience. Please write me soon and tell me what you think about the lessons for me. I do hope to be able to speak with you very soon.
With love
Your Oksana
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