Scam letter(s) from Oksana Rostova to Randy (USA)

Letter 1
My dearest Randy,
Thank you for your wonderful letters and of course, I do appreciate the fact, you are sending me so many pictures. I loved the one which has my photos it and I must tell you, I also have all your pictures printed I often look at them . As usual today I have got your letter and new photos. Travis and you looks great. I wish I could meet you very soon. Probably this dream will come true and it will not take us too long to make arrangements for meeting!
Dear Randy, I have read today that you will not be able to afford my English lessons by now. My dear, you do not need to be sorry for this. I understand that it's a big sum for you (for me it seems incredible). All I want to tell you is that once you will start the lessons I will be very hard working and diligent student. please, understand, that learning English will be not only for me but for US. As soon as I will learn English we will be able to meet and the sooner it will happen - the better. I understand you want to make sure that my feelings to you are real and strong before you will invest the funds into my English lessons, but I want to ensure you, I am very sincere and serious about US and want to become one for all time.
I was glad to tell you what has happened between me and that man. even though I do not want to remember about that event any more, I was glad to clear out the situation for you. I am very honest person and will never allow any lie to stay between me and my loving man. Every small lie put a brick into the thick wall of misunderstanding, so I never lie to anybody and I will never lie to you. You can trust me in this.
I am sorry I was not able to wish you Happy Birthday in 2003, but probably, we will be able to celebrate it together in 2004. Maybe we will also celebrate my birthday this year together (smile). I wish it could come true! We could celebrate it together in The Warehouse. I love to dance, most of all I prefer to dance waltz, but I like modern dances too. I have never attended any dance school, but I somehow know how to dance,probably it's God's gift. I do not know. But it will be a great pleasure for me to go to the Warehouse with you and dance.
As for you smoking, I think that once we will be together, I will be able to help you in this. I know several receipts of how to quit smoking and if you will want this, I will help you. I have helped several people and I know that all is needed is help form someone dear and one's wish to quit. So if it will be your wish to quit, I will be there to help you. The only negative thing about quitting smoking is that after that a person can gain weight, but, I think we will be able to attend gym together, there I will be your persona couch and you will not be able to gain weight, you will lose it, I am sure (smile)
You asked me to tell you if I am real and if I am serious about everything. My dear Randy, I will not tell you anything in this letter. Just read and re-read my letter and tell me if you feel that I am real. I know that my words can't prove anything, but reading my letters will make you be sure that I am sincere and honest with you and will never lie to you. Please, trust me, dear Randy and you will never be disappointed!
Now to lighter subject, in my country we play football but you call it soccer. We do not have American football in Ukraine and when I am seeing it on TV, I do not understand the meaning of it as well as baseball (smile). Probably you will need to explain me the rules of that games when we will be together. I have mentioned that your football is very similar to rugby and baseball is very similar to Russian game Lapta (smile). Someday we will hopefully see Super Bowl together and I will understand the meaning of this famous game (smile)
Dear Randy, I will close for now and will wait for your reply with impatience. I do hope to start English lessons soon and I hope you will trust me enough to start the lesosnsnow. If not, I will understand and will wait as long as needed. I am very serious about us being together and now I hope, I will be able to write you as frequent as possible
With love and affection
Your Oksana
PS The picture is of me and my girlfriend
Letter 2
My dearest Randy,
Thank you for your letters to me and for your new photos. Every time, when I receive you letter it's like I hear form you in real life. I wish we could write each other every day and speak to each very day because with every single day which passes, I feel myself closer to you and it is great,because I know that very soon we will be together and will never be apart any more. My dearest Randy, I thank you for helping me with paying for our correspondence. I know there are some problems in wiring funds, but I hope everything will be cleared up.
Now I am able to write you as often as I can and I just home that very soon we will be able to speak to each other on the phone. I promise you, as soon as I will learn at least some English, I will call you, because I want us to hear voices of each other. It will be the big step for both of us. Do you agree? I am happy that you have no doubts in me any more. The same as you do, I have no doubts in you and I will be willing to come to you with a visit as soon as we will decide to meet. I know that we have a great chance and potential for being happy together and I want to use this chance.
Than you for telling me more about your son. I believe, he is wonderful boy and I will be blessed to meet him some day. I must admit that I am very good in finding common ground with children. I love them and I always have good relationships with them. As for Travis, I think that even though I will not be able to replace his real mother, I hope to become very close with him and his good friend.
I am glad, you like my picture with my girlfriend. I like to have cocktail or a glass of good wine from time to time. The photo has been made last year in summer when we were in Crimea. I do not drink a lot, in fact, I do not drink strong alcohol at all. Sometimes a glass of good wine help me to feel better or relax. Unlike many women here,; I like ****. What about you, my love?
As for dances, I will surely teach you how to dance waltz. It's quite easy dance once you will feel the rhythm. And it is very important to feel that partner (smile). So I hope that together we will become the greatest couple off your club (smile)
At this time, I am often think about how we could meet each other and how it will look like. I often dream about seeing each other in the airport giving each other first kiss and hug. It's so beautiful to imagine this and I think that some day very soon it will all come true.
I will tell you more about myself: I was graduated from automatics and telemechaniks faculty. This is the faculty which produces the engineer-electric. Though now I do not work on my specialty. As you know there is an economical crisis in Ukraine now and there is very small demand on my profession right now. Speaking frankly, I do not know if I remember something from my education, because it was long ago. But I hope if there will be demand for my profession here I will remember what I studied. Though I have to tell you, I do not like to be an engineer. I would prefer to have some small business.
My birthday in on July 10th. I usually do not celebrate it with many guests, just my parents, my girlfriend and I. I do not like overcrowded parties. I like small and cozy companies, where everybody knows each other and can speak on any subject.
My favorite flowers are red or creme roses. I like to get lots of roses, but it's a bit sad to see them fade. Anyway I like roses and even their fading can't stop me loving them.
As for food, I enjoy any type of food, especially Ukrainian cooking. But I do not eat too *** food (maybe only sometime), because I do not want to get too ***. Every weekend I try to go to the gym and do exercises . I try to keep my body in shape. I believe, the good appearance of wife makes her man appreciate her in all ways. I will never meet my husband from work in night gown and with hair curlers on my head. I will always look sharp for my husband. That's why from school time I look for my body, going to gym, try not to eat a lot.
Though I can assure you, I will never grew ***. In my family there were no *** women. But anyway, I try not to eat *** food. If I see, I gain several extra kilos, I may not eat for couple of days till my weight will settle into shape. As you could see on my photos, I do not use very bright cosmetics. I prefer small amount of cosmetics, but I put it in smart way to look naturally.
During my childhood in the summer I always went to my grandparents to the country side and spent there all summer holidays. They had a big house near the forest and the river. My grandfather was fond of beekeeping and I always eat a lot of honey during the year. I like honey and also I like to eat honeycombs. When I will grow older and will have my own lot of ground I will also do a beekeeping without fail. I also swam a lot in the river there and went to forest in August to gather mushrooms. If the summer were rainy, there were a lot of Boletus luteus and orange-cap boletus mushrooms in the forests. Did I tell you like mushrooms? if no, I must tell you I adore mushrooms! I like them cooked in any style: fried, boiled, in the pies, pickled, etc. I know a lot of mushrooms types here and would never gather poison mushroom. Have you read J.R.R.Tolkien books about hobbits? I seem to be a hobbit ancestor - I like mushrooms the same as they did (smile)
My dearest Randy, I will close for now and will wait for your reply with impatience. I thank you again and again for helping me with paying for our correspondence and all I hope for is that we will be able to hear the voice of each other very soon
With all my love and affection
Your loving woman
Letter 3
My loving Randy,
Thank you so very much for your letter and of course, I thank you again for helping me. It means that now I can write you without thinking about cost which is wonderful for me. Of course, my dear I will try to write you more often, but I hope your will not be mad with me if I could not write you every day. I do not know if I told your this, but the trip of me to the agency takes me almost an hour and this is why I can go there only after work. But, I promise you, my Randy, to write you frequently, as I know, you miss my letters!
I want to tell you that I have been contacted by that man, Robert and he said, he has deleted my information from the internet. I am glad, that now this story is over, because I have always felt myself hurt, since people could read about it. But, enough about this. Only you are in my mind and nothing else will bother me, except the level of your love to me (big smile)
You are right, Russia and America are very much different and the matter is not only in the level of life. I know that people in your country live much better life, but here I have quite comfortable life. The only reason why I will be willing to relocate is that I want to be with you, my love. I can't think about being without you and I can hardly imagine how I have lived without you. Honey, you made me really happy and all I want now is to be with you some day.
Coming back to difference between Russian and USA, there is a big difference in a way of thinking, I think. But I think that I will have no problems adjusting to new place of living. I am very flexible and easy going person. It's easy for me to find common ground with people and although it's sometimes hard for me to start talking first, but if the conversation started, Think, I am very interesting person (smile)
Ukraine does not have the statue of Motherland. It is situated in Russia. As you could read, Russia and Ukraine are now different countries. As for Statue of liberty, of course, I know about it and thank you for the photos. Hopefully some day we will reach the top of it (smile)
Of course, some day we will come back to my country and you will see how beautiful it is. I will certainly make a tour for you. I am good guide because I know a lot about history of my country and about interesting places here. And, I am starting the process of learning more about your country. I have knew a lot, but now I am trying to find as much information as possible for me.
I have asked Arkady about the possibility of me visiting you and he said, that if you will contact him, he will give you all the information. I do not know if it will be expensive or not, but I believe it would be interesting for you to make inquiry with Arkady, so you could compare the prices and the services. All I know, is that Arkady's agency will arrange not only visit, but also the set of documents which will help me to get married, if we will decide to stay together. Anyway, I hope you will find all other information form him.
I have read on the news that some evil computer virus is circulating now, so I hope you computer will not be infected. I do not know much about this, but I have heard it could prevent people form sending mail, so I will pray that your computer will stay untouched. The correspondence is now the only way of communication for us, so I hope this link will not be broken...
well, you asked me about Ukrainian food, it's quite *** but at the same time, it is very tasty. We do not use a lot of spices for food, but to use some is the must. The most common dishes are Borsch and Vareniki. Borsch is the soup which is made from many different vegetables and pork. It must be boiled for quite a long time and this is why it is very ***. The most important ingredient of it is swede vegetable and because of this the soup has red color. Vareniki is Ukrainian variant of Ravioli, but they are ****** and sometimes contains potato or cherry instead of meat. I hope when we will be together I will cook all these dishes for you.
We do not have many turkeys here, People prefer to have hens and chickens. But some of peasants have turkeys and I also like to watch them. In fact I like all pets and animals. Love to watch them to take care of them. In my childhood I dreamt to be a Veterinian. Silly girl (smile). And I am not against hunting at all. Please, do not understand me wrong. The fact, that I like animals does not make me feel bad about hunting. You are right it's like "Man against animal" and it probably coming from our wild instincts. Anyway, I hope some day you will take me hunting and together we will cook game meat...
Honey, I am glad you believe me and understand me that I am real. I have just received your last letter and I am sorry for disappoint you with the delay form my letter. From your letter I have felt that some doubts were in your heart when you have written it. My love, my Randy, I hope you still believe me and trust me as I trust you. As I said in the beginning, I will do my best to write you as frequent as possible. I tell you again that I am real and I really want to be with you. I am who I say I am and soon you will see me and see that you have written to me and the photos is of me. My love, you are very important for me and I do not want any doubts to come into your heart. Please tell me, that you have no doubts and concerns about me.
I will close for now and I hope to receive you letter soon. Please, remember, your lady loves you and want to be with you forever.
With all my love and greatest affection
Your loving woman
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