Scam letter(s) from Olga Epifanova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1

At me now to be most my big mood! I to wish to divide it with you! Today for me there was a big event. And so my business began to go very much and very well. I to find one more way to raise my incomes! My girlfriend has a brother whom to me to tell about this work. And it to me to suggest to work too in the company of Open Company « World cargoes ». All ???? I think, that it for me will be a little difficult for having two works. I all over again to have fear of that I cannot work on two works. But when I well and completely to learn all that I need to do - I understand that I can to execute it! I to wish to offer it and to you. I to have to you trust. And in this work it is very important to have trust. It would be necessary for me that you to me have agreeed to it. Because to have one more income it is very useful for a life! You too can receive the good income for you! I you to ask to concern to it very responsibly. I to consider, that it is very important. Therefore I to decide it to divide with you. I you to ask to think very well that I you to wish to offer. Simply, if you do not want to help me with it I cannot earn. And I very much to wish to receive one more income. It will enable me to have good accumulation of money. And I very much to wish to have it. Because in the future I can lead my holiday in other country! It for me would be very good. And if we have started to earn together can be we could receive our meeting in my holiday! It would be really good! My dear, I to you to suggest to cooperate with me in the company of Open Company « World cargoes ». What to me to work, I need to have the partner whom to live in other country. This company is engaged cargoes in the world. If you with me will work together you will have in a week from 100 up to 200 dollars. I think, that you will spend a little for this time. You in day will need to spend all pair hours. My dear, it is very easy. And money I shall send you through Western Union! YOU should do for reception of this money easy work. Nevertheless I think, that superfluous pair hundreds dollars to you will not stir! At least you to me will help to have my income and will have too the salary!!! All work very easy. You will need to process the correspondence. As it is the company is engaged in cargoes you will need to check what or a cargo. And then it back to pack and send in the further direction. I think, that it is very simple. I think, that you will have the consent. I very much in it to hope. Because it will give me one more income. And it for me is very important, my dear. For the beginning to us it is necessary for your activity to conclude the contract (EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT). While necessary papers from you will be prepared is required: the scanned copy of the passport, any The additional document confirming your person, your number The social insurance, the full post address in an international format, Phone. My dear, I you to ask to concern to it very responsibly. It for me is very important. I to decide it to share you because I to trust, that you will execute very responsibly this work. I wait your letter about the big excitement. If you will not have desire to me to help, I to not know, that to me to do. I you to ask to give me your consent. Tell to me soon your decision. I wait from you the letter with your accepted decision. I shall wait it from you. With the best regards and excitement.
Yours …
Letter 2

Yes, you correctly to understand me, that you will be my business partner. I to know about business much - but it too only in sphere mobile technologies. I shall try to give you more explanation of that I to offer you. As I to you already spoke this work to me to offer the brother my girlfriend. It to work in the Russian company « World cargoes ». It to me too to suggest to work in this company. It will allow to have the additional income for me. When to me all have explained, I to understand, that I need to have the good friend in other country. I shall speak you that. What you will have duties. You will need to receive the goods. You will know in advance from me, that to you the goods will come. When you receive it, should check up its presence. It will be the equipment for the house. It can be the TV or other home appliances. And when you will check up, that in packing the TV should send it further on the addressee lays. That is all your work Jessey, will be in check of that lays in a box. That is your work is to supervise the sent goods. You to understand me Jessey? Here it also is an essence this work. All this work - only the additional income in a pocket. It for me is important a little to raise my incomes. Only therefore I to suggest to work so to you. Because I to trust you and the nobility. That you will not deceive me. I am glad Jessey, that you to speak me, that at you it is a lot of money! It is very good for a life! But I shall wait your decision. Mine to you of a wish of success. How your hand today? At all of you it is good? About the best regards, Olga.
Letter 3

Hello Jessey!!! My business began to go better with your letter! I am glad, that you to wish to help me with it! All ???? for me one more my income here is important. But I am very glad for you, that you suffices much your money! It is very good, that you to have such Jessey! I to ask a pardon if I to not speak about me. Simply this new work for me new enough thing in my life and consequently I to wish to develop it.
What to you to start Jessey to work with me, you need to receive registration. Therefore I to ask you, that you Jessey would send me your data for registration. The scanned copy of the passport, copy The additional document confirming your person, your number The social insurance, the full post address in an international format, Phone. That is all of you need to be sent it Jessey, that we could start to work. It is a pity to me, that I to speak about us a little. To be simple I so it is keen by that. That I can earn. If I had the sum sufficient at once would do my holiday and would go to travel! Simply with my salary what I have now to create accumulation very much and very difficultly. Well Jessey. You will help me with this business? I wait your answer! Yours Olga!
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