Scam letter(s) from Elena Vorobieva to Steven (USA)

Letter 1

Hi dear BLUE. I am very glad to receive your letter. I to answer you a question why I search for the man can to be and is twice more senior than me. I to have not so successful experience in Russia with young men and I am convinced that the majority to not understand yet and to not have those values which I to appreciate in the man. I think that I can to find those qualities in men of such age as you. If you to not wish to try to fall in love with me and that I to grow fond of you speak me it in your following letter and then I shall not write to you any more. If you to wish to find the wife I shall be very glad to acquaintance to you. I shall wait your letter. Elena
Letter 2

Hello dear Steven. I am very glad to receive from you such letter. I am glad that you to wish to search for love. For me not a problem that that you very church person. It is very a pity to me to hear such sad history about your father, the wife and the child. Alcohol and drugs it is awful. But I am glad that you now to live an active way of life. It is very good.
I live in Russia, in town Yoshrar-ola.
I gave rise and grow here. I was very vigorous and
The inquisitive girl, was the diligent schoolgirl at school, liked to study and study, in which I do not know, most of all, that I was interested in a history, algebra, chemistry and the English language.
Has lifted love to the English language and even studied at private English school. My teacher had praise me once also has told me, that the stork has mixed the countries when it has brought to me to my parents. " You should we give rise somewhere in other country. " After school I were disaccustomed in college of medicine and I work doctor.
My work difficult and borrows a lot of time, but I love my work. And all in my life would be remarkable if not, to be one circumstance. I very much frequently see young pairs as they are happy from which I am pleased them it is sincere, but thus I remain, not loving people. I dream from my own family and about the beloved husband, also I want to have children. I very much would like to think, that ours the purposes coincide, and you also want it. I was never married, and I have no any children though I love children because they enter into happiness and pleasure in our life. I love life, I like to listen melodious music to go at cinema, to enter into wood Ski in the winter, to enter campania a nature in the summer, I love the good company, and the kind opens people. I dream to meet the close, cautious person whom I can love, becomes real his wife of love and the true friend.
Excuse me. You do not become tired however my letter? Only I want to inform you so, that it does not do possible to place all in them the letter. Probably you are interested also my physical data?
Well! To me of 23 years. Growth 5 ' 6 ' and my weight 53kg. I do not smoke, and I do not do alcoholic drinks of a spirits drink, also I do not accept drugs. I care of occurrence, and I defend health. My hair - brown color. My eyes - brown color. Write about itself please more. I should you some people questions. Whether has it force, you are ready to have relations with the woman from Russia? That you expect from these attitudes? How you represent your future with the woman from other country?
Please answer my questions in details because they are important for ours relations and the possible future together. I do brightly, these are two one people if they have much in general, and the full purposes in life if they understand and support each other and can fall the love also does each other happy. Let's try to study each other better and to give, try ours chance.
I am going to close my letter, but I hope to receive yours soon the answer with answers to mine queations and your history, write to me more about you directly and all which you would like to share with me. I would be very much pleased to receive your letter, I expect to receive it soon. I hope, that you understand my English language.I send you the photo. I very much to hope, that I to like you.
There will be a full care. With the best regards. Elena.
Letter 3

Hello my favourite friend Steven!!! I as always am very glad to your letter. I to wait for it with the big impatience!
Today in me the big and difficult day was! I am very much tired on work.
I shall try to answer all your questions. And I am glad that you so many to ask me about it. My city very small as you already probably know. In my city there are only 3 hotels. And one of them the most known to be in city centre refers to as well as my city Yoshkar-Ola. In our city there are many beautiful monuments. Including Lenin is a lot of monuments. Therefore I to not know about which you to speak.
I can explain to you that you to not doubt of my trade. I to leave school in 17 years. After it I to act at once in medical university. I to receive the diploma in 5 years. This higher education and it is enough to work as the doctor. Probably in your country other requirements for doctors. Now to me there will be on November, 2nd 24 years. I already almost year to work as the doctor.
Yes I to trust in the God. I very believing girl and I often to go to church.
I to not think that the age so should have great value. My cousin to have the husband which is more senior than her for 13 years. But they are happy and to have 2 children. she is an example for me.
I to understand your opinion on that that really to grow fond physical contact is necessary. But I to think that if people it is very good to learn each other by means of the Internet if they to speak frankly and only the truth at a meeting they will have greater passion to each other.
I to hope that I to answer all your questions. Probably I to pass something, but it is caused by that that I not I yet in perfection to understand English language.
If you only could see, how I was happy when read your letter. I very much very much waiting your letter and my pleasure had no limit. When I read your letters the pleasure falls outside the limits my soul, this minute to me it seems, that you is close to me and a sight in my opinion.
With each new letter we become closer the friend the friend.
You know during the small period the correspondence which I have understood so very much, became enclosed to to you, day without your letter for me - bad day. I hope, that you feel the same. I am glad that I to get acquainted with such fine person as you. My friends ask about you. In us it is normal. I have told him, that you are decent and good the person. All from them are very pleased, that in me such friend has be also wish us good development of our relations. They would like, we think that in fine pair will be. But we should better study each other, and it is very important for me, on statistics many from married pairs got divorced, because it as soon as they have sped up and had no time to study everyone another is enough, that it was possible to live together. I very much do not want to make similar mistakes and I hope, that you completely understand me in this question.
I want to find to me directly such special person whom I shall be completely sure. For me the most important in love relations this trust and, certainly, feelings. Also what you suspect to this theme? Answer necessarily this question, it very interestingly to me.
I very much to want to leave in marriage once and on all life. But in Russia unfortunately on statistics the majority of pairs to do divorce.
Principal cause of it alcohol. You probably know, that it is a lot of men in Russia much to use alcohol. After that they to beat the wives, children. They to not bring home money and to spend them only for alcohol. For this reason I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country. I think, that abroad is greater cultural, people.
I want to ask you. You to speak about me? So it is interesting to me that your relatives and friends will tell about that that you to get acquainted with me.
How many I have written also to this after that I am tired on work!.. Probably it because I like to write to you and me... Well...
Let me to finish my e-mail. Congratulations to you from my friends. I shall wait very much your following the message!!! Please write to me soon! Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 4

Hello the my dear friend Steven! You have again answered me, I in admiration. I with the great pleasure read your letters, it very much urgently lifts my mood. It is pleasant for me for knowing, that who - that thinks of me and writes such remarkable letters. I never thought, that it is possible to become enclosed to the person which you never met, now I do not know that it probably. I feel, that our acquaintance becomes more important for me each day. I am afraid, will imagine that with me will be if you stop to write to me. I arrive to idea, that I probably would be very happy, if you have told me that, I am that woman which you search. You fine the man. With such the man as you I would agree to conduct all life as it seems I. I to want to learn about you it is as much as possible information each day. That you write all very important for me. And I to hope that to you also important all that that I to write to you.
I very much to regret for that history with the girl from Russia. I to want that you me to trust. But I to understand that for you while it is difficult. And I shall be patient. You can research any sites scammers. But I there should not be. I never to do anything bad, to deceive nobody to not try to do at all it.
To not excite me our difference in the age of. I to not consider that *** is so important in relations. It is important but to not be it a basis of relations. You do not agree with me?
Therefore I shall tell to you about me.
I in the summer very much like to float. I well swim and I like to compete. And I swim well, because me have learned to float since 6 years. It was very amusing history. I both daddy and the uncle have gone to go for a drive on a boat. And I very strongly was afraid some water, and they have decided to joke over me. And as depth was small (though I to the bottom did not reach legs) and water was transparent they without fear that I can sink, have thrown out me in water.
I am very strong then was frightened. I simply did not know, that to me to do. Daddy and the uncle let's me go on a boat, and I had to be floating to a coast, though I at all did not represent how to be floating. As though severely then with me have not acted, I am grateful to them that I am able to float. Because I am very strong was afraid some water and itself never would learn to float. I to have familiar people which 30 years and they till now have not learned to float. They are afraid some water and at all do not want to study. I think, they any more learning. Therefore I am proud that I am able to float.
And due to the father I have learned to play table tennis. Mine daddy in the childhood liked to play in many games. I, certainly, not so well I play in tennis, but I like this game. It is a pity, that there is no opportunity to play in tennis in city. Only, when I leave on base of rest only there I play in tennis.
And you are able to float? Tell to me as you studied to float. Tell to me in more detail about sports in which you are engaged. You sometime Participated at competitions?
Recently I went in park in full loneliness. I have gone and have gone somewhere. And then I saw in love pair. They have gone, silently smiling, he strong has pressed her to himself for a waist. It was rather cold, I was froze, and they do not do. They constantly exchanged sights their burnt eyes the passion, kissed, and to something fine has smiled. They were heated up obviously with their love to each other. I have gone and thought as probably well to go so with the favourite person, to feel his strong and simultaneously gentle embraces. To look in happy eyes opposite and all all to to understand. To understand, as it loves you and as you love it. I have left my reflection because at last were froze. The pair love was not seen more, and I stood about a house and shivering from a cold here again I have recollected you. I have idea on it as it would be wonderful to wake up close to you and to tell something it is similar: " Good Morning ". And so it became warm me from these ideas... The Justification. I do not know, why I write all of you it, but I feel, that something occurs to me. Yesterday I have gone to church. I have placed a some candles before Jesus's image also prayed to the God concerning your health. I do not know why. I think from you very much frequently, I recollect all letters which you have written to me. I know, that I can rely on you, me completely trust you and I know, that you will never betray me. Please write to me in the biggest possible degree, I like to read your letters, and communication with you does me very happy. I want to know what does you happy? I shall try to make limiting, to do you happy. I would like to think, it sometime we could is probable to meet actually. I shall wait for your letter. Have you nice day! Elena
Letter 5

Hello my sweet Steven! At last I can escape from the fierce validity and to remain one with you and your letters. I very happy, that ways of our life have been crossed. You have excited my calmness. Colleagues speak that I have changed after acquaintance to you. I, as though the fly in clouds as a bird and colleagues constantly should return me on the ground. Recently I tried to understand, that has changed in my life after our something has understood acquaintance... And you will be understand it soon.
Certainly I to understand that through the Internet it is impossible to trust completely. I shall answer your questions. I go to christianity. I often to go to church. My structure on 2 sites. It is for several, but I to not use them because those sites paid. I with pleasure shall write to you the hand-written letter, only send me your address please. Also it would be pleasant to me to receive from you such letter. My address The country: Russia
Republic Mari-El
City Yoshkar-ola
Street Krasnoarmeyskaia
The house 112
Apartment 52
The postal index 630808 I to work in hospital as the doctor. I to speak you already about it. I would be very glad to speak by with you to phone. Let's agree about time when it will be convenient to you to cause me and I shall send you the number. I to regret that I to pass your question from the last letter. If I to write in the afternoon that I to use a computer in hospital or to go to Internet-Cafe. If I to write in the evening or at night I to write to you from the house. I to hope that you are happy with my answers.
In this letter I wish to tell to you about my working day, that you could imagine, as I live. In the working days I wake up approximately in 6.30 mornings. I love to luxuriate a it is a little in a bed. Recently I catch me on ideas, that I represent you putting about me as you it is sweet snuffle to me in an ear. Approximately with such ideas I go to wash up me and to clean a teeth. And again in a mirror I see your reflection, I give you the razor in a hand and a white beard of foam on your person. Speaks, if you wish to see that - the true person of the person, a sight in it when it has a shave. All it lifts my mood, and I go to have breakfast. I do not love to eat very much since morning therefore my breakfast consists of a cup of tea with a lemon and a little
Sandwiches. During a breakfast I again think of you. It would be pleasant to sit for me with you in one table to look, how you eat. We could plan that we shall make in the evening after work, etc. After breakfast I bring occurrence by way of. I use cosmetics a little, and I do not like to be painted urgently because it awfully influences a leather. A number of 8.30 mornings. I leave from the house for work. On work I to have an opportunity to go to a computer and then I some times can re-read your letters on work. I try to present that you do in it or volume of time. I work till 18:00, and I - very much urgently tired because I should contact various people very much. But all my weariness
Immediately passes when I enter home, I read your letters which is assured, go from yours soul. To me it becomes warm and convenient each time when our showers adjoin with each other. I - very much strong to you steel enclosed. I think, that we should meet, we should see each other, look eyes on behalf of, because through the Internet many emotions are lost, them it is difficult to reproduce on the screen. I wish you to ask. You trust, that it is possible to fall in love with the person, with which only you correspond on the Internet? You like me. Very much it is pleasant to me to read your letters. I wish to learn about you more increasing. You such interesting the person! I never met such interesting person, as you. I it is very glad, that with you has got acquainted. What opinion at you about me? Answer necessarily on wash a question. It very strongly me interests. It is still interesting to me: you trust in love at first sight? I trust, because my cousin Olga has fallen in love with the guy at first sight. And it too has fallen in love in it at first sight. I all over again have not believed to it. But it was then convinced, that it is the truth. They are married 2 years. I consider, that they will be together all life. Here and I wish to find to myself such husband with whom would be all life. But I doubt, that I shall meet such guy in Russia. Because normal decent guys in Russia almost does not remain. And you such clever, interesting the person! Now still early to speak about the further development of our correspondence, but I hope, that can something turn out. I do not like to plan in advance the future because once I have made a mistake. I have got acquainted with the guy. I of it has grown fond. We met it of 5 months. Then it has begun often to take alcoholic drinks. Sometimes there were no some days. I and its mum very much for it worried. Once it has come to me very ***** and has beaten me. After that I long suffered. It apologized, asked me, that I to to it has returned. I have forgiven it. But in a month it has repeated. I with it has left for ever. I very strongly loved it. But I have understood, that such husband to me it is not necessary. I am glad, that we with it have not got married. The marriage is sacred business. I wish to marry and to not get divorced. And you as concern to divorces? Therefore I was disappointed in Russian men. We became frank with you, and I think, that you wish to know about my ****** experience. In Russia the majority of men gets acquainted with women with the purpose to pull them in a bed. They use them and then relations are finished. I so do not want, and I cannot. I wish to love, and it means not only ***. Love to me which it - when you in the psychological attitude cannot come off the favourite person: It constant need for spiritual affinity, wish to care of the favourite person, patience and trust. Only so I can give both soul and a body to the favourite person. I would like to put, that you divide my opinion, because I feel need for ours dialogue with All of you more because to be put to bed I again thinks of you it is more... I very much would like to divide with you my feelings, to have a look in your eyes and to see in their my reflection... With impatience I look forward to hearing... Only yours Elena
Letter 6

Hello my dear Steven.
Dear I wished to tell to you that I closely to read your letter as it is always interesting to me. Dear I wished to tell to you in occasion of that that really to be of great importance for me our correspondence as I to think that we really interestingly to communicate. To you to seem so? To seem to Me that our dialogue it what I very much would want. I like to communicate with you as well also as well as you I every day with pleasure to go to a computer to write to you.
Please not begin sad because of that that I to have 2 structures on a site. When I to create the first structure, I cannot enter into a site next day. Therefore I to create the second structure. And after a while to me letters from a site on mine email have started to come about that that to me to come the letter on that and on other structure. I probably should speak you it at once but I to not think that for you it so important.
I in a shock from that sum which to receive the pediatrist in your country. In Russia it only 200 - 300 $ in a month.
When I go to church and I go to the Russian conformist.
My full name Vorobieva Elena. I shall write necessarily today to you the letter and to send it tomorrow. I shall be very glad to receive your hand-written letter also. I to work in City hospital.
I to not speak with you on a site because for this purpose I should use the Internet, and it is expensive to me. I to pay for every minute uses of the Internet. Therefore to me to write letters to you so much more economically.
I think that once I would be glad to arrive to you to spend together a vacation. I the nobility what to receive the tourist visa very difficultly. Soon my experience of work will be equal 1 year and the best workers can send on improvement of professional skill in your country. I hope that I can to get in their number.
I would be very glad to cause you, but unfortunately it will be very expensive to me.
I to regret that your country now is tightened by war. I am not strong in the politician, but I often to look news and me always very interestingly that that occurs in the world.
I to wish to tell about those qualities of character which to me to like in the person and which to not like.
I love fair, sincere, respectful, love, care, a kind and I trust worthy men. I do not love greedy and cheap men. Do not love egoists or too self-assured men. I hate, perambulate, arrogance, a deceit, dishonourableness and insincerity. I love, when the person speaks all definitely and fairly. I do not play game and I do not wish to play game with any. I do not require friends on correspondence. My intentions are very serious and as such person who is sincere and speaks all definitely and precisely. I do not love lost, I play boys and those who plays games. I wish to divide my life with the correct person and hope, there - my unique person in this world.
I hope that I shall meet such person and I would like that this person to become you! What you to think in this occasion? I also would wish to know, that you to think you with me would like to try to create serious relations. You tell to me please what qualities in the woman appreciate also what to you to not like. It is very interesting to me.
Today in the morning to me my girlfriend for work came. she to invite me on Friday to wedding. To me was so pleasantly, that she to invite me.
Because the bride should look best. And I yet very skilled.
I shall soon go on wedding. I wish to catch a bouquet of the bride. I have recollected one
Interesting case. he has occured approximately 5 years ago. Me and my girlfriends
Have invited to wedding. One of my girlfriends was 18 years. she has caught a bouquet
Flowers of the bride. After that she has married in 2 months the man,
Which knew only 3 months. When she has caught a bouquet of flowers, she not
Trusted, that following wedding will be her. And has occured. All of us were
Are surprised to such event. You trust in this sign? I now trust.
If you want, speak me as your everyday schedule is similar, to speak me about area, you grew in, about your parents and relatives, pets if you have the some people. I wish to know all about you.
Do not do you object, I hope :-)
I think, when you meet someone not personally and start to communicate through electronic letters, you are more opened for contacts and honesty, you are ready to tell all about you and to discuss things about which you never would speak in real conversation. You trust it?
I think that I already to write and to not want much to tire you the letter.
I shall think of you and with greater impatience to wait your new letter. Want that you closely to think before will write to me back, always yours
Letter 7

Hello my hunny Steven.
How are you? All is good also very happy to receive news from you. I to think of you much. I am always so happy when to read your letters. I to feel you through your ideas. For me so all is important that you write. I wish to study you completely the Nobility all that to you to like, all what to not like, most your secret ideas, desires. Certainly it not all at once and for all it is necessary some time. But that we to trust the most important each other and to be fair. Therefore I to wish to tell to you about myself. And also to ask you that that to me it is interesting. I to hope you not against :-)..
I like to prepare. I prepare is very tasty. I am able to prepare many tasty pies, pies, rolls. Mine
Favourite meal - pancakes. What your favourite meal? I heard, that the Chinese kitchen very tasty. I heard, that in China cook food with very lot of sharp spices. You know about such information? What taste of meal to like you? I very much love sweet meal. I very much like to prepare for rolls, cookies. I do not love bitter meal. I love a spicy food. It is very interesting to me that you will answer me. Tell to me what foreign kitchen you tried. I never tried foreign kitchen. I wish to learn to prepare under foreign recipes. If you know some recipes of tasty food I shall be very grateful to you that you me to send this recipe.
I very seldom go to cinema, theatre. I have no a lot of free time and
Money. I very much early go for work and very much late I go home after work. I
I write to you letters to a lunch break or after work.
Whom you to wish to become by a trade when were small? I since the earliest childhood spoke all that I shall be the doctor. And I am very happy that my dream was carried out.
Write to me as you spend the days off. I am usual about the days off to do homework on the house: cleaning, washing. I very economic woman and I to love when in the house cleanly. I do not love when in the house dirtly. I like to create a cosiness.
I would like to tell to you more about my family. The name of my father - Victor and the name of my mother - Galina. They were married 40 years ago and till now together live. They for me the sample of the present love. And I very much to wish to have the same family. Seriously, I really require which what steady and serious, not only once at the night of the relation. Hope, what you feel the same way? Once at the night of the relation can give one night of pleasure, but it will ever not give you happiness. You agree? I wish to know your opinion on it. You trust in clean, sincere and eternal love which really lasts for ever? I only am curious, because I really trust in it. Probably I - last romantic woman, but I really trust it.
You should not worry about that that you to me write much. I am always very glad to receive your letters and for me all is very important that you write. For me your ideas are very important all, all that you think also all that you feel.
I do not understand what for you so doubt of original my interest to you. It is boring to me to communicate with men of my age because they yet did not see a life, they to not have all that intellectual whom to possess you. I to love clever men with whom it is always interesting to conduct conversation. I love such men which can surprise and tell something interesting. And such the man it you! To like me your smile on a photo. And you can send me a photo where you without glasses? I very much to wish to see your eyes.
You to ask about my belief. I to write to you that christianity. In mine 2 structures I to specify christianity and the Protestant. But the Protestant same one of kinds of christianity.
I to regret that I to pass your questions on a site. I mean simply to not understand which answer you to wish to receive from me. I to wish to clean both of a structure from a site. I shall do it today when to come home after work.
I to understand that all of you still to doubt of my sincerity. Probably you to want that I to send you any proofs? Can a photo or how I still can prove to you it? I very much to want that you to trust me. I am done not excited at all with those that surrounding people will think that you to me suit in fathers. Me to not interest the another's opinion. For me it is important to think just you and I.
I to send you already my address and my full name. Well, I shall send you it once again.
Vorobieva Elena
My adress
The country: Russia
Republic Mari-El
City Yoshkar-ola
Street Krasnoarmeyskaia
The house 112
Apartment 52
The postal index 630808 I very much wait for your letter. I hope soon to receive your letter.
Letter 8

What is all means? What do your letters mean all? Well, I can send all of you these proofs and the letter with stamps of the doctor and all other. Only if to you of it will be a little, you are convinced that I the doctor, then will start to doubt that I not that girl for which to give out myself. Or that I to speak about myself the truth but actually I to wish to receive from you money. That from you to expect? And if I you will not satisfy all your requirements to place me in black sheets? You will block to me road fortunately? You will take away chance get acquainted with which man I actually can to grow fond and construct family? You do not think that it very meanly?
I am very upset, I to not expect such meanness from you. I should be justified, only because of that that you have not spoiled to me a life? I to do to you something bad? I to ask from you money? I to do nothing to you bad! And I do not understand for what I now to receive so much awful words in the address and still threats!
Letter 9

Hello dear Steven.
It is good, regardless of the fact that you I will be not not trusted at all by me to do attempt to prove to you that that you to want. I shall go today to mail and to send you the letter which you to ask. I shall do later a photo of on a workplace. You to want that I to do a photo of the passport?
Also I never to speak you that I to have a cellular telephone. If you to wish to cause me do it. Only warn in advance when you to wish to make it because I to switch off phone when I to sleep or be on work. My telephone number 89027359459. Also you to receive the wrong information on that that in our city only 1 hospital. We to have 2 hospitals City and Republican. And except for them there are still more many polyclinics.
I can send you a photo and in other clothes. These are pictures have been made during my trip to other city. And I very much to love these pictures. Therefore I to send them to you.
What can I make? I already to start to doubt that you ever will start to trust me so can grow fond of me.
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