Letter(s) from Galina Polushina to Dale (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my unique love Dale !!!
By the way, you that have not told on the account of, whether you want that we have met, and whether want to help to arrive to me to you?
Forgive that long did not answer you lovely.
At us there has come the present winter.
It became cold also around snow lays.
I when laid in the evening in a bath and thought it is very a pity that you are not present
It would be very pleasant for me to lay with you in one bath.
I want that you loved me directly in a bath.
Then we would go on a bed and have continued our games.
In the morning I would bring to you coffee in bed.
You are pleasant like such prospect mine and only mine?
I want to become your wife and I all the same how many to me should wait for day of our
I hope to wait to me it is necessary not for long.
I am happy, that I have you.
You my beloved, you my unique love and all that I want in my life, it to be with you.
I want to be your wife and mother of our children, in me so a lot of love and I want to give
you all my love.
I die from love to you and I die, that I not with you now.
I very much want to be with you and now when I have remained completely one, I dream of it.
I am rich love both all my love and heart belongs only to you.
I only ask the god that all your words about love were the truth and you wanted, that I became
your wife.
In my dreams I see you my husband and I very much want, that my dreams were carried out.
If I shall arrive to you, I want it very much.
Last night, when I went to bed, I dreamed of you and caressed myself.
Soon my passion will kill me I shall not sustain, I want to you.
You have sexual pictures, I want to imagine you and to caress myself with your picture.
As I very much want sex, and you are not present beside.
Unfortunately I have no sexual pictures to send you.
And still I to you have request, I do not want, that you were engaged in sex while I was not
present near to you.
I swear to you, that I shall do you by the happiest male in the world and I never shall not
cause you a pain.
Now I shall finish the letter and I shall wait from you for the answer.
Always only your bride galina!!!

Letter 2

HI my love, as your affairs. Today at us the day off, and consequently I have come to the Internet of cafe what to correspond with you, I hope that now you can talk to me in a mode of real time.

Letter 3

In travel agency have told, what the visa will be made during a week, only it is necessary to pay 400 $, and so I ask you, my loved you can help me? You can send me this money?

Letter 4

No, it only for the visa, but is one nuance the matter is that in this agency now there passes the action if who will order the visa for the ticket 70 % from cost of the ticket pay only in them

Letter 5

The agency refers to " a solar vacation ", but unfortunately, I do not know their number, and you too cannot call me because I do not have phone, but next time I shall necessarily call you, on the account of the ticket, I precisely do not know cost, in fact you did not speak, at what airport it is better to me to land?

Letter 6

Country - Russia, city - Yoshkar-Ola, name - Galina lastname - Polushina