Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Zhavoronkova to Nodas (Greece)
Letter 1
Hi my dear!
I am very glad to receive your letter!
You again to not send me of money???
It is very bad to work for me my personal e-mail the address.
Therefore I had to make a new electronic box.
My new address:
Has changed only after a sign.
You understand me!
Please write me the letter as soon as possible on this new address! Ok???
I wait for your letter with impatience!
Your favourite friend Svetlana
Letter 2
Hi my love Nodas !!!
I am very glad to receive your letter!
At me all is very good!
I am happy because many holidays will be fast!
These are my most favourite holidays!
I think that Holiday I shall celebrate one together with the family! I think that will be very good if we together with you shall celebrate " Christmas and New year ".
You want that I have arrived to you!
There was not enough time that I could arrive to you!
I do not have problems that I could arrive to you!
Because I have visa and all documents that I could come to you home! I think that we would be together!
If I have arrived to you for a holiday it was my most favourite gift in my life from you!
Because this gift (my arrival to you home), would be in all sincerity and souls.
I think that you too so to think!
It is very a shame to me to speak, but I do not have not enough money to the ticket aboard the plane!!!
Therefore I cannot arrive to you!
I am found out that will be necessary for me of all money 1200 $! I even now do not know that to me to make, where me to take money for my ticket aboard the plane???
My heart is broken off also I shout that I can not arrive to you for holidays and to be together with you!
Please write me can you send me 1200 $ on the ticket aboard the plane???
If will you send, then I shall collect the things and fly to you as soon as possible!
As soon as you to send me of money, I shall call at once to you and to tell and my flight aboard the plane!
So it is necessary to make that you can meet me at the airport! Ok?
Please do not play for time!
There was not enough time that I could arrive to you!
I love you!
I very much trust you that you can the help to me and I then I shall visit you!
Your love which misses man's and strong caress.
It would be pleasant for me to be near to you because I knew that you can protect me in any situation.
So I am correct to think???
Your love Svetlana
P.S. If you agree to send me of money then I shall go in bank and find out already precisely on 1000 % as to you faster to send money! You can send money???
To me to go in bank and find out and confirm how to send precisely money???
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