Name: Sandra Love
Age: 29
Name: Victoria Savchenko
Age: 33
Name: Anzhela Gorodchikova
Age: 31
Name: Adiver Ganda
Age: 25
Name: Gift Yeboah
Age: 30
Name: Vivian Tony
Age: 23
Name: Saasha Johnson
Age: 27
Name: Nana
Age: 29
Name: Aileen Soldavilliof
Age: 24
Name: Tatyana Gorlakova
Age: 30
Name: Marina Sergeeva
Age: 30
Name: Julia Zelenoglazka
Age: 25
Name: Natalia Endubaeva
Age: 28
Name: Mary
Age: 28
Name: Salimata Traore
Age: 33

Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Spiridonova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Charles.
How are you there, honey? I hope fine! I am fine too. The weather is getting warmer here and I hope that it will be warmer by weekend.
What new things are happenning there? Here is nothing new, except they say much about Muslims rebelions and coming Olimpic games.
I nearly forgot to tell you about something. I promised my cousin to ask you about this. I would be very greatful to you if you help me with it.
My cousin's friend from UK needs to send her money here, but can't do it as has limits in the sums of money sending abroad, as has just come to UK. I wanted to ask you if you could help my cousin to accept the money on your acc and then to send it to my cousin by Western Union? You would really help us! She promised to give you 5% from the sum for your help and 5% to me for my help-) So, you will get the money on your acc and then you send it here.
Please, tell me, if you agree to help.
I will wait for your soon letter!
Your Tanya
Letter 2

Hello, Charles,
Thank you very much for your letter!-) I send you one more photo of me, and you, please, also send me your photos! I miss you and your photos very much! What are you up to lately?
What do they say about peace and war there? Here they say that third world war is possible between 2007-2013. I was very afraid when I heard this from austrologists. What do you think about it? I hope that we all will live in peace and love.
I thank you very much for your agreement to help my cousin!
Please, tell me in what bank have you got your bank acc? I need the details of your bank acc to pass it to send the money there.
I will wait for your soon letter!
your love,
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