Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Ovchinnikova to Edgar (Italy)
Letter 1
Hello darling Edgar,
Thank you very much for your letter and your e-mail address, I like you very much. I would love to know you better also. I want to find my second part and being happy together. I will do everything to see my future loving man happy. Unfortunately I don't have compute, so I use an Internet cafe. It was difficult for me as I don't know English, but if I will want something very much I can do it, I think, so Today I spend 3 hours in internetcaffe, I traslated letter by the computer and I hope that I did it not bad. What do you think about it?
I thought that we have a lot of the same. I even thought maybe you are fate,my second part Darling Edgar, I will write you some words about myself:I am live with my perents, I am working as teacher of russian language with children, I have nevr been married and don't have children. I have a not big family,I have a mother,father, and my sisiter Anastasia. I like to trevel, I like nature,sea and beatch,also I like forest I like to go to neature and enjoing of beatiful veiws. I like sport very much, I like music a lot(classica, and pop), I like to read sometime an intersting books: romentical, novels and magazins as reading help people to become much clever and improve theire knowladge. I fond of sport very much and for a long time already. I like very much pets. I have a cat, her name in Lela. Some words about my cherecter: I am honest, romentica, intellegent, kind, care, sensetive and tender girl. I think that people should to trust to each other and have naver lied to each other and to part with everything with laught and tears, trustfull and honetness. I want to be with my loving person I belive that real love can be in any part of world if two person want to start their relathinship they will make everything to be together as much as possible. I hope that we will be able to undestand and fell each other throught the distance. Are you agree with me?
Darling Edgar, can you help me little please with financial position for paying of internet-caffe, as I spend here a lot of time and it is expancive for me because my payment is very little. I hope you will understand me Then I will write you very often and I will send you a lot of my photos. I am thinking of you I am looking forward your soon reply. Fell free please ask questions you interesting in.
I wish you a nice days.
I am sending you my photo.
I kiss you.
Trully Yours Irina
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