Letter(s) from Aira Staniulyte to Anthony (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Anthony
Thanks for your lovely letter, I enjoyed to read it and I realy want to correspond with you, and meet you in nearest future, but there is one problem, agency "Lithuanian Ladies "( them services I use for free ) informed me , that you are not a member of them , and that I'm able to correspond free only with them members... and if you will not become a member, they will break all our intentions. Please if your intentions are serious for me contact my agency to email : litladies@centras.lt or look them conditions to http://www.litladies.tik.lt/ I use my agency internet, and I'm relay glad for it because it's everything free for girls, I dont have any internet in other place,because internet in Lithuania it's a very expensive. I hope, this letter will not break all our intentions, and we will be able to correspond very soon!
Please write to me back soon as you can.
Yours Aira