Letter(s) from Alena to Robert (Finland)

Letter 1

Hi! Very much of rad was to receive thy letter. I study at university as the financier. A lot of time I give to the study, as hereafter I want to become the good expert. I very much like surprises, colours, soft toys. I of their house have a lot of. I sociable, cheerful, but in too time the severe person. Probably thee has interested why I have sent a photo in agency. I am severe I am referred to a determination of the second half. I dream to leave in marriage once and for ever. Write more about itself. Send a photo. I shall look forward to hearing with impatience. Alena

Letter 2

Hi, Robertino! I can not to you often answer at home for me of the computer no. And my grant does not suffice often to be rewritten. Therefore if you want often dialogue you should take costs on correspondence on itself. For us to send one letter costs(stands) 1 $. For me it not the small sum. Excuse for ??N?N?????N‚N?. But to deceive you I do not want. Yours faithfully. Alena