Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Afanasyeva to Antonio (USA)
Letter 1
Greetings my lovely!
Today fine autumn weather! Very warmly for this time (about +20). Today I to not work. I and my parents we shall go in village to grandparents. We shall help to collect a potato. We shall collect in a garden different berries. It is very interesting! I like to eat berries and fruit, therefore we to go to help them.
My lovely! It is a pity, you are not present near to me! I to want to show you village.
It is interesting. My love! I shall think of you! I shall wait our meeting! I want, if you to meet me in the airport. We shall be for a long time a kiss! I think of it and my heart to jump out from a breast! My dream is you! I love you! I to want to speak it 100000000000000000000000000 times! I think, our first days we shall be together! Only you and I!!! It will be the happiest days in our life!
My lovely! I find out a detail about travel to you. First it is necessary to issue the passport and the visa. For it it is necessary to me 330 $. If you can help me, I shall send to you the address bank. There you can send 330 $. Excuse, I to ask money you. But now only you can help me. My lovely! If you to send money, I can legalize papers in a month! We can plan our meeting in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wait your letters!
Letter 2
Greetings my lovely! I to find out all.
I can arrive{fly} to you on December, 1.
It will cost no more than 600 $. Probably, it is necessary additional charges.
But it is my problems. I shall wait 170 $. And all! My lovely! I shall wait this help! Other charges I payment. Do not overlook, I to live in Samara. I should go up to Moscow. These are additional charges. Therefore it is necessary to me still money.
But I shall not ask it you. I shall independently payment it. My lovely! Write to me! I wait! I love youMy lovely!
I to make a photo for you and I shall send it to you! The hope, you to trust me! I am tired an explanation to you. Your money are not necessary for me. Your love is necessary for me. I payment the most part the charges. I to ask you 200 $. And all! 30 you to send me. It is necessary to me 170 more.
I to spend for the Internet of cafe about 50 $. I do not have sense to write to you for the sake of money.
I for a long time ruin if I to do it. I love you! I to arrive{fly} to you and to prove it! You my prince! Yes, I to arrive{fly} to you December, 1 if you to help me. Only 170 $. And all!! My lovely! I very much love you! I love you! The hope, you to trust me!
I wait your letters!
Letter 3
Hi mine lovely!
I love you and trust our meeting is very speed! I send to you the information rather flights. Mine lovely! I to buy the ticket! I shall fly to you soon. The date has not changed. But the serious problem has appeared. It is a pity, but I owe an affliction you. Our meeting can be postponed.
In Russia the new rules work. New rules at customs house now have appeared. Before a start in other country I should show 500 $. It should be cash money. I should show it and all. From me will not take it. This rule of safety. Now much illegal emigration. Therefore to require money at customs house. If I not show it, me to not let out from the country. It works for a start in any country. I to not know what to make. I can not borrow this money. I in despair. If you can, send me 500 dollars. It is a shame to me to ask it, but I have nobody to ask money.
I return to you it at an arrival to you and to compensate your charges till transfer of money.
We nothing to lose! This last obstacle for our meeting! Mine lovely! YOU my hope! I hope for your help! I to want be with you! I love you! I to want be with you! Forgive me. But I to not know about new customs rules. I have passport, visa and ticket.
It will be a pity, if to me to give back the ticket back. I shall wait your letter!
YOU my prince!
Letter 4
Greetings my prince!
I to receive your letter!
I to see 10 figures! Thank! I love you!
I shall receive money on Monday and there will be a payment other part the charges.
My lovely! I shall fly to you on December, 1!! My lovely! At the first an opportunity I shall call to you! You my prince!
Soon we shall together!
Write to me! I wait!
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