Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Myachina to Brian (USA)
Letter 1
Hi ! I received your letter. Thank you very much for attention.I'm a Russian girl.I'm 20 and I'm a student. I've got brown hair and blue eyes, I'm tall and slim. I study at University. I like sport and travelling very much.I also finished the Musical school, so I can play piano.I like animals, to draw and paint and many-many other things. If you want to know something special, you can ask me as much questions as you like. I promis that I'll answer all of them. I like to listen to musik and to dance, to meet with friends to talk and just to have fun. I like beautiful and expensive clothes , big soft toys and cars ( I mean real cars). Maybe you will buy a nice dress for me? I like to drink tee with cakes with my friehds.So,you also can call me this is my phone number 7(352) 244-1057. I hope you will call me. I hope to meet a real man, who will be able to see all my qualities and love me as I am. Who will be not jealous and who will allow me to meet with all my friends and communicate with them. That real man should be kind and faithful, honest, just and understanding, strong and independent. In other words he should be a REAL MAN.I hope some day or another I'll meet him.Or probably he is YOU? I hope so.
Myachina Natalia Sergeevna
22-15 Kurtamyshskaya street
kurgan 640003
Now I have to go , I hope to hear rom you soon. Here is My picture for you and I believe to receive yours in return. Now bye. I'm waiting for your letter. Natasha.
Letter 2
PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see you very much! Why don't you send money to Western Union? I only ask for $450, it not much for you. Send to Western Union, KURGAN BANK GOGOLYA 78, KURGAN , 640000 Telephone (7 ) (352) 2227265. You must send me transfer number. Do not forget! I'm afraid that we will not meet. What should I do then? What will I do if we don't meet? Do not goto Kurgan. It is not nice place. Very dirty here. People not good. I want our meeting to be good.
Call me please on Friday. I need you........I miss you... I'm mixed up and frustrated. I need you very much. I love you.
I'm waiting for your call and letters too.
Bye for now.
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