Scam letter(s) from Irina Troshenko to William (USA)

Letter 1
Dear William,
I was very glad to get a letter from you. It was a real pleasure for me to know that you were interested in the information that I wrote in my profile. Internet power can make miracles, perhaps our acquaintance will be one of such miracles.:)
So let's start getting to know each other, I will try to draw a picture of what I am, I hope you will see it clearly and appreciate my drawing ;) My full name is Irina Troshenko, for you to know. I am 23 years old now and I am the Libra by the astrological sign. What about you? I can't say i am crazy about horoscopes, but I like reading them from time to time:)
I am 165 cm tall and as you have seen on the pictures have very long chestnut hair and green gray eyes. I love taking care of my hair so that it always looked beautiful and shiny, and I also like growing it very very long, I can't imagine myself with short hair:) I hope you like the way I look, because I need to warn you, I will never agree to cut my hair short:)) I am slim and slender and hope to remain like that for as longer time as possible, that's why I go in for aerobics to be in a good shape all the time. We do different tasks to music, which I enjoy doing, because I also like dancing and listening to the music. There are not so many discos in my home city Stahanov, but in the city where I live and study now, Lugansk, there are plenty of them, but I do not go there very often, I don't like noisy places with lots of people. I am very romantic and would prefer a quiet cafe to a crazy disco:)
Another thing that makes me happy is shopping. I know I am not original here but I really like it. It is something which makes a woman feel a real woman, and I am very feminine and well-bred and can be called a real Lady:) Maybe that's why it's hard for me to find someone in this country, because who I am looking for should be a real Gentleman!
I study at college, my speciality is architecture, and this is my last year of studies.
My family is not big. It consists of my mom and my brother. Sorry to say, my parents got divorced not so long ago, and it was a real grief for me and my brother:( Maybe that's why i so much long to create a happy family of my own, where I could make everybody feel the comfort and the coziness of our house and where I could do everything to make my husband happy! My mom is 44 years old, but she looks very young for her age, which I hope will be my destiny as well.:) My younger brother's name is Artem and he is 20 years old. I try to be a good sister for him, and we often discuss things together:)
I think we are a nice and happy family. I also have a cat and a dog, they are also a small part of our family. They both are very ***, because we like to feed them well, and sometimes they have to eat several times a day, because each person who comes home, finds it necessary to feed them:))
But I am a grown-up already and I would like to have my own family, that's why I decided to use Internet service. I think it has great possibilities and it can make my life happy.
I am searching for a special man for me. The one that will love me and care of me like nobody can do. And in return he will get the greatest storm of feelings. I am very emotional person and I don't like to hide my feelings, so I will show all my love and passion to my beloved person. I am very romantic by personality and I dream a lot and I really enjoy my dreams and I believe that they will come true, I just have not to waste my time and step by step make my dreams come true. I hope that I will be strong enough to make them come true. And I also hope that I will have the right man by my side, the man that will help me to make them come true, cause without this man I won't be able to be happy. It would be great if you were this man, but we can't say that for sure now, we have to get to know each other better first.:) Please tell me my darling what your personality is like, any plans for the future? What is your life like?
I am looking forward for your reply.
Please, include some pictures of you, I will be very thankful.
All the best,
Letter 2
Dearest William,
Thank you very much for your letter. I was very glad to get it. It was a real pleasure for me to get acquainted with you, my darling. You impressed me very much with your writing, your sincerity and just the way you express yourself, so I decided that it's great to start our correspondence, though we still don't know what it can lead to.:))
I hope, really hope to something special, because it would be so wonderful to meet the man who could be my second half, then I would know for sure, I did it right, that I tried Internet in my search! You know, honey, when i thought I wanted to find the man who is not from here, there appeared some problems on my way to it. At first i realized, that i needed a computer, but I didn't have one, then I knew I would need to speak English very well, but mine is not so brilliant:( and the Internet cafe is not the way out, because I didn't even know how to use the computer:( But then the friend of mine who I study with, told me of an easier way to do all this, it is to join the marriage agency, which I decided to do without much hesitation, because I liked the people who work here and the way they work too. So, I joined this marriage agency for finding the man for me! Of course, I first talked to my mum and brother, what they thought of my idea to do it, and they didn't have anything against that, because they see, I am lonely here and I am too picky to be with just anyone, I need to meet the ONE for me, only then I will be happy! They know it and wish me happiness only, that's why I feel i am lucky to be here and talk to you:) Here the letters are translated to me and to you as well, honey, I hope you don't mind it, since it makes our correspondence much quicker and better! But I want you to know, that as soon as I see that it was not in vain, and I do meet that man I want to be with, i will study very hard at my English, because I understand how important it is for our communication.
My Darling, I don't care about our age difference! I have always wanted to have an older man by my side, wiser and more experienced that I am. Who'd be able to say to me: 'Don't worry, my girl, I'll be with you to support you. You can rely on me'. And not the one who runs away when you're in trouble. The one who loves... Age isn't an argument for people in love! Do you agree with me, sweetheart? That's why please don't worry, I am a very mature girl for my age, Ukrainians are generally more mature, it's because life in this country is not easy and we learn to appreciate small things in life.
Well my darling, and now I want to continue talking about me. As you know, i am from Ukraine and live in the city of Lugansk, which is in the very east of my country. I like my city, it is nice and cozy, not very big though, but still, I love it with all my heart, since my best youth days I spent here! As each girl I went to school here in Lugansk, I made my first friends there, and from time to time I love seeing my friends, because they are very dear to me. After the school I joined the college to become an architect in the future. I think it is a great job to help people design their places, drow the plans of the houses, shops, do everything to make the people live happily in these homes!
This is my last year at college, and after this I will be totally free and hopefully, by this time I will find someone to share my life with and hope to leave this country for his to live happily with him for the rest of our days:) Yes, honey, it is very simple, I dream of the eternal love, and I believe it can come true, because I have the example of my grandparents, when they live happily for more than 50 years already and they are still very good friends and I enjoy their company very much! I am sorry my parents divorced, but it so happened, that they realized, they didn't want to keep the family only because of us, with time they lost feeling to each other, and waited till we are old enough not to break our hearts when we were younger... Still they did break our hearts, because it is always hard to have a feeling, that you do not have a full family:( That's why i would give my world to have a close, stable and wonderful family of my own, and I will do all possible to make it flourish with time! I am a very affectionate woman, and I believe my passion will help me keep the heart of my husband for days! :)
I realize now, that I need a man by my side, to fill my heart with love, tenderness, passion,care, then I will be completely happy. Having the right man next to me would be the height of happiness for me. In a man I like the calmness, kindness, tenderness, honesty, faithfulness, intelligence. What I don't like is the superficiality, aggressiveness, capriciousness, selfishness, which were rather common in the men I knew here. In my opinion mutual love, support, understanding, trust and respect are very important for a successful relationship between a man and a woman. I'm searching for harmony and a good match in spirit, body and soul in order to be happy and comfortable together for a lifetime, in good times and in bad times.
I heard somewhere and want to repeat this beautiful phrase: Love starts where the desire for return stops! Do you agree with this, honey?
Well my darling, i need to finish my letter to you, but I have such a feeling, that I do not want to stop, I love talking to you so much! I hope to hear from you in the future, tell me please, did you ever think what you want from your future wife, your future family? What do you do for living, tell me anything you find important, I will be happy to listen!
I hope to hear back soon.
Take care,
Your Irishka:)
Letter 3
Dearest William,
Hello! How are you? I hope that you are doing well and that my letter brings a smile to you. I am very happy to have received your letter. You know, honey, I felt I was a little girl today, sitting at college and looking at my watch each minute, waiting for the classes to stop and for me to be free and be able to come to the agency and talk to you:) It was such a nice feeling, that I had, longing to talk to you, I haven't felt this way for such a long time in my life:)
William, my darling, i will be very happy to get some books from you if you could mail them to me, here is my address:
Irina Troshenko
Mayakovskogo Street 31
Lugansk 91005
As for the houses that i am interested in, these are the cottages mostly, I like planning people's houses, I like to give my warmth to the people!
Honey, I really enjoyed and agreed with everything that you wrote about in your letter. I will try to communicate a little bit about my feelings with every letter that I send to you. I think that the small things in a relationship are among the most important. Things like asking your partner how his day was, telling him that he is handsome, thanking him for the flowers or a small present, or bringing him some trifle for no reason other than to tell him you love him. These things may seem trivial and simple, but I truly believe that they go a long way in showing each other that you are respected, appreciated and loved. Sometimes people get too caught up in their daily routine and forget about these small but important gestures. I hope that you understand what I am trying to say. It is so important not to get trapped in the daily routine of chores and work, so that you do not lose sight of the things that are truly meaningful. What do you think of that?
I will wind this letter up here, but will be looking forward to continue our story next time, receiving your letter. And I do wish we called it a Love Story soon. :)
With admiration, respect and hope,
Letter 4
My dear William,
I was so happy today when I came to the agency from my studies and was told that there is a letter from you. :) I felt so good and now I am so happy to have read your letter:) Honey, I will be very happy to get some English books from you, and it would be great if there could be the tapes as well, because it would be much more effective if I could listen to what I read!
William, my darling, of course I told my mother about you, and she is very happy that we met each other. She doesn't worry about the age different same as me, because she understands that it is very good that you are older and wiser than me, her heart feels, that you are a good man for me!
Thank you sweetheart for telling me about your ideal woman... Frankly speaking, I think people all over the world wish for the same things from their partner, and the most important thing is how the people go along in life, how much they are compatible, and how much they love each other! If there is love, support, understanding and care in the relationship, any problem will be solved!
Darling, it's so cold today and it's been raining the whole day. Brr, I don't like such a weather when I have to go out. I like it only when I can enjoy myself staying at home then, and watching poor miserable things walking along the streets. :) Just kidding, but I mean it's always great to feel yourself warm and comfortable when you know that somewhere it is cold but you can enjoy the comfort of your cozy home:) A lot of people get influenced by rain, they claim their mood often depends on that, but I think that if there is this sun shining in your heart which warms your soul, it doesn't matter at all what is going on outside. Do you like rain, my darling?
As for me, when I am watching it (from my window of course;) I feel a certain calmness and it always makes me dreamy. The same was today. When I came to college today, I was all wet, my shoes were filled with water and I think i made a miserable sight. :( And when I came to the lecture, I was at first doing my best writing, but then, when I became warm, I felt that i was falling asleep. :) And I did fell asleep! :)
But then i had to wake up and go on writing. :( You know, there are so many subjects we do at college. Of course my major is architecture, but in this country the education is very broad, we have to learn too many subjects which do not have anything to do with our major. But of course my favorite ones are those which deal with my major, I love drawing different plans and schemes, i love creating new styles in the looks of the houses that we design. Sorry to say, we do not deal with computers at college, i believe in your country there are many such machines and the students do not have to use so much paper as we do. :) But computers are too expensive for our schools, that's why we use it just a little bit, there is one one class for the whole college which has computers in it, can you imagine? :)) But we are used to it, that;s why there are so many of us who can't use computer at all:( But I know the computers are the future, the same as the internet, and hope it will help me find MY future:)) Of course with time I will handle the computer easily, i love dealing with technics and will be a good student, I only need to find the teacher, maybe you, honey? Will you teach me how to use the computer? ;)
Darling, I also want to learn English, I am now so sorry i wasn't learning it at school, I never thought of the possibility that my future man will not be Ukrainian. But now that I have realized that my destiny is not here in Ukraine, I will have to take some efforts to learn it! You know, i have already tried several times to read a textbook, but i can't read two pages even, I fall asleep immediately. :) I think I need a good stimulus for that, what do you think of that, honey?
What about you, my darling, tell me about your work more. I am really interested. And why did you choose this kind of job?
And again it turned out to be a huge letter. :) But I need to somewhere apply my great potential for writing, do you mind being my reader?:)
I am thinking of you,
Your Irishka:)
Letter 5
My dearest William,
Thank you so much for your beautiful letter, I enjoyed reading about your work as always when i receive your letters:) Honey, I am terribly sorry about what has happened to your friend and that girl, I understand that it is so easy to play with man's feeling, and it is such a grief for him to lose his hope and love! I always feel terrible when people cause pain to their beloved ones, but don't you agree, such cases are very popular not only on the Internet, but in everyday life as well, when people hurt each other, and sometimes it happens because of money!
I remember we talked about honesty in life and I thought I told you, that I hate lies as well!! I don't want to be a liar. You see, there are many people who abuse each other and they tend to neglect other people, but I was brought up differently. I can never betray a person if he treats me well. I'm too kind-hearted. sometimes when people are mean to me, I try to be mean too, but I can't because I'm too tender and warm and I wish I were less soft, but maybe this is a real gift what I have and I will be right and rewarded one day that I manage to stay kind and honest with every one around. I try to tell myself that it's not me who is wrong, those bad people are wrong, they have a bad way of living, and they will have what they deserve. And then will be our turn to laugh. :) No, I don't wish harm to my enemies, they are leading the life they can, but sometimes of course I feel sorry for them, they don't understand what is good or bad, they don't distinguish between good and evil.
I think after the time we have known each other, you are able to make some conclusions as to my personality, my goals and plans, my attitude to you! William, tell me honestly, after reading all my letters, have you ever had an impression, that I was lying? I believe you, and I believe in us, and I don't want to lose you!
My darling, but I am a bit sad now, writing this letter to you, because we have run short of the five free letters the agency gave us...
I don't want to lose you now in the very beginning of our relations, because I do feel we could be happy together, and we have so many things to talk to each other about! I really want to hope this will not be the end.... I want this wonderful story to continue, what about you?
But now I speak English too badly, and if I went to some Internet cafe, I would have to pay there and hire an interpreter! It would be even more difficult than here at the agency, when the only thing I need is write the letters, which are translated for you, and yours are translated for me. :)) I am sorry we'll have to pay, but I really hope it won't stop our letters, because I do feel there is something more to them, than just letters - I mean, we are TALKING to each other, and that IS important!!! Of course, I have been trying to learn English, but I think, if I did meet that man, I wanted to be with, I would do it fast, I am a very capable girl:)
Although we have talked to each other not for a very long time, i do feel we are compatible and this would be unfair if we had to stop thses relations, which have just started.
I like you very much and I will be happy to go on and see what we can turn this growing attraction into. You are more than a man I have been exchanging letters with, you are the man who I have been TALKING to all this time, and now I realize how important you have become to me!
I would pay for the letters gladly and without thinking, but I am not able to do it, you know that I don't work, and besides I have to pay for my education. My mother helps me with all my expenses, but I can't hang this on her shoulders as well:(
I think it's up to you, dear William, to decide whether we will stay in touch or not. I would be very sorry to lose you before we developed something serious!
Missing you,
Your Irina
Letter 6
Dear William,
This is the message from the Faraway Bride agency. You are corresponding with the member of our agency Irina Troshenko. We want to inform you that our services are not free. You have the chance to know each other better using the free service "the five letters free acquaintance", which lets the people know as much as possible about the person they have chosen to correspond with, as soon as it is over some of the partners have to pay for our service for translations and sending the letters via the Internet, for scanning the pictures etc). As far as you understand we suggest the gentleman to pay it first, because we know that it is not easy for our members, they are all young girls and mostly don't earn the money themselves.
Your five letters free correspondence is over, so we suggest you to think over your relations with Irina and to decide whether you want to continue them or not. Now you know the lady that you have chosen to correspond with better and you can make a decision. On her side, she is very interested in you and your relations.
If you want to know more information about our services, you are welcome to write to
We will be glad to answer all of your questions and we are open for cooperation.
Best wishes,
Manager of the agency
Letter 7
Dear William,
Thank you for your concern. We'll be happy to help you and your Lady to maintain close relations being so far away from each other.
We are interested in helping as many lonely people as possible to find their one and only. But as any organization we do not work for free, we have to cover our own expenses. They include Internet connection, letters delivery, translation services, pictures being scanned and printed out and so on.
Still we don't want you to waste your time and money and efforts. Thinking of the effectiveness of our work, we give you and the lady you are writing to a chance of exchanging 5 letters for free (10 in general). If you are sure of your choice and want to continue writing to the lady, you can join our agency's membership, which will cost you 60$ a month. This sum of money will allow you to exchange an unlimited amount of letters and pictures. ATTENTION! Two months membership costs 110$,
Three months membership costs 150$ If you find not buying the membership more convenient way of writing, here is the information you might need. 1 letter from you - 3$
1 letter from your Lady - 3$
1 picture from you - 5$
1 picture from your Lady - 5$
Flower and presents delivery: How can a man show his love and affection when he is so many miles away from his beloved one?
Signs of love have always been the small pleasant trifles, that do not cost you much, but that arouse a lot of happy emotions in your girl's heart. Don't miss an opportunity to make your lady smile and think of you. Her sheer feeling will be a reward for that, don't you think so? The bouquet of flowers - 60$
The bouquet of roses - 60$
Toys - 30$
Fine chocolate - 20$
Fruit-basket - 30$ - 50$
Perfumes - 50$ - 100$ and more.
A big cake - 100-300$
Set of cosmetics - 50$
Jewelry - 50-200$ This is just a small part of what can make your lady happy. The wider selection of gifts you will be able to find visiting our web-site To the right in the 'GIFTS' section there is everything you might need to make a wonderful surprise for your lady. THERE ARE THREE WAYS OF MAKING THE PAYMENT: The payments are accepted in US dollars. 1. Western Union money transfer system.
2. Bank Account.
3. The payment can be completed by a credit card on-line on our web-site. WWW.FARAWAYBRIDE.COM Please, choose the most convenient way and contact us immediately to get further information Thank you for your attention, we are free to any suggestion from your side. Just remember that anything we do is to bring happiness to the lives of our members. Our best wishes,
The Faraway Bride Agency manager
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