Scam letter(s) from Julia Popova to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Letter 2
Hello, my new friend!
It was very nice to receive your letter.
Excuse me, I didn't write you because I work much and I don_t have computer at home write you from my girlfriend.
And now about myself. You know:my name is Juliya
I am 28. I am from Russia. I live in Zvenigovo.
I am ecologist on Hydro-electrostation on the Volga-river. My work is very interesting. You can see me on my photo. I wait your photos. I want to find the man, who will respect and love me, with whom I will be able to live happy for my whole life. i I hope that it will not take place, because I like yours profile very much .
If you will not like me write me about it, please. I think, that good relations are under construction first of all on trust. We should learn each other better.
I have now children, but I want to have them. I have my parents. I live with them.
My mother is 49, my father is 53. My father is the officer in resignation, he participated in war with Afghanistan, and he was wounded there. I do not have native brothers and sisters. (there is a cousin). At leisure I like to walk in park.
To go by a boat with friends. I like to go to cinema. I listen to music, different all depends on me and my feelings. Also I like to go on concerts. Tell that you do at leisure?
I like to cook. I cook very good many soups:borsh, solyanka_and other very tasty things. I love animals. I have a small cat. His name is Druzhok.
Forgive, my time comes to the end. I will answer all your questions with pleasure. Do not hesitate to ask.
I hope that we will learn about each other all and we will have a good union. Your new friend from Russia Juliya
Letter 3
Hi my love!
excuse, that did not write so long, but my girlfriend leaved also I might not write to you, besides at me was a lot of work. I missed on you, I very much love you and I wait for a meeting.
I hope, that at you all is good!
Yesterday I had a unpleasant history. I was attacked with very bad people. They have taken away all things gold things and have taken away all money which I yesterday have received at work.
Now I do not have money on anything.
I have spent nerves so much and to me was so terribly when me have seized by a neck and have begun to beat on the person.
They have broken from ears of an ornament. Have broken off clothes and wanted to outrage upon my body, I would beg them in a lap that they did not make it. In the end they have told that joked and did not want to have violence!
If you were with me that you could protect me. I know it. I would want that you were near to me, to me will be very quiet.
I wait for a meeting and want to embrace you.
I very much love you.
Tell, how soon I with you and shall forget a meeting about all. When we shall be together.
I know to me will live very cosy and quietly with you. Hugs and Kiss your Juliya
Letter 4
Yes they have beaten me and have plundered
After that case my mum has got in hospital
Mum had a heart attack and she(it) may die
If I not pay for treatment
Treatment costs(stands) 2000$USA
If you may help that to mum money
I went in police but it is all vainly
I trust in love at first sight
And you?
I yet to time to not test the man
I still innocent I the girl
I to search for prince on a white horse
This prince may you?
If you want to help my mum that money
Transfer(translate) through Westernunion or in city of Kazan
KAZAN, 420051
Kupriyanova Juliya
To specify to me a full name and a surname
The country staff(state) city
And a code of 10 figures
I hope for yours to help
My prince on a white horse Kupriyanova Juliya
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