Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Popova to Jacob (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my new friend!
It was very nice to receive your letter.
Excuse me, I didn't write you because I work much and I don_t have computer at home write you from my girlfriend.
And now about myself. You know:my name is JULIYA I am 28. I am from Russia. I live in Zvenigovo I am ecologist on Hydro-electrostation on the Volga-river. My work is very interesting.
You can see me on my photo. I wait your photos.
I want to find the man, who will respect and love me, with whom I will be able to live happy for my whole life. i I hope that it will not take place, because I like yours profile very much .
If you will not like me write me about it, please. I think, that good relations are under construction first of all on trust.
We should learn each other better.
I have now children, but I want to have them. I have my parents. I live with them. My mother is 49, my father is 53. My father is the officer in resignation, he participated in war with Afghanistan, and he was wounded there. I do not have native brothers and sisters. (there is a cousin).
At leisure I like to walk in park. To go by a boat with friends. I like to go to cinema. I listen to music, different all depends on me and my feelings. Also I like to go on concerts. Tell that you do at leisure? I like to cook. I cook very good many soups:borsh, solyanka_and other very tasty things.
I love animals. I have a small cat. His name is Druzhok. Forgive, my time comes to the end. I will answer all your questions with pleasure.
Do not hesitate to ask.
I hope that we will learn about each other all and we will have a good union.
Your new friend from Russia JULIYA
Letter 2
Hi!It is very nice to receive your letters.I want to warn you :I can not to answer you quickly.Because I write from my girlfriend. It is very expensive.I can not to be at girlfriend every day,but I will try to do it more often.I want to ask you some questions:What do you do at free time?Where do you work?Do you go in for sports?What kind of sport?What woman do you want to find by internet?Do you like me?I think,you are very interesting man.Write me more about yourself,please.And I tell you about myself more.It is very interesting to work by ecologist.My work includes to test a water of Volga-river and to test soil. To watch cleanliness of our environment.Our nature is very beautiful and we try to keep it .My town is on the Volga.It is very wonderful.We can to swim and to sunbathe under the sun.I like to swim and I do it very often.Since 11 I am engaged in swimming in pool.I think,it is interesting to you to know why I decidedto find my sweetheart-man by internetI will answer:I have best girl-friend,she is married on man.He lives in Australia.She is 24, he is 40.She lives with him.We write to each other often.She write me that she is very happy . She has informed very good news: they will have the child .And I decided to find my sweetheart abroad.Excuse me,my time is over.Answer on all my questions and send to me your photo,please.I will wait your letter.
Your friend from Russia,
Letter 3
Hi!I am very glad to your letters, I always wait when I shall come in the internet and I shall read and write to you!Heart experiences mine, you have left a wound in my heart and this wound is closedwhen I read your letters!I do not blame you, was not present on against I am glad to this!I wanted to find persons similar to my soul I think that I have found! It you!It silly seems to fall in love with letters and a photo, in letters I see yoursoul, yours feelings to me! I want to thank you for the big attention to me!But the big request do not play with me if it is game! My heart young and soft andme will be difficult to go through loss! I do not aspire to receive you I then to leave was not present! I try tounderstand you and to write more about myself!But I do not deny that you are necessary for me, you became whom that importantand necessary for me!And even if to us I shall not be fated to meet to remember you always!All in your hands! Do not leave me and I shall not leave you and once we shallmeet!To go in the girlfriend I was very difficult also envy for you that you havethe computer!But it not difficulty between us! The present difficulty is the distance betweenus!And we should overcome this difficulty shortly! For now we should strengthenrelations!I want to ask you! You could pay my stay to you? I not the rich girl in Russia, and I can not affordsuch luxury! My day has passed usually! I had no entertainment, I do not go to do walk weatherbad, I to visit a sports hall I have no means!At work we have a working boat and were quite often rolled on the river! At present weather does not allow to do it!In Russia there is time when it is possible to have many entertainments thissummer!I live in an average part of Russia and we have no a warm climate to bathe andsunbathe it is possible only 2 months!In the winter coldly also only it is possible to be rolled on a ski!If I shall have the computer of a house I shall sit and write only to you letters! You have a fireplace of a house? Very much to like me open fire! I look at it and I would want that burned my heartalso!You have inflated coal in my heart and I feel your heat!Under your letters I understand that I am necessary for you!It so? What lifes has made for the sake of me and our happiness?It is very interesting to me!I want to know what character at you?My character is very loyal! I was difficult for deducing from itself!I very much goods! And if I see that the person I open the soul never I turn awayfrom him !Do not turn away from me! Please!I finish to write the letter, but I shall think of you!I hope that we shall together soon!I shall wait the letter!Yours for ever Juliya!
Letter 4
Hi my love!
excuse, that did not write so long, but my girlfriend leaved also I might not write to you, besides at me was a lot of work.
I missed on you, I very much love you and I wait for a meeting. I hope, that at you all is good!
Yesterday I had a unpleasant history. I was attacked with very bad people.
They have taken away all things gold things and have taken away all money which I yesterday have received at work.
Now I do not have money on anything.
I have spent nerves so much and to me was so terribly when me have seized by a neck and have begun to beat on the person. They have broken from ears of an ornament. Have broken off clothes and wanted to outrage upon my body, I would beg them in a lap that they did not make it. In the end they have told that joked and did not want to have violence! If you were with me that you could protect me. I know it. I would want that you were near to me, to me will be very quiet. I wait for a meeting and want to embrace you. I very much love you.
Tell, how soon I with you and shall forget a meeting about all. When we shall be together.
I know to me will live very cosy and quietly with you.
Hugs and Kiss your Juliya!
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