Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Spiridonova to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear friend,
My name is Tatyana. I am 25. I am very sorry for a long silence but I couldn't write you as I was on a business trip. I am a hairdresser and took the course of improving my qualification.
What are you? What are your hobbies? How old are you? Tell me about your city...
I live in Malmyzh, it's a city in Kirov Region, Russia. It's not a big city but very green and nice.
I live alone and it's really a problem to find a soulmate here as many of the men abuse of spirits.
That's why I decided to find my right man via Internet. And I chose you to try serious relations with. Please, tell me if you are serious about relations?
How long are you in the Internet?
I will wait for your photos impatiently and for the information about you.
Ask me any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
I think I will finish my short letter.
p.s. I send you a photo of me.
Letter 2

Hello, Robert,
I will wait for your letter! The photo is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3

Hello, Robert,
I sent you 2 letters but no response from you. Please, let me know, if you want to develop relations with me or not?
Waiting for your soon letter,
Letter 4

Hello, Robert,
Thank you very much for your letter! It was very interesting for me to learn more things about you. It seems that we have much in common. Well, I'd love to tell you a few words about myself.
I am a jolly lady, who always try to find a way in any difficult situation and never say die. I am an optimistic lady and love kind people who don't humiliate others.
I adore nature, love to relax with calm music as well as rock and modern. I love world movies such as "Good mind", "green mile", "preety woman", "escaped" and othehrs.
I live alone, rent apartment. I want to take a kitten as it's very boring to live without pets and of course without a soulmate. My friend who got a foreigner told me to try to find my happiness via Internet. So, I browsed the site and found your profile. I thought at once that we could build strong relations with you. And decided to write you.
I forgot to tell you about my family. I am the only child in the family.
My Mom is a pensioner, she was a teacher before retired. My father is a pensioner too, he was a military man before. Write me about your family more. Tell me about your country and city.
Tell me, if you are interested in developing our relations?
I will wait for your letter,
Letter 5

Hello, Robert,
Thanks so much for the nice letter and photo!
You know, I get used to get your letters and get more interested in you.
Please, tell me about your past serious relations?
How do you treat a woman? I want to know everything about you...
I finished my serious relations last year and am now seriously looking for a new love. I am not here to play games or promise the world just to find out if my match is somewhere close. I have never been internet dating as I only started just before Christmas (my Christmas at least!). It is new and scary . i think that maybe I can be lucky to find the right one.
My hope is that we can build a friendship and then eventually make arrangements to meet (as I think this is the only way to really understand how we feel about each other) and then let fate take it's course. I used to work as a hairdresser but I have changed my job not long ago.
As I told you I was about to quit my job of a hairdresser and was going to beging a job of a designer. So today was my first day-)
I work in the advertising now, design. I like what I do.
I love many things to do- cooking food, travel, theatre, cinema, sports, dancing, reading books and so many things...
Ideally, I would like to find things to do with my partner, care and support him and join him in new things we do together. Above all be happy and grow closer together.
Please, write me sooner,
Letter 6

Hello, Robert,
Thanx for your nice letter and photo!-) I thought much about you today. You know, I thought of one thing- when people begin to learn each other better, you want to be much closer with him. This is what is happenning to me now... I caught myself at the fought that I am more interested by you that I thought I could be.
But I don't want to be too fast. Tell me, do you believe that it's possible to fall in love on the Internet? There are many stories, sad and nice. But I don't want to believe sad stories, so that it don't happen to me. Let's don't don't talk about sad things. -) Tell me better, what's the weather like there? And what is the climate there? Here the climate is becoming warmemr with each year.
Winters become warmer, but summers are still not very hot. People get used to such a climate here and love it-)
I will wait for your soon letter and questions.
Take care,
Letter 7

Hello, Robert,
Thanx a lot for your letter! How are you there? I am very well. I love my new job very much. I couldn't believe it will be so interesting. I help to make projects in different advertisements.
It's amazing!... I love creativity and I think that I am very artistic and creative person. I am very open-minded and love people a lot. I try to be kind with everyone and mild. And I don't like people who loves to show off. Simplicity is one of my life principle. Last week I finished to read Paolo Koeljo. I adore this writer. What books have you read from him? Each his book adds much to your life experience.
What are your favourite books? What have you read from Russian literature? What do they say about Russia there and our President?
Everything about you and your country concerns me greatly!
I am very interested in you and now I used to you and your letters a lot! Please, send me your photos! Tell me everything about you!
Thanx for a nice photos with pretty ladies-)
Miss you a lot,
Letter 8

Hello, Robert,
It's always so pleasant to get email from you. I wish to get it more often as I miss you very much with each day. I feel a bit scary that I used to you as I am afraid of disappointments. I like you very much now and want our relations to grow into something serious. Tell me what feelings have you got for me? Please, be honest with me. I am very lonely here, and now when I understand that you are likely to be my soulmate, I feel very excited about it. I want you to send me more photos of yours! I am sending you the photo of me and my Mom.
As for our meeting, honey. You know, I'd prefer to visit your at first and see how you live there, people there, country etc...
Tell me if you will help me to arrange the trip to you? What is the airport I will fly to?
Thanx for your nice photos again-) Asks about how we can arrange meeting
I will wait for your soon letter, honey!
Your Tanya.
Letter 9

I miss you a lot too, Robert! Please, send me your photos!
Letter 10

Hello, Robert,
Thanx a lot for your love letter! you are very handsome! What did you do yesterday? I am having a break now and I ran to the Internet cafe to check email from you. I am so glad that you wrote me! Thank you for all your compliments and nice words to me. I saw you in my dream today-)... the feeling I had was undescriable... I was excited about you so much when I saw you at our first meeting... When I woke up, I decided to write you today about this. I believe in dreams, and I want this dream to come true. Do you see me in your dreams? Or do you have any signs of destiny about me? I am very keen on you, you should know this! This feeling is very close to love... but I don't want to be fast, and of course, when we meet we will have many talks and see if we love each other. I Want to meet you very much now! And this is my aim now.
I will wait for your soon letter, honey.
Your sweet,
p.s. I send you a photo of my sister and my close friend, and me-)
Letter 11

Hello, Robert,
I have great news, dear!It seems my dreams come true. Today we had a meeting at my work with Boss. He told us the following news. Our company is going to enlarge experience in advertising design and marketing, and he sends us to business trip to your country! He asked who desires to go, of course, I said- I want!
I nearly fell down from a chair and couldn't believe that this is happenning to me.
The last month so much happy happened to me- I met you!
I got a wonderful job, and now I have a chance to meet you! We are going 4 people.
Project Manager, 2 newcomers (me too-) and one old worker. We are going the next week! I will let you know the details. Please, tell me, if you will be able to meet me there? and what do you think about all this?
We are going for 2 weeks. I am sure that I will manage to spend much time with you. The most important for me is to see you! The boss has already applied for visas for us.
I am very excited about all this!
Will wait for your letter,
Your love,
p.s. Remind me of the city where you live and your home address ok?
Letter 12

Hello, Robert,
I am very happy to get your letter and very glad that you are happy about our soon meeting too!
So, as for my trip to you. On Sunday we are going to Moscow.
I will write you from there how the things are going.
We haven't recieved visas yet, so will will go to the Embassy to get it and then come back here I hope on Tuesday. I will write you from Internet cafe from Moscow and will let you know how the things are ok? What are you being busy with? What's the news with you?
I'll wait for your soon letter!
Your love,
Letter 13

Hello, Robert,
I am very glad to get your letter!But you don't say anything about our meeting, if you are happy to see me or not...
I write you from Internet cafe from Moscow. At last I managed to find it and have a chance to write you. I have problems with visa and hope very much that you will help me. I can't get visa as I don't fulfil one of the immigtant's restrictions to get it- I should have not less than $600 on the acc and show this paper to them otherwhise they may not let me quit Russia. I borrowed $250 but lack $350. and can't find where I can get it. I rely on your help only honey. If not, then I wouldn't be able to get visa then. We were not told about this thing before. And now all of us are searching for money.
I will return it to you as soon as we meet honey. I want to meet you very much, Robert. My full name is Spiridonova Tatyana, you can send the money to me to Moscow through Western Union.
I agree on this trip only because of our meeting, and you know this. I can't express my feelings now, and don't know what to do. Please, let me know sooner, if you will be able to help me with the money tomorrow. Because we live Moscow tomorrow evening or the day after tomorrow.
I will wait for your soon letter,
Your Tanya
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