Letter(s) from Siarhei Rusakou to Edgar (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello! Thank you very much for your message. I liked your photos. I have to say that you are a very pretty man.I live alone. I`m working in the models agency. I earn a little money but it almost enought for me.
I hope we will be able to be together. I like cook. Especial cakes, pizza and choken soup which I make at home. I like children. I like nature. I like classic and modern music. I read Russian writers such as Bunin and Nabokov. I want to visit Rome because I think that it is a very beautyful city. Especial together with a good and honest man

Letter 2

Hi! I'm glad to hear from you.
I`m in the internet club now and I don`t have a time write a big letter. But next time I will do it.
There is a winter in Minsk. It`s cold. But the dream of my life to live in the country where it`s hot even in the winter. To see the sea, palms and southern sun is my dream.
I never been to Italy. I think that Italy is a very romantic country. And it will be good if we meet each other there and know each other better.
I have a question for. Will you invite me in Rome sometime. I`m sending to my photo.

Letter 3

Hello! Thank you very much for your wonderful words. I think that it is great that I found you. I hope we will be able to be together. Unfortunetly I don`t have more photos in my computer. But you have a chance to see me in the reality.
I hope I will meet you as soon as it is possible. I want to walk with you on the streets of Rome and I want to look into your eyers very much!
We will know each other better in the reality. I think it`s a right way to know someone. But ticket to Italy costs 300 dollar. It is very expensive for me. I earn a little money in my agency. It is enought for pay the flat and a little more. I hope you will help me with money for ticket. Maybe it is possible for you to send money to me in the Prior Bank (Minsk, Republic of Belarus).
I`m waiting for your message.