Scam letter(s) from Yana Seregina to Sergio (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Sergio!
I do not know how I can describe in words my joy that we started our correspondence but believe me I really feel it! Why? Because for you and for me from this moment opens the door to a new life in which there will be no loneliness any more, no more sleepless nights when waiting for happiness that would pass over us. I am fed up with waiting and I decided to find my destiny myself. I want us to get to know what the true love is, to learn to accept it and give it, and to create a family in future. You know a little bit about my wishes and intentions but I think that it will be interesting for you to learn about my life and about myself, too. So, my name is Yana but my parents and close friends call me Yanusia. You can call me what you like more. I am 23. For two years already I work as a primary school teacher. Notwithstanding that my salary is very small like that of all teachers, I like my work very much. It's a big pleasure to communicate with little children. I try to pay more attention to each child from my form, to make every little boy and every little girl want to go to school every morning, to make learning a fun and not a burden. Sometimes it is rather difficult to achieve that but then my work is even more interesting for me. I live with my parents. I have an elder brother. He is 28. He is already married and lives separately. Hope that you liked reading about myself.
I'm looking forward to your next letter. Have a nice day!
Yours, Yana
Letter 2
Hello my dear Sergio, how are you? I am fine!
I want to talk to you seriously. I don't know, maybe I hurry up. Frankly speaking, it's hard for me, because I don't know what to start with. And I always remember my promise to be honest and frank, it gives me confidence! I want to ask your help. I don't insist and demand, I just ask. As I told you before, my salary is very small. It's because I work not in commercial sector, but in state institution, in school. In order to correspond with you I have to pay to the translator from the Internet cafe, whose service I use. For me 100$ is rather big money. I don't want to ask my parents to help. As far as I decided to make such a serious step and create a family, I think I am adult enough woman to solve such problems without their help. And it is natural that I addressed you first of all. My dear Sergio, it is hard for me to guess what you feel reading my letter, but I hope that my words didn't hurt you in any way. Write me, please, what you think about it!!!
The photo made in Lugansk where I live now, in the little park in the center of the city. If you some day come here I'll show it to you!
I am looking forward to your reply,
with love,
your Yanusia
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