Scam letter(s) from Yana Seregina to Roy (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Roy!
Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. Every time I read your letter, a smile touches my lips and even I can say that I feel happy! I hope very much that you feel the same or something very close to it. I believe that with the time we will achieve the complete harmony in our relationship, learn to understand each other real fast, to see the slightest change of the mood and just feel like we are two halves of a whole. I have never felt that but I believe that it exists and that it is really wonderful to feel. Yesterday evening I was sitting with my fluffy pet in my arms, was scratching him behind the ears and thinking about you. I tried to imagine our relationship develop in future, to picture to myself what is in store for us and no matter what images I had all they were vivid, filled with love and warmth of the soul and Prosha (it is the name of my cat) was purring with satisfaction as if he agreed with me in everything. Maybe I'm too in a hurry with something but I believe that any dreams can come true if we make enough effort and believe that everything will be Ok. Do you agree? it is natural that on our way we can meet the difficulties but together we will overcome them. Though without difficulties it is easier to live. If I encounter a problem that is hard to solve, the best thing for me is to spend a couple of hours in the swimming pool. Water helps me to relax. For some time I forget about everything and then the decision comes all on its own. I try to go to the swimming pool at least once a week. I like tennis and horse riding, too. And what kinds of sport do you like? What is your attitude to pets? Unfortunately my English is very poor. I know only some words. The letters that you receive are translated by the translator but of course, I write them myself. I understand that in future I will have to learn English not to improve our communication and I'm going to do it as soon as I can. I think that the fact that we speak different languages will not prevent us from developing tender feelings to each other. Agree?
I would like to ask you about your plans for near future. What are you expecting from our relations, from me?
I send you my smile. Remember that I am thinking of you and missing your letters.
If you have any questions, please ask - I will answer them with pleasure. I want us to be open to each other!
Your Yanochka
Letter 2
Hello dear Roy!
This is me again, your Yanochka and again I have a smile on my face. Thank you for replying to my letter. The more I get to know you the more I understand that we have lots in common, we share the same desires and ideas about life. Yesterday evening I thought a lot about you and me and I feel that we can make it in spite of the thousands of kilometers between us. The most important thing is to have the desire to be together and then we can overcome any difficulties. Do you agree? Today I plan to tell my mother that I am corresponding with you. How do you think, I'm doing right or I have to wait a little? The fact that you have children from the previous relations doesn't bother me. We both have our separate past, but I hope that we'll have the common future together!
With tender kiss,
your Yanochka.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Roy, how are you? I am fine!
I want to talk to you seriously. I don't know, maybe I hurry up. Frankly speaking, it's hard for me, because I don't know what to start with. And I always remember my promise to be honest and frank, it gives me confidence! I want to ask your help. I don't insist and demand, I just ask. As I told you before, my salary is very small. It's because I work not in commercial sector, but in state institution, in school. In order to correspond with you I have to pay to the translator from the Internet cafe, whose service I use because I don't know English. For me 100 USD is rather big money. I don't want to ask my parents to help. As far as I decided to make such a serious step and create a family, I think I am adult enough woman to solve such problems without their help. And it is natural that I addressed you first of all. My dear R, it is hard for me to guess what you feel reading my letter, but I hope that my words didn't hurt you in any way. Write me, please, what you think about it!!!
With all my love,
your Yanochka
Letter 4
Hi, Roy, thank you very much for the letter, be sure, I get all your letter and photos!
How are you, my heart? It seems that spring decided to visit us here in Lugansk, yesterday the temperature was +14*C and sun was shining. I couldn't repute the pleasure to walk couple hours outdoors. I came to the market-place to buy some greens and sugar, I bought all I wanted and that time I saw something I had never seen before - they sell flowers by weight!!! Yellow mimosas were laying out on the ground with great armfuls. I could resist myself and bought one flower. Walking through the street women watched me smiling, perhaps they thought that mimosa is presented me by my beloved man, they couldn't know that you are so far away from me. Nevertheless I found it pleasant to see these smiles whatever cause of them was, the most important in smile is its kindness and sincerity. Men were smiling too, but I don't know what they thought, I think it would be very well if seeing me they remember their girls or wives and present them something pleasant, let it be just a trifle, but pleasant trifle from sincere heart!!! I returned home feeling myself happy, spring is a time of new hopes, optimism and love!!! It is so good that I have you, all tenderness of my heart I can give you in my letters!!!
The simplest way to help me with the payment is to send money through the Western Union to my name, unlimited month correspondence costs 100 USD. You need my full name and address for that:
Geroyev Brestkoy Kreposty block, 4/51
Lugansk 91016
Naumenko Yana.
But if you have any questions, you can ask the manager of the IC directly, the e-mail is: I am looking forward to your reply,
with love,
your Yanochka
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