Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Razgonova to Lowell (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my the new friend Lowell.
I am glad to receive your letter. I am very happy that now I write you this letter. I want to speak much more about me. Ok??? My name is Ekaterina. This very much widespread name in Russia. I was born and now I live in Russia. My city a name Kirov City. This city is located in the north of Russia, our weather is cold. It is more 1400-km from Moscow. I am 32 years old. My growth 169 cm, weight of 64 kg. I studied 6 years in Medical in Academy in my city. Now I work as the children's surgeon in my city. I love my work because I help children.
I very much love children but I have not children and I was never married. You probably want to know why I was not married??? In Russia it is a lot of men and they use many alcoholic drinks and want only ***. And I want to find the man of my dream and to create happy family. It is very difficult in Russia. Also I have overlooked to speak you that I do not drink and I do not smoke, but I do not mind if people have this hobbits. I have no brothers and sisters but I have my parents and I very much love them because it is my family. I do not know why I have no brothers and sisters but my mum spoke me what very difficultly to support children and also we live not richly. I work as the doctor of 9 years and I have the big experience but I earn not so much and it 4000-4500 roubles and it approximately 150 American dollars. But I can live on this money because we have the kitchen garden and we raise vegetables. I live in the private house. I hope that you understand my English language because I studied the English language at school of 6 years and also in Academy of 6 years too. Also I speak in English as well as I write. I think that I cannot speak all about me in one letter and consequently I shall continue to speak about me in the following letter. I hope that you will not ignore me and write to me and we shall learn each other better because I think from one letter we do not learn each other. I shall wait for yours the letter.
P.S. I am very glad to get acquainted with you.
I am sorry my e-mail does not work and consequently please write to me on this e-mail:
Letter 2

Hello my love Lowell.
I am very happy that I have met you and now I have understood that I cannot live without you. You my happiness you my love. Every day I think only you. Now my life does not exist without you. I want to speak you that I love you. I do not want that you thought that I rushing but when I think only of you day and night, on work and houses I think that it is love, love which anybody cannot break. I want to be near to you. I want to arrive to you and to create happy family with you. You have stolen my heart and now my heart, my soul, my life all that I have all belongs to you and only to you and I hope that you will not break my heart never. You want to meet me??? I hope that you love me and want to meet me too because without you my life will not exist.
I spoke the manager the Internet of cafe: why the site is spoken that by me scam? The Manager of spoke the Internet of cafe to me that the site is only American but I live in Russia and consequently a site deleted mine a profile.
Now the site considers me scam because I have been removed. Do you understand me?
I have understood that I searched for you all my life and now I do not want to lose you because you my destiny. I do want to fill my loneliness with your love to me, I've never been so happy in my life to look in the mirror and think to my self that you are in my life and I found the man of my dreams, you are the one that has my heart and all my love goes to you. I wake up every day thinking of you and how you how you are at that moment and how nice it would be to see you and hold you. My life is now your life. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 3

Hello my love Lowell.
I am very happy to receive from you letters. You spoke me that you cannot help me with the finance now. I understand your problem. You have not finance and consequently I should try to search an exit from this difficult situation. I shall try to search for the finance or to borrow. I cannot wait to meet with you. I do not want that you were upset. I really want to be your destiny!!! I want to live together with you all my life. I want to enjoy a life together with you. In the summer I would like to go with you to fish, go to sunbathe on a beach,
to look TV together with you, I want to make love with you, I want to lay together with you on a green grass and to learn each other better.
We can make much and consequently the destiny brings for us tests. I think that we should pass this test. I love you so much!!! I want to wake up in the morning together with you and to speak you that I love you every morning. Also I can care of our family and you will have tasty foods every day. Also you can learn me as cook American food and I can cook russian foods and many other things. I am sure that you can do me by the happiest in the world and I can do it too!!! Please be not upset ahead of time, maybe we can find an exit. My girlfriend spoke me that I shall have the tourist visa which will operate in current of 6 months. I think that 6 months to us quite will suffice to find out each other better. Do you agree with me? Also I asked how much finance I shall need for my papers? I need in 140 dollars for travel to Moscow, also for international passport 150 of dollars, 100 dollars for the visa and 150 dollars to live in hotel of Moscow city.
If you will help me I shall buy the ticket to Moscow on the tomorrow on the plane and to come to Moscow. It is our destiny and happiness!!!! I feel I can spend the rest of my life with you. I would be the happiest ******* a planet if I shall be near with you. I want that you were honest with me in the feelings, because I do not want to damage the heart and the feelings. I would like to come to America and have a happy family and house with you. I will spend the rest of my life with you for ever. If we shall live in your house I shall create a domestic cosiness, warmly. I shall care of you and about our happiness. You will be the happiest the man. I can prepare a lot of russian a tasty food. I can meet you and to open to you a door when you will come tired from work. We shall have a happy life. You my destiny. I cry now because when I read your letter my heart had a pain!!! Maybe you could try to borrow the finance, to receive the loan? I think that when I shall arrive to you I can work in your country and the finance will be is not a problem. We can earn enough money and live happily. I want to tell to you that I am not interesting with money, the most important this happiness!!! Please write me. ok? I shall wait your letter.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello my love Lowell!!!
I am sorry but I can not is more write to you because I have no finance to visit the Internet of cafe. I want to correspond with with you but I have no finance. I did not receive the salary 3 months. For 1 hour on the Internet I spend $4 - 5. I think that if you can help me with the finance for the Internet of cafe I can write to you frequently. I have money only for the foodstuffs and I cannot visit the Internet of cafe because if I shall visit the Internet of cafe that I cannot have money for the foodstuffs. Do you understand me?
Russia is poor the country and consequently I do not receive my salary. I shall hope that you will help me with money of $50 - 100 that I could write to you further. I shall be very grateful to you.
Always your Ekaterina
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