Scam letter(s) from Natalia Larkina to Conville (Bahamas)

Letter 1
My Dear Friend
Thank you for your interest, and wish to know me.
Dear,my name is Nataliya.
I'm a student and I'm going to be a teacher. I hope to reach a lot in my profession. I'm romantic and I like to read novels of Remark.
I live in Ukraine in city Lugansk,and unfortunately, I've never been to some other country.
I adore reading and listen to music,actually,I can't imagine my life without it.
Well,I don't know what to tell you more,ask what you wan to know. I'll be glad to answer to your questions.
Hope to hear form you soon, Natty.
Letter 2
Dar Conville,
Thanks for your letter, and for your true interest in me.
Well,the hardest thing is to begin as we say, but then everything goes as it must be. So to tell some words about myself and about my expectations:I am looking for a man to be my one and only love of a lifetime.
I have waited to marry because I wanted that one man upon whom my heart could rest and be content for eternity. My heart reaches out, hoping to find that connection that will feed it and give it warmth and health and energy to sustain it and me - to find that happiness that can only lead to a life of two soulmates truly merged, complete, and fulfilled for the first times in their lives. I am looking for a companion who shares all of his soul with me alone, and who I trust so much that I also divulge all of my most private secrets to. I'm looking for a man whom I could take care of in any unfortunate times and share in the glory of the good times.
I am hoping for such a man. Could this be you? I think yes.
All we have to is to find this out so let's know each other better. I think we can do a lot of good together.
But I am not only looking for a person, I live my life and try to make it full of joy and little pleasures. It is pleasure for me to go to the institute and to get knowledge, it is pleasure for me to go with friends to the gym and to play there volleyball or tennis. I can't help living without sports! They give such energy and I feel better when I had a hard game, though exhausted to the end, but so much excitement! I like swimming very much, though i do it mostly in summer when we go to the river, and have much fun together, but I am lonely then, though I am not alone, I am with my friends, but I lack some special person, with whom I want to share all the pleasures of my life, cause all the joys shared, double pleasure from them. I am hoping for my only and ever half ....
I like listening to music very much! I like most of up-to-date music, and I like creating something new in the kitchen, I like to make surprises to my parents...
I adore reading books and watching films, and I don't mind having a friendly gossip with the girls from my group.
So many things that i even don't know how do I manage to do them all. And what about you? What do you like to do? And what is the color of the sky you would like to have over your head?
Hoping to your letter soon.
My tender hugs and kisses,Natty.
Letter 3
Thank you,dear Conville,
I'd love to visit it.
Letter 4
My Dear,hello,
So, as far as we are getting to know each other better, I guess, it would be interesting for us to know about things we like and dislike. As for me, I am ordinary person and my likes are ordinary too.
Morning sun, shining to my window makes me glad; birds, singing their songs. Bright rain in Spring, when I am ready to run under it. Sad rain in Autumn, when I like to sit near the window with a cup of hot tea, thinking about something or dreaming.
I like to spend a time with my friends or with people which are pleasant to me. I like to make nice small surprises or holidays for my close people.
I like animals a lot because they are sincere and never lie. They give all their love to the person they live with.
I like to look at the baby who is trying to make his first step. I like the thought that one day somebody will call me " Mother " and I will love my baby and take care about him or her.
I like to study and to get new things about everything. It's amazing to realize that world keeps so many mysteries and I can get to know about them.
I like the sea. To sit near it and search colors of it, to listen to waves, to think how wonderful life is.
I hate lie, I hate people who are cruel. I hate wars because of many innocent people who die without any reasons. I hate to be disappointed with somebody. It hurts me much.
Well, it is almost all, in general. What about you? Would you tell me? Think of you,Natty.
Letter 5
Dear Conville,
May be this letter will be not the one you were waiting for, but today I want to speak about nothing but Christmas. This holiday means a lot to everyone:religious or not,old and young,funny and sad. This is the holiday that brings happiness to all hearts and to all souls: this is Christmas.
I want to congratulate you with this great holiday and wish you all stars that can only be found on the blue sky,all flowers that ca be found in all fields of the Earth,and Mad Love that can only exist in the Universe.
I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,joy and gayness, health and good tidings to you and to all your family. Let your soul feel free and calm in this happy day.
I wish I were with you to hold your arm and to dream about sweet days feel that you are near and that there is someone who cares about me and who knows that I can sacrifice everything to be near you,and to be loved by you....
I hope that God's blessing will follow everyone who believes in his mighty and who believes in another great forth,which LOVE is..
And on this holy day I beg you only about one thing:when you are blowing the candle ,after saying the prayer,and before eating your dinner,just recall at least for a second that somewhere in the Earth there is a girl who is thinking about you all days and all nights, dreaming about the second,spent near you...........
Thinking about you......
Letter 6
My Dear Conville,hello,
You know, reading your letter I realized that the real value of love can be felt only when you lose it. My love is so great that I can't stand it, and the whole strength of love is the only thing that keeps me alive.
But the sun is shining brightly, and my heart is full of hope and happiness. I love the best, the most beautiful man I ever met, and he loves me, too. And one day, one exciting day we'll meet in person, and will walk on the seashore hand in hand, and tell each other the secret words, and look on the stars together... Tell me it'll be so!
Your letters are the sense of my life, and the best way of spending time is to write how much I love you. But here's one problem: the time has come to pay for the correspondence. Will you help me, my dear?
I'll wait for your mail day and night!
Be careful.
With eternal love,Natty.
Letter 7
Dear Sir!
I'm Ann, the manager of the firm which provides Natty with Internet, and does the interpreting.
I have to inform you that Natty will be unable to correspond with you for certain time, because she has some kind of financial trouble and can't afford to pay for correspondence.
Natty called to our office and asked to tell this to you, because she was worried you could get offended with her possible silence.
If you have the possibility to help her with the Internet expenses or you have any other idea of solving this problem, please contact me and we will discuss the details.
We will do our best to help your relations with Natty.
If there appear any questions or proposals, I will be always glad to help you.
Sincerely yours,
Ann B.
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