Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Michael (Switzerland)
Letter 1
Hello Michael,
Before starting, I`d like to mention that it`s my first time that I try to get acquainted this way, that`s why I`m not sure what exactly to write about. I`ll just tell you about myself in general, and if you have questions, you`ll only have to ask, OK? I hope, you`ll get interested in me, because I would really like at least to get friends with you, though, frankly speaking, I think about more. Well, sorry if I`m too honest, I didn`t mean anything bad, anyway. So, my name`s Anastasia and I`m twenty four. I live in Lugansk ,it`s a Ukrainian city. I graduated from the East- Ukrainian State University and now I`m a psychologist. I work at the Lugansk Center of Reabilitation for teenagers. Kids come to us with problems which they can`t or are ashamed to discuss with their parents or friends. So they come to us and we try to help them. I really like my job because when the problem is solved and the client smiles I feel like happy myself. I live in a rather big family,there is a sister of mine, she`s two years older than I am. Her name`s Marina and she`s been married for three years already. She`s got a baby, charming one- year old girl, named Anastasia after me. My parents are retired, nevertheless, they both continue working. Dad`s an economist and Mom is a teacher of History. You know, my family is very united, I mean that the connection between us is very strong. There is no such thing that I couldn`t tell my family, and they are always eager to listen and to help. That is why I`ve decided to become a psychologist. I was brought up with the determination that everyone who needs help should get it. When I dream about my future family, just how it`s all going to be, I always imagine that it`s very much alike the one I was brought up in. I want two or even more kids (I LOVE THEM!) and an understanding, kind- hearted husband, clever and with the sense of humor who would share my views. And how do you imagine your family? Maybe, we have the same dream? In my free time I like doing lots of things. My biggest love is tennis. I go in for this kind of sports since my childhood and I should say that I`m pretty good at it. I`m also really fond of watching movies, all kinds of them. My favorite actor is Al Pachino, I really think he is very talented, don`t you? As to music, my tastes are very different. I like Pop the same as Rock or Jazz. So, when I have free time, unfortunately, there isn`t much of it, I usually spend it going out with my friends to cafe or night clubs. Though, more often I stay at home watching a movie or reading a book, just relaxing, you know. When you spend every day communicating with different people, sometimes it feels like you need to stay alone. Have you ever felt anything like that? I also like travelling but, unfortunately, I don`t have much opportunity to do this. Though some day I hope to travel all over the world, would you like to go with me :-) ? Tell me about everything you are interested in, about your goals and dreams, whatever you like me to know about you.
Sorry, have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes!
Your Anastasia.
P.S. I`m sending you my photos and I hope to get a couple of yours. Will you be so nice to send them to me?
Letter 2
Hello, Michael!
I was really glad to hear from you and I liked your letter very much. To tell you the truth, it seems to me that you are the man I was waiting all my life. We have so much in common!
I like communicating with people that`s why I have lots of friends. They say I`m a kind- hearted and very romantic person. I am one of those who fall in love easily, but it can be sometimes very disappointing, you know. It`s just that I notice only good things about people and when it comes out that they are far not so nice as they seem to be, it`s usually rather painful. The point is that I believe people easily and, unfortunately, sometimes I get betraded. Still, I believe that there are more good people and that you are one of them. I long for a serious relationship, beautiful and romantic, with flowers and candle light dinners, with meeting a sunrise together, talking about love. I want kids, a boy and a girl, a nice cozy house and a man, strong, kind- hearted, romantic and honest( just like you, I`m sure) who would be always near. I want us to be real soul mates, to share all laughs and sorrows together. I`m ready to do everything for a beloved person, to be not only a lover for him, but also a friend and a companion who is always ready to help and to solve all the problems together. And I don`t really care if the man of my dream will be from another country, or a person of another nationality or culture, because for real love sky`s the limit. There are only three things that I hate about people, it`s when they are not honest, or cruel, or greedy. These features make me feel really nasty, moreover that I`ve met many such people in my life. Of course, I`m sure that you are not the man of that kind, and, if you share my views and want to have serious relationship with a person like me, let us try to do this. Maybe, we are meant to be together? I`m looking forward to hear from you and, by the way, thanks for finding my photos nice and charming. I am really pleased.
Faithfully yours,
Letter 3
Dear Michael,
Thank you for using our services and your serious interest in Anastasia She applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. At the same time Anastasia wants to find her soul mate and she seriously interested in you and hopes to develop your relationships.
For the moment her account is over. If you are seriously interested in continuation of correspondence with her, contact us to get more details about our service and payment.
We hope our offer is interesting for you.
Sincerely Yours
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