Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Birukova to Georg (Germany)

Letter 1

Unfortunately I am not able to write of the long letters.
All that I could tell about myself I has written in the first letter. Other all trivialities of life.
I now very bad condition, since at me have a lot of problems. But your letters I raise my mood.

Letter 2

All always speak, that can help, and on business it does not occur. I do not love to speak about the problems, since I do not want that you not correctly have understood me.
Now I am . in a difficult material rule(situation). My mum is sick. At mine of the sisters the life.
And me the computer is taken on credit. And the telephone soon will disconnect for non-payment.
I very much search for work, but at us her(it) not so simply to find. I do not want that you thought, that your money is necessary to me. But if for you I is possible to send to me 2000 $ I shall to you be always grateful.
If you will not to me help I also I shall with you communicate and necessarily meeting with you.