Scam letter(s) from Oksana Fofanova to Doug (Poland)

Letter 1
Hello Doug,
Today checked the letter box and has seen your letter.
At once has decided to write to you the small letter.
Me call Oksana I to live in Russia, I to work the children's tutor, I very to love small children. To me 27 years, I the cheerful, sociable girl.
I very much like to go for a walk on a nature especially in winter, as I very much like animals, I to have houses the cat. Still I am pleasant like cinema about love, I frequently pay when I look such films.
I to love to be engaged in sports, I very much like to bathe in the river, to be rolled on a ski and skates.
I very much to love to prepare tasty meal and then to feed to it the brother Sergei and liked the mum, we live in 3 at us very good and amicable family, I very much to love the family. I very much want to create the family, that my future family was best and perfect on light, and consequently I to search for the serious, correct, clever and very tender man for creation of the serious and perfect attitudes, and in the future and joint family. You likely will ask why I to not search the man in Russia? I answer for me with an example my girlfriends almost all of them already serve to celebrate wedding, but the good family life turns out not at all. Almost all Russian men it is a lot of to drink *****, and frequently to beat of the girl. I do not like such attitude to the woman. I think that the men from abroad on much better are brought up, educated, and better concern to the woman.
Write me quickly
Best regards,
Letter 2
Hello Doug,
I am very glad to receive your letter. I very much want to learn you better. I live in city Voronezh it is the large city, In my city there are 1 000 000 people, my city is very beautiful.
I live with my mum and younger brother. We live in an apartment, our apartment has 2 rooms. It is small, but very cosy. My Mum is 55 years. My mum is economist. My brother studies at school. The next year he will leave school. He wants to go to the university, he wants to be a doctor.
My daddy died 5 years ago. He was a good man. We spent our time very cheerfully. He took me and my brother to park, we were Spending our time at merry-go-round and had much fun. But it was in my childhood. I loved my daddy very much.
I talk in English. The English language I studied in university, I studied at philological faculty. University I have Finished 3 years ago. Now I work as the children's tutor, I have a group of 18 children, their age 5-6 years.
To me very Much Like to work with them, we very spend our time in a nice way. I very much love them and they treat me warmly as well.
In weekends I am more often house, I help the mum to clean in an apartment. Sometimes I and my girlfriend Vera we go in cinema, we go for a walk on park. Also we very cheerfully spend time on a disco .Long times I was engaged in dances, I have some diplomas and awards for participation in competitions on dances. I like to dance. I think, that in the future, if we shall meet you, it will be pleasant to me to dance with you.
I very much to love to prepare pelmenies is a national Russian dish, still I like to prepare the fried hen and meat. I sometimes to prepare it is a lot of salads, it too is pleasant to me. I love to drink red wine, I to not love to drink strong alcoholic drinks, I like to drink natural cherry juice more.
I do not have a phone at home, I write my letters from my best friend Vera.
For happiness necessary not much, simply to feel necessary and to have beside favourite the man.
Growth, weight and age the man not by him of the large importance. The man should know, that he wants from life sure, honour. I also consider, that the honesty and trust is very important in the relations between the man and woman.
If we with you can create the strong and romantic relations in the future, I think that, I could be your wife. Because you very beautiful and interesting the man.
Write to me quickly, I very wait for your letter.
Best regards,
p.s. I want have your photo
Letter 3
Hello my dear Doug
At me all is very good, because you have written to me the letter quickly. I very much waited your letter, I each day think about you, I very strongly want to be with you together. Today at night I saw very perfect dream. In this dream I saw you. We with you went for a walk on a coast of ocean. The ocean was very beautiful, and still moon is very beautiful stars. We with you held each other for hands, and you kissed me in lips. It very much was pleasant to me, I very strongly want that it is all was in a reality. When I w. up, I very long thought about this dream, I have understood that you just that the man, which to me is necessary.
I want maximal time to be with you together. I have understood that has found the dream. My dream is my dear.
You the very clever and tender man. I very much am pleasant like your letters, you interesting and sociable.
I am sure that with you it will be very perfect. I too shall do all that with me it was very good.
Your oksana
Letter 4
Hello my darling Doug,
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I am sure that we will have much good together.
I know that we will have much fun, happiness, love.
I am very glad that you liked my idea of coming to you.
Now I an writing this letter from Vera and she says me that visa will cost me 50 euro, and the tickets 300-500 euro, I am disappointed about that because I did not think that it would be such a great sum of money. Well you see it's a big sum for me, my salary is not so high.
I do not know where to take such large money. It is very a shame to me to ask you money on the visa and ticket, but I think that it is a unique opportunity to me to arrive to you. If you to write to me, that you will send me money, I tomorrow shall give the documents Vera, that she began to make out to me the visa .Vera speaks, that registration of the visa it will take 3-7 days.
What you think about it?
Please write to me quickly.
Have a good day.
Sincerely Oksanav p.s.I know that you are more senior than me, but for me it not a problem. I think that main not age,and as the man feels.
Main to feel Itself young. I think that with you it will be very good and cheerfully. And Good luck to you in your business Kiss you !!!!!!!!
Letter 5
Hello my darling Doug,
I am happy to hear good news from you, you always bring something good with your letters. I see you had quite a busy day, in such moments I want to be near to help and to support you, my dear.
I am very glad that you will not have any problems with sending the money. Today I was at Vera's work.
Vera said that there is a good way of sending money, Western Union, she always gets money from her brother, from Germany through this service. She knows much about all these things and she always is ready to help me, she is my best friend. It would be very nice if you could sent it today , I could receive the money tomorrow on Saturday . As soon as I get the money I will give it to Vera, because she says the sooner I give her the money the quicker she makes all the documents.She said that it will take some time to make my visa . Vera says that I need 480 euro. 50 euro for the visa, and the tickets 430 euro.
You need to know the following, if you will send me money on Western Union
The country: Russia
City: Voronezh
Name: Oksana
Surname: Fofanova.
I have to know your full name and surname , also you should write the home address. Please write to me it. Vera speaks, that without it I can not receive your money. I very much want to hear your vote and to speak with you on the phone. Write to me the telephone number.
I am waiting for your letter, Kiss you, miss you, need you, Your Oksana.
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